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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

"The Switch"
I've seen that expression before.  It was so odd to see it at that moment.  It was pulled from that drawer ... maybe borne right after Blair Walsh's miss that ended our 2015 season.  The expression was seen before upon the reflection upon my fathers face.  He was dead ... at least that was the conclusion ... and then ... he was granted a new lease on life.  It happened twice ... and the lease lasted for a decade. 

Who knows what lies within Diggs heart but what is clear was that he was upon that frigid field that ended our 2015 season.  Too often coaches act upon mindless maneuvers ... kicking that extra point ... providing a normal kick off ... relying upon that field goal.  Instead ... today ... Philadelphia goes for it on 4th down without a second thought.  In their desperations ... will they go for two?  Maybe they will draw the line in regard to that on-sides kick until they are desperate.  It really doesn't matter at this point.  

What is now clear was that the rookie defender was expecting Diggs to go out of bounds.  The safe play would be to stop that clock followed by Mike Zimmer's decision to attempt a field goal.  Maybe that decision raced within Diggs mind over a half a trillion times since that frigid Seattle contest.  Maybe Diggs knew exactly what that defender would do ... where he relied upon that mindless set ... to take advantage ... to tip the balance in the blink of his eye.  Maybe what lied beneath Diggs ... deep down under was the notion that he could not allow the kicker the opportunity of sinking his season one more time knowing that within him was his ability to wrench the season back out of the jaws of death.

Too many times our coaches have been warned that when it's 4th and goal from inside the 5 yard line ... you just don't mindlessly kick anything ... that is ... until after you tally 6.  Jacksonville demonstrated then unleashed the kill shot... that is ... after only 1 week of performing the gun shy timid gun-slumper.  Philly won't be timid & they have demonstrated all year long that they will take all 4 downs ... again ... and again ... and again.  Timid they ain't & they are out for blood regardless of whether they have Wentz or not.  It is time to meet fire with fire with one and only one intent.  The kill shot.    

What is clear now ... today ... isn't that we are on life support.  No.  We are already dead where life support is for those whose mortal coil is still clinging to life.  No ... we are beyond that.  Our time has already expired on our 2017 season but somehow we are still around ... with the ability of mixing it up.  We are a different kind of Zombie ... not influenced by medical disease or biological agent ... but something very different.  Our driving force is maddening ... that Zombie-like-craving that comes from an unexplained influence ... deep within us all.

Now, the reverberation is real and throughout the entire thread.  There were hundreds of reactions posted ... mostly of this Viking Nation but there was more ... much more.  The rug has been ripped from under the so-called experts that clearly know how this was supposed to end.  Reggie Bush, Prime Time & many others were gutted like pigs and their immediate vitriolic reaction was apparent & on display for all to see.  What lies beneath it all was something pristine.

One final thought:  The comparison of "The SWITCH" to December 28, 1975 was incredibly stupid.  Suffice it to say that whomever made that statement wasn't around to see Drew Person catch the ball out of bounds on a 4th & 22 that should have ended the game thereby immortalizing maybe the Vikings greatest drive in our history sealing the victory 14-10.  That same official also allowed Drew Person to push-off, where no contact was allowed at the time, on Nate Wright on the following play for what is now known as the Hail Mary.  The only saving grace was that the Cowboys lost to the Steelers in Super Bowl X and that a beer bottle found its way to that officials head.  To this day, the NFL has never rectified the potential of ill-gotten-gains brought on by a rogue official.   

In regard to Sendejo, when the officials picked up the flag they made a major mistake.  The result was a severe head injury of an unsuspecting & therefore defenseless player.  At that juncture 15 yards should have been accessed & a first warning would be issued to that player.  The officials have no business whatsoever in regard to intent.  The results of a concussion do not change dependent upon intent.  Any motive can be disguised under slight of hand, acting, deception, misdirection & thousands of other acts.  There isn't an official walking the planet that has the ability of accessing intent whereas the effects of a head injury are permanent.  This cannot be allowed to stand.

In regard to history, this same New Orleans Saint head coach was suspended for a full NFL year for his intent upon Favre & Warner.  He ended Warner's career.  For all purposes his team also ended Erin Henderson career as he never full recovered from the head injury sustained in that 2009 championship on a kick off.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: January 17, 2018