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My Viking Blood is an independent candid view of the Minnesota Vikings and it's history.  We have one common bond.  We are not from the region.  We evolved from a phenomenon of the 1960's.  We have no ties with the either the NFL or the long established media outlets. We will be known for hard hitting topics and news articles and commentary that is generally not discussed in the media.          

  1. Wearing the Blue May 28, 2020
    On November 22, 2020,Dallas comes to town for a 4:25 pm EST, 3;25 CST start in the friendly confines of that ship sporting a fire breathing dragon. 
  2. I'll Advised Luxuries May, 23, 2020 
    When is comes to evaluating a roster, the prime question becomes, what might be a luxury that we cannot afford.  
  3. Poisoned Well  April 24, 2020
    Jerry Jones put the entire NFL into a head lock last year
  4. Well Any Way  April 22, 2020
    The state of Emotions ... The State of Affairs.  It's October 5, 1998 ...
  5. 14 Team 4 Week NFL Playoff Schedule March 30, 2020
    Presently, the NFL playoffs has twelve teams playing a total of 11 games in five weeks, where there is generally 1 additional week between the Super Bowl & Conference Championship Games 
  6. Short Week/Mattison Anomaly  January 6. 2020
    It's time to start whining.  The Vikings have to travel back from The Big Easy, to get some home rest & work, then travel to San Francisco to play the first playoff game out of the gate in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  7. Apathetic Mark  January 3, 2020
    If you listen intently, in regard to just about every broadcast reviewing the Vikings,  you will always hear all those vicious piranha circle back to Kirk Cousins as to always being the available SCAPEGOAT ... as if you weren't playing a team sport.
  8. Midway December 31, 2019
    This Viking's franchise could learn a great deal from the battle of Midway ... especially after our performance versus the Fudge-Packers in front of our home crowd. 
  9. Greenish Bile December 31, 2019
    I'll never forget the quote of the 1976 Rookie of the Year ... Sammy White ... stated, as he came off the field.  
  10. 2019 NFC  December 18, 2019
    The NFC seeding will soon shake out however what is clear isn't where you play this game ... or when you play it ... but in what team your facing.
  11. Provo Clan  December 10, 2019
    Imagine, for a moment, that your a Cowboy's fan.  Now don't jump off half cocked here as there are very important points to be made. 
  12. Nirvana  December 4, 2019
    Man, I'm in heaven.  After Monday nights contest with the Bay-Birdies ... there is one unequivocal certainty ... this franchise can not only beat Wilson's crew, but they can do it to any NFL team & do it convincingly.  Why?  Because the belief in it is exploding. 
  13. 3 & Out VS. Injury   November 29, 2019
    One of Head Coach Mike Zimmer's quotes after our contest versus the Denver Bronco's was that he thought that, "That was Kirk Cousins best performances yet."  Which was odd, in a way, because nothing is ever as bad as you think, with the counter point that no play is ever is a good as you think. 
  14. BELICHICK's Tell  November 26, 2019
    The expectations at this point are pretty apparent.
  15. 13    November 25, 2019
    Game 13 ... we've been waiting for this contest from the moment this 2019 Minnesota Vikings season schedule was released.
  16. Stefanski  November 13, 2019
    So it begins.  After 4 games this franchise had a struggling offense and now they are lining up our Offensive Coordinator for the next head coaching opening in the NFL.
  17. Blurred  November 12, 2019
    It's been some time now but the comparison is starting to emerge. 
  18. NFL Rule Changes: November 9, 2019
    Too many NFL rules just don't make sense like the fumble touchback rule.  Many NFL rules  are counterproductive to either the flow of the game or in the decisions that are forced upon head coaches.  The game focus should moved away from kicking as this league is not punt, pass & kick.
  19. Low Lights  November 7, 2019
    Everywhere you look, you see highlights for each team after every NFL contest.
  20. Zeke Elliot's   November 6, 2019
    Jerry Jones was dared to pay Elliot's contract, to incite Chaos throughout the league however he struck out without question.  Why?  
  21. Win Battle-Lose War?  October 8, 2018
    What makes championship football?  It is the mindset of it's players. 
  22. Invited In  September 30, 2019
    Before you start throwing stones at Kirk Cousins, you need to first get a better perspective of the trap set by the Chicago Bears coaching genius on this day. 
  23. It Looms  September 24, 2019
    Just for a moment, consider a cosmic shift in regard to Kirk Cousins. 
  24. Piranha September 23, 2019
    There are 31 franchises that have filled the seas with Piranha ... motivated to eat from the bones of this Viking Nation ... however the greatest threat to this franchise lies within our history. 
  25. Cycles September 16, 2019
    Somehow, the message became lost in the mist. 
  26. What Did We Just See?  September 9, 2019 
    One game does not a season make ... is both true and apropos ... except no one appears to be asking the question ... Exactly, what did we see yesterday?
  27. Kaare Vedvik August 25, 2019
    Since Kaare Vedvik arrived we have been told by this coaching staff ... "Not to over think it".  So what bats in the belfry might be causing Kaare Vedvik to miss two field goals ... and who's responsible for it.  No, you shouldn't get fired over such a foolish move however you must learn from your mistake and never do it again. 
  28. Illicit Response August 22, 2019 
    For Kyle Sloter ... there is only one question.  Exactly which finger do we size for the NFL's greatest hardware ... in the form of a gaudy ring.  Yes, there are no guarantees in the NFL however ... in this case ... what is clear to see is that Kyle Sloter is a winner.
  29. Ambiguous Warning: August 19, 2019
    Warning: All 32 Franchises ...
  30. Mind Set   August 15, 2019
    Let me tell you what it will take to win the NFL's greatest achievement ... "MIND SET". 
  31. Self Awareness - Not So Fast June 23, 2019
    Saying that you need to get to the next level doesn't get you there.  Talking about self awareness, and the need to achieve self awareness, doesn't even begin to getting you to the next level.  
  32. 17 Game Season - World League June 6. 2019
    Changing the NFL schedule to 17 games would mean changing this modern day gladiator sport from national to an international icon by playing all 32 teams in an international venue
  33. Attrition June 2, 2019
    Why is it exactly that someone with the level of talent possessed by Kirk Cousins has not develop into a winner?
  34. Two Quarterbacks December 28, 2018
    In regard to Super Bowl futility, the NFL has a long history of using two quarterbacks, to get that first Super Bowl win. 
  35. Hybrids December 17, 2018
    Now choose
  36. Placate December 14, 2018
    Pacify, Conciliate, Soothe, Calm, Mollify, Appease, Propitiate, Satisfy, & of course the word Please.
  37. ...For They Lacked A Leader December 12, 2018
  38. Dysfunctional Offense December 4, 2018
    Sure, each week we face another teams defense, so you have to be careful in your evaluations ...
  39. Will Not Shave  November 23, 2018
    It was biblical ... & those cheating scum bags. 
  40. Patriots November 6, 2018
    In the NFL, it is almost sacrilegious to speak about anything other than your next opponent... 
  41. Coping With Adversity October 31, 2018
    Where would you rather find yourself? 
  42. The Right Time to Peak October 29, 2018
    The Minnesota Vikings chose the right time to peak ... not so much in it's team play ... but in this franchises ability to cope with a complete tragically flawed system. 
  43. Offensive Line: Isidora  October 24, 2018
    It is quite clear that Pat Elflein is the glue that holds this whole thing together.
  44. Unconscionable October 22, 2018
    Witnessing yesterday's performance was unconscionable.  
  45. Theilen Fly's Again October 8, 2018
    Yes, the ghost & I were there in old fashion purple, amongst  a sea of green, located almost right on the 50 yard line, intently listening for messages. 
  46. Between the 20's: October 5, 2018
    In the NFL, is it better to have a 20 yard run or a 20 yard pass between the 20 yard lines.  Since the result is the same, then you'd expect the answer to be that it doesn't matter ... but it does.  
  47. Hired Guns October 3, 2018
    To get a better grip on why this franchise has lost its way, you need to look no further than its hired guns.
  48. Miracle Mode September 23, 2018
    Head coach Mike Zimmer must be thinking ... how in the heck did my team just get destroyed ... and why was it so easily done? 
  49. Opportunity Knocks September 16, 2018
    There is a sports analogy that goes something like this.  The blood is in the water where the sharks are now circling. 
  50. Necessity The Mother of Invention August 28, 2018
    Can't purchase that October 7 game day ticket until 24 hours prior to the kickoff ... the incessant scream has set that notion in stone.
  51. Green's Induction Missing Ingredient August 2, 2018
    Our beloved past head coach Dennis Green will be inducted into the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor on September 23, 2018, our home game versus the Buffalo Bills ... but there will be a missing ingredient on that day. 
  52. State of the Union June 28, 2018
    With the draft now over, along with the major impact of free agency, we can now begin to access this franchises "State of the Union". To do so, the overall accessment stand in contrast with the evolution within the league. 
  53. Savior Complex March 9, 2018
    Are we about to revisit our 1972 season. 
  54. In Good Faith Febraury 28,2018
    It's funny how we are sent very strong messages but we tend to ignore the obvious. 
  55. Quarterback Questions January 25, 2018
    There is allot of speculation in regard to the future of this franchises four (4) quarterbacks but a good deal of it is now clear
  56. "The Switch" January 17, 2018
    I've seen that expression before.
  57. Playoff Offensive Line Starters January 3, 2018
    Reiff LT, Berger LG, Elflein C, Remmers RG, Hill RT
  58. Flat Tee Retard December 30, 2017
    "Because that's the way it's always been done!" 
  59. Game Ball December 29, 2017
    I don't usually give out game balls but ... 
  60. 17 Game Season December 28, 2017
    In manufacturing, prime numbers are utilized for a very good reason. 
  61. Long Snapper December 26, 2017
    Jared ... you might need to put off your dreams of getting into the hall of fame for about 5 years.
  62. Packer Sainthood December 22, 2017
    "Let He who is without sin cast the first stone."
  63. Culmination December 21, 2017
    To cull:  1. To pick the best elements or parts from.  2. To collect or gather.  3. Anything picked out & put aside as inferior.
  64. Tinglehoff Effect December 11, 2018
    Yesterdays game versus the Panthers was a concern, not so much that we lost the game, but rather the concern lies within our judgment. 
  65. Shurmur December 9, 2017
    One of the biggest mistakes of the 1998 season was in regard to an announcement that this Vikings franchise just negotiated a new $25 million dollar contract with Randall Cunningham. 
  66. Rocky Balboa December 3, 2017
    You might not have noticed but according to all the experts out there, the Philadelphia Eagles are the class of the NFL ...
  67. BODY LANGUAGE November 25, 2017
    The NFL ... just doesn't care.  Officiating is not about getting it right ... it's about absolute power.  Absolute omnipotent power corrupts absolutely. 
  68. Win-Win November 14, 2017
    There are key words within Zimmer's tone.  One word is "The PLAN" & the other is "When Teddy is ready ... he will play".
  69. On The Spot  November 10, 2017
    Here's the real question.  Should we ever believe anything that coach Zimmer says ... 
  70. It's a Shame October 24, 2017
    It's really a shame.  It's February 4, 2018 & we've only been considered as participants in this thing for what ... maybe two (2) weeks.  It's a darn shame.
  71. The Fudgie Whine  October 17, 2017
    Isn't it quite interesting.  The Packers have had an elite franchise quarterback leading their team since 1992. 
  72. Rodney Adams October 12, 2017
    In very short order, the Vikings will need to make a decision in regard to Rodney Adams & Lequon Treadwell in that this franchise will be needing a roster spot.
  73. Messenger Commeth October 6, 2017
    The seal is broken.  
  74. Overcoming Fear October 2, 2017
    There it is ... is has to be said ... Mike Zimmer ... you are a coward for not acting in this organizations best interests.  You cannot be the nice guy on this one.
  75. Full Circle September 27, 2017
    We are quickly approaching our 4th game of this 2017 season, with a monumentally important event on Sunday versus the Lions but there is something deeper ...
  76. Kyle Sloter September 26, 2017
    Our #1 Draft pick, selected 11th in 1999 out of Central Florida was Daunte Culpepper.  His draft stats indicated that he was 6'4", weighed 255#, had a 9.5" hand size & had a wonderlick score of 18. 
  77. Valuation September 20, 2017
    Jim Souhan just recently wrote an article about this Vikings franchises curse in regard to it not having a franchise quarterback since Fran Tarkenton of 1961.
  78. Schedule Two Ought 17 September 18, 2017
    When I first reviewed our 2017 schedule, my first thought was … stick a fork in us because we are done. 
  79. BASEBALL September 18, 2017
    What I see when I look at Mike Zimmer, besides the fact that he’s surrounded by blood sucking vultures pretending to be something that they are not, I see a man in angst upon a crumbling foundation.
  80. CHUBBY September 13, 2017
    Poor Mike Zimmer.  He's going to have to coach from behind his desk because he's going to be sporting a chubby all week long. 
  81. Does Disappointment Await ... Again September 9, 2017
    So I'm talking to my son ... 
  82. Sensing the Bench August 28, 2017
    I was just a young man.  It now seems like the ghost of Christmas Past.
  83. Good versus Evil  July 20, 2017
    It's interesting that the has come up with a new pain ranking, listing our beloved Minnesota Vikings as 5th on the list ... but of course this only makes sense if you discount the historical record. 
  84. Transformation June 25, 2017
    There is nothing more intriguing than a woman that can transform right before your eyes. 
  85. Penny Ante June 24, 2017
    It didn't take long to remember exactly what it meant to carry that Viking moniker with you each & every day. 
  86. From 1 to 32 May 13, 2017
    On the 35 yard line on the home team side, 8 rows in ... the pivot point was without question.  Sendejo just intercepted the ball inside at the Philly's 20 yard line & he powers it down to the 1 yard line. 
  87. Zimmer's Folly February 8, 2017
    Julio Jones just made a remarkable catch out of bounds at the Patriots 22 yard line.  The Falcons are up by 8 points with 4:38 left in the 4th quarter.  The Pats have all 3 times outs remaining and the Falcons have 1 left in reserve.
  88. Throw Back Day January 20, 2017
    If anything. last years game versus the Sea-A-holes taught us is that it is time for the Minnesota Vikings franchise to consider a throw back game understanding one key NFL rule ... the field must be the same for both teams.  
  89. Peterson January 9, 2016
    Oh yeah, I was livid.  I heard it just like you ... I'll play if they are in the hunt (for the playoffs).  I wanted Adrian Peterson shipped out on a rail ... but now ... not so much. 
  90. Anger Management December 26, 2016
    At the end of the 2015 season, I was so upset that I wanted our place kicker released immediately.  Why? 
  91. The Franchise Quarterback December 26, 2016
    Your at Lambaeu Field on September 20, 1992 ... and the Magic Man goes down with a significant lower leg injury playing the Bengal's.
  92. Egregious Tone December 21, 2016
    How egregious was the New York Giants recent sideline "walkie-talkie" incident ... well consider the following.
  93. 2% Chance December 19, 2016
    They say that this Vikings franchise has a 2% chance left (50 to 1 against) of making the playoffs ... that slim to none if your taking book. 
  94. Switch On December 17, 2016
  95. Looming Large December 12, 2016
    Last night the Pokes assisted the Giants in helping them punch their ticket to this years playoffs ... but there's a problem
  96. Sam Bradford December 8, 2016
    The future of Sam Bradford poses an ominous question with the answer to that question being determined upon every step that he takes. 
  97. Where's the Pump Fake? November 16, 2016
    Brett Favre played in this league for 20 years & in doing so there were some similarities with Sam Bradford ... and numerous differences.  
  98. Adversity November 11, 2016
    Do you think this 3-game slide is some sort of mistake ... or is it as intended.  We couldn't be in a better position.
  99. 2-Point Conversion November 7, 2016
    There may have been numerous turning points in the game played versus the Lions yesterday that lost this Vikings franchise the game, however there are key decisions that must be made by coaches, at the end of games, that must be made, that would have significantly influence the outcome of the game.  
  100. Bradford Trade October 24, 2016
    After yesterday's debacle, wouldn't you have loved to have been the fly on the wall during the Sam Bradford trade.
  101. Tragically Flawed Team October 5, 2016
    We've never seen anything like it ... ever. 
  102. Flex-Defensive-Specialist September 28, 2016
    Watching Cordarrelle Patterson exceptional performance as a gunner live on Sunday brought me back to a time when Everson Griffen was searching for field time behind Robison and Jared Allen.  At the time, it wouldn't surprise me if Everson could be used anywhere on the line, as a linebacker or even at safety.
  103. The Machine September 27, 2016
    Welcome my friends ... Welcome ... To the machine. 
  104. St. Louis Factor September 21, 2016
    It's just not the same.  The Chicago Cardinal's franchise left St. Louis for greener pastures in the desert in Arizona.
  105. Hidden Lead September 14, 2016
    I promised myself that I wouldn't do it.  The plan was clear ... I was going to extricate myself from the entire world ... to avoid all sports related media ... until I had the opportunity to watch my beloved Vikings on NFL Game Pass. 
  106. Future Past  September 10, 2016
    Its sometime into the future where teddy is being forced to reflect back on his nfl career, and that key question arrives at his doorstep. Its then that we reflect back upon Dan Marino's career by comparison. Dan was so young ... with so much career in front of him ... 
  107. Oral Cancer September 6, 2016
    I don't know if this it is going to be an issue however I've switched to NFL Game Pass from Direct TV, which means that I won't be able to watch many of this years regular season games until the game is in replay mode. 
  108. Yo Peyton.  Sup! Got 1 more in you? August 31, 2016
  109. Trouble Water Bridge August 30, 2016
    Who exactly knows why things happen for the reasons that they do.  In the 1969 season, Len Dawson had supposedly blown out his knee where he ended up leading the Chiefs to a victory in Super Bowl IV.  Let's not forget Earl Moral leading the 1972 Dolphins for much of that season nor can we forget Kurt Warner leading the Rams to his magical season after Trent Green blew out his knee in the pre-season.
  110. Hovering Ghost August 8, 2016
    Something is deeply haunting the ghost ... stirring the memories of that fateful day of October 5th, 1998.  It was Brett Farve's cosmic introduction to Randy Moss.
  111. Insanity July 28, 2016
    They say that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same things over and over again ... then expect a different result. 
  112. Questions June 9, 2016
    1) Will this upcoming 2016 group be able to link "NFL Champion" with their name?   
  113. Top Dog May 26, 2016
    Anyone & everyone in the NFL can say that they want or they expect to win this years Super Bowl. 
  114. Cosmic Window May 24, 2016
  115. Who get the seat? April 16, 2016
  116. Fear Factor April 5, 2016
  117. Teddy Two Gloves April 3, 2016
    Sure, the statement is used as derogatory statement ... to portray Teddy as something less than an elite quarterback. 
  118. Future Plan January 20, 2016
    The Minnesota
    Vikings won the 2015 NFC North division because of the plan put in place by Rick Speilman, Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner ... in no particular order. 
  119. Pivot Upon Change January 11, 2016
    To say I was surprised yesterday ... I was not.  Actually, I was in a good place with it ... as something has to change ... immediately. 
  120. EGO versus Destiny January 9, 2016
    I can remember my first look at Cordarrelle Patterson. 
  121. Rose Bowl Petals January 8, 2016
    I traveled to Los Angeles to carry the rose petals from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena back to my home.  It was to take back some small portion of our last Super Bowl dating back to January 1977. 
  122. 12th Man Due to Arrive January 6, 2016
    It brings a tear to my eye.  It truly does. 
  123. Making Dough January 5, 2016
    There are a great many things that ... as they age with time ... they become masterpieces in all manner of forms.  For example, Scotch can become exceptional with time.  Many of the art masterpieces are achieved not in the masters youth but at the end of his life's work. 
  124. Teddy's Things to Do List January 4, 2016 Update
  125. Before Believing the Hype December 31, 2015
    Before you buy into the hype on how things are now different ... on how this Vikings team is better and that it should beat the Packers, keep one thing in mind.  Nothing has changed until you make it change.  
  126. Signature Win December 23, 2015
    There is only one signature win ... and this Minnesota Vikings franchise doesn't own one.  It is a Super Bowl victory.  Everything else is just on a check list of stupid stuff we gotta do.
  127. Strong Up the Center December 7, 2015
    In woman's softball, unlike in baseball, they have a saying ... Be strong up the middle (to be able to win).
  128. Bright Lights December 1, 2015
    Kam Chancellor ... Richard Sherman ... Russell Wilson ... Earl Thomas ... Doug Baldwin ... these are the guys that have been playing for the NFL's greatest prize on the worlds greatest stage.  
  129. Rendered Mute November 23, 2015
    Primetime was quite poignant when he stated that, "Norv Turner's crew failed in not establishing the pass early in this game."
  130. We are Coming: November 18, 2015
    Take a look around.  See what people are saying.  We aren't invited to the big show come February.  Most don't understand what Mike Zimmer is saying when he speaks of this team coming from the low rent district.  We simply don't fit the fantasy mold ... we are the uninvited guests.
  131. Dirty Hand November 10, 2015
    Are you still a rookie?  Being a rookie is allot like being a virgin.  When the games start for real ... you can't go back to being a virgin. 
  132. There are So Many November 8, 2015
    How are we supposed to win this thing without a quarterback?  Teddy ... the recipient of a cheap shot to the head ... lies unconscious on the ground.
  133. NFL/NCAA Embarrassment November 7, 2015
  134. Dog Fight November 4, 2015
    Every week is a dog fight in the NFL where some fights rise to memorable levels.  For some, we can draw upon a recent experience in that we opened up last year in St. Louis versus the Ram's. 
  135. Saying Stupid Stuff November 1, 2015
    It's as if all people need to do is read a particular statistic or know the value of some players paycheck ... and it gives them all the ammunition that they need to say stupid stuff.  People ... it's a team game ... where one persons sacrifice results in "small-battle-victories" somewhere else.
  136. Peterson Experiment October 27, 2015
    For Norv Turner, the use of Adrian Peterson has been quite a dilemma ... an experiment that has both failed and succeeded. 
  137. Positive Powerful Forces October 21, 2015
    There is only one way that the Vikings can beat the Lions this Sunday.  They have to deal with the thought of losing this game before it ever happens.  Don't get caught up in the trap like we did in Denver ... and so many times before ... thinking that we lost a game that we should have won.
  138. Concussions-Lyme Disease-Veteran Suicides-MRSA: October 14, 2015
    It's April 8th.  I suffered what turned out to be another serious concussion which plunged my life into a surreal chaos ... and there was nothing that any hospital or any doctor could do about it.  There was no known AMA band aid available for this fix.   I found the fix ... and it's both non-invasive and painless.
  139. Kids October 6, 2015
    So why do you think you lost last Sunday versus the Broncos? 
  140. Rule Changes October 6, 2015
    It happened again in last nights contest between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks.  The following is a list of proposed rule changes for the NFL. Some require further explanation.
  141. Do Coaches Lose Games? October 5, 2015
    One might clearly say that yesterday's game versus the Bronco's was lost in the first quarter. 
  142. Rodger's Precedent October 1, 2015
    Aaron Rodgers has set a terrible precedent. 
  143. Blair Walsh September 25. 2015
    Blair Walsh wants to know if his kicking issues will resolve themselves in time ... sort of like Adrian Peterson's prior issue with fumbling, where somehow the ghost knew exactly when AD's fumbling would become alarming and when it was going to be regulated to history.  
  144. Selfish Unselfishness September 23,2015
    Your only allowed one thing ... one choice.  Do you want to win or do your want to make the pro-bowl?  
  145. Denver September 21, 2015
    Beating Denver in Denver is no easy task and beating Peyton Manning in Denver ... well that's another matter entirely.  
  146. Winning the Last Game September 16, 2015
    There is good news ... you cannot relive that experience back in San Francisco ever again, except in your head and on film.
  147. Brady Taint September 14, 2015
    A play on words ... it's always interesting to see what they mean ... thus brings the statement, "Brady Taint".
  148. Offensive Line September 12, 2015
    No disrespect to any  player but the Minnesota Viking offensive line has been a point of weakness for some time now ... but take solace.
  149. Heinicke September 4, 2015
    The success of Teddy Bridgewater means that this Viking franchise has the ability to develop quarterback talent ... a product of both Norv Turner and his son.  
  150. WHAT WOULD BELICHICK DO? August 27, 2015
    In watching 2014's game #2 versus the Patriots, a great deal occurred to me.  In that game, Matt Cassel gave up four (4) interceptions, and there was a blocked field goal that was returned for a TD.  It's a good thing Cassel isn't playing the Patriot's ... oops, Buffalo plays the Patriots twice a year. Both game #1 versus the Rams and game #2 indicated some striking keys to our future success. 
  151. No Reaction August 18, 2015
    You're going to be hearing it all season long.  The Vikings failed to replace Loadholt, causing consternation for every mishap and every misdeed that will befall the 2015 Vikings. 
  152. Norv's Go Strategy July 1, 2015
    Strap on your seat belts ... Norv Turner is planning to take you on the ride of your life.  The nightmare is about to begin.
  153. Observations from the Viking OTA’s: June 30, 2015
  154. SUPPLICANT March 22, 2015
    The new word on the street is that the Minnesota Vikings just installed a new door into their complex that reads ... "SUPPLICANT".  Adrian Peterson thinks that he's working with Jerry McGuire whereas his Bob Sugar is soon to be crawling through the "Dog-Flapping" SUPPLICANT door.
  155. Focal Point March 19, 2014
    There is a never ending price to be paid for Brett Favre.  He set the precedent.  Adrian Peterson, or better said, his agent ... learned a very valuable lesson from the " Brett- Favre-Experience" ... although no one in Minnesota is willing to talk about it .... and once again ... someone has to pay.  Adrian Peterson has gone from the man who would lead us to our first NFL Super Bowl trophy to the NFL's foremost pariah, thanks in part to the never ending saga that was Brett Favre. 
  156. Free Agent Madness & the 5th Year Option  March 5, 2015
    Last year this Vikings, under Rick Spielman, invested in the futures of Kyle Rudolph and Brandon Fusco. 
  157. Pivot Point  March 4, 2015
    Today is the day when Adrian Peterson meets with Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer.  After today we will learn if Adrian is willing to throw away everything that he's worked for, with both hands, or if he's is still on a quest toward immortality as there isn't a Viking on that field that doesn't have his back.
  158. Protection March 2, 2014
    The Vikings hit a home run with the 32nd pick in the 2014 draft.  Teddy is an enigma that defies description where on each progressive step he learns something new.
  159. Exempt List: A legal license to tamper with any franchise February 28, 2015
    There is one thing for certain.  No NFL player will ever voluntarily submit to the NFL's commissioners Exempt List after what has happened to Adrian Peterson ... and that now includes Dez Bryant who has recently fallen under the leagues microscope. 
  160. Bunker Hill December 9, 201
    After watching the Packers play the Falcons in Lambeau on Monday night (December 8, 2014), it reminded me of the battle of Bunker Hill where the commander remarked.  It was a glorious victory for the Packers however a few more of these type victories ... and we'd be through.   
  161. Patterson December 5, 2014
    When you go in to speak to Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner you have to know exactly what to say.
  162. OMG! November 28, 2014
    Oh my God!  You've got some pin heads looking at a bunch of numbers comparing quarterback ratings of Christian Ponder with Teddy Bridgewater, then accessing his 3-4 record ... and then stating that Teddy's time is over.  OMG ... are you kidding????
  163. Die is Cast November 19,2014
    It's in motion now ... It's now too late to stop.  The die has been cast.  
  164. Sirius November 15, 2014
    If Adrian Peterson is to fulfill his commitment and begin a quest, his introduction versus the Packers, on our home field should be fed with a wake up call.  The only music that comes to mind to introduce the beginning of that quest is Allan Parsons, Eye in the Sky, by the Title of Sirus. 
  165. Adrian Must Stand Alone November 3, 2014
    Teddy past two tests yesterday.  He didn't throw that interception and he didn't take the hit on that 4th down run.  Although Teddy took a blistering for not sacrificing his body, he was immediately rewarded just moments later ... gifted by RG III. 
  166. Being Perfect October 23, 2014
    Of course ... Being Perfect ... is a goal for which to strive, but it's never going to be reality.  So what is it that you're striving for ... to get as close to perfection as you can possibly achieve?
  167. How Close October 21, 2014
    Here's the question.  How close is this team, especially when you consider that the margin between winning and losing in the NFL can be razor thin.  Things are evolving and change is in the air.  For example, Chad Greenway returned to action last Sunday.  Teddy Bridgewater secured his first passing touchdown to Cordarrel Patterson
  168. Patterson October 17. 2014
    Humm!  Patterson!  He's dealing with a hip flexor injury.  Versus the Lions he was targeted a season high eight times with two catches, with two interceptions. one pass deflected and no drops.  
  169. Tampering - The Hidden Agenda October 14, 2014
    It's odd that Mike Zimmer would say that he was expecting that our offensive line was supposed to be the most stable part of our team.  The question of course would be, exactly on what were you basing this observation.  To be fair, the loss of Brandon Fusco was huge as the right side of that offensive line was sound adding Loadholt and Sullivan to that mix.
     That begs the next question which is, did Adrian Peterson hide the flaws of a substandard offensive line.  It's becoming apparent that Adrian Peterson did in fact obscure the reality.
  170. The Ghost  October 7, 2014
    Who or what is the ghost?
  171. Yellow ... Turns to Gold  October 7, 2014
    October is when the NFL turns into a sea of pink, which is a reminder that colors, like music, smells and/or odors, can be a very powerful tool with the power to change anyone's mindset. Having to face, with my wife, breast screenings, biopsy ...
  172. INSPIRATION: Teddy - Part of a Suspect QB 2014 Draft Class October 6, 2014
    When they drafted Teddy Bridgewater #32 overall in the 2014 draft, red flags were raised in regard to every quarterback in the 2014 draft ... maybe we now have a glimpse in regard as to the reasons ... WHY?  The answer came in our recent contest versus the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers had another message for the franchise and specifically for Teddy Bridgewater on October 2, 2014.
  173. RELAX October 3, 2014
    Maybe we should all be taking a page from Aaron Rodgers book, like Patton did in Rommel's book ... RELAX!  
  174. Mike Zimmer September 30, 2014
    The NFL will tell you that one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL is between the Packers and Bears.  Well that is an absolute truth if you consider only the number of games played.
  175. Old Norv - A Pretty Smart Fella! September 29, 2014
    That Norv Turner ... he's a pretty smart guy.  It wasn't so long ago that we tried to establish the run immediately in every game with Peterson, where the bruising poor Toby Gerhart languished on the sideline for his opportunity to get onto the field.  This was true except for the start of Adrian Peterson's MVP season.  In just about every game we'd run Peterson hard between the 20's, and then by the time we reached the Red Zone on a drive, Peterson was either spent or needed a blow on the side line.  Not with Norv Turner. 
  176. Season is Not Over September 24, 2014
    Subtract Matt Cassel, Kyle Rudolf, Adrian Peterson and maybe our best offensive lineman Brandon Fusco and the message becomes quite clear ... "This season is not over".  The objective is to get Teddy playoff experience in 2014 with the objective of winning it all in 2015.  Giving up is not an option as that type of thinking is way too premature.  Building your future is the focal point. 
  177. Class Action Law Suit:  League Tampering  September 17, 2014
    Today, the league has provided a special exemption for the Minnesota Viking franchise, possibly succumbing to the political pressure by the governor and other political members, as well as other outside influences that were directed upon the both the Viking franchise and the NFL.  This exemption releases Adrian Peterson from his contractual obligations to play football and still get paid by the Vikings franchise.  
  178. Not Clean:  Viking Coaches Rammed Home into the Trap August 24, 2014
    Have you ever heard anything so stupid?  As last nights pre-season game versus the Kansas City Chiefs is being played, if you were to switch to the NFL network and there the commentators announce as they are showing Teddy Bridgewater's first TD of the evening that he's playing so well because all the pressure of having to start in the season opener has been deflated due to the presence of Matt Cassel being the obvious started on opening day. 
  179. Slippery Slope August 19, 2014
    When the Vikings took the field on January 11, 1970 there was a grand total of two (2) NFL Super Bowl Champions in the Packers, winning Super Bowl I and II and the Jets winning Super Bowl III.  Yup!  11 is an evil number ... poor Percey.
  180. PYA Football August 11, 2014
    Last Friday versus the Raiders, what if it was Teddy Bridgewater had running that first series.  Keep in mind that every starter was chomping at the bit to get in that first showing on the field.  To prove their immediate worth ... then get the heck off the field to protect their hind quarters for opening day.  What might of resulted?
  181. Franchise Quarterback  July 18, 2014
    In the NFL, it's not about winning games ... it's about winning championships ... something that has alluded the Minnesota Franchise for some time.  In order to win a championship, you could just hit a lucky set of circumstances but the most return on your investment comes from building a franchise dynasty. 
  182. Polian is Wrong June 17, 2014
    According to Polian, as backed by Zulgad in his recent article, Teddy Bridgewater shouldn't be allowed to play until year 2, a mirror image of what was done with Daunte Culpepper.  It's funny how all the other 31 franchises are eager to help with how the Vikings utilize their assets and we are so eager to accept pure unadulterated misdirection.
  183. No So Fast - Adrian Peterson's not going anywhere May, 14, 2014
    The entire league for some time now has been trying to wedge Adrian Peterson, our franchise player, away from the Minnesota Vikings.  Now they point to the structure of his contract as an indication that he about to be jetisoned out of Minnesota.  To which we say quite clearly ... Bunk!
  184. Difficulty - A TEN (10)! May 12, 2014
    Mr. Bridgewater, let me tell you just how seemingly impossible it will be for you to start on opening day.  Recently Mr. Matt Cassel was lumped-in with the greatest back up quarterback in the NFL.  Allow me to be perfectly candid.  Matt Cassel is no back up in this league ... 
  185. GUMP May 10,2014
    "Great Under Massive Pressure" ... it's appropriate because in the NFL ... you only have to win one game and that game is the Super Bowl.
  186. Knee Jerk April 2, 2014
    It's almost comical watching the media have a knee jerk reaction to Mike Zimmer's comments in regard to Johnny Manzeil ... AKA Johnny Football.  Then they think to themselves, does Zim-Zim mean this ... or does he mean that ... all the time anticipating the Cleveland Brown's next complete meltdown picking at 4. 
  187. LIFETIME WAIVER February 21, 2014
    Johnny Unitas in San Diego ... Joe Montana in Kansas City ... Broadway Joe in San Francisco ... Tony Gonzalez in Atlanta ... Cris Carter in Miami ... Bret Favre in Minnesota ... Alan Page in Chicago ... Jerry Rice in Oakland.  It goes on and on and on.  The NFL should be ashamed of itself as it is treating the elite in the league as yesterdays trash.
  188. Covet versus Looking at Cards February 20, 2014
    The end is near, Rick Spielman ... that is of course if it is true that we are creatures of habit and that you cannot teach an old dog new habit.  In the book of +/-, Spielman has a string of major gaffs directly attached to his name ... with his climb to absolute power ... subtracting Mark & The Zig Master.  So with all these major failures one might be wondering exactly how Rick Spielman has survived and why he just might have a future in Minnesota.
  189. 12th Man February 19, 2014
    Was it the crowd noise or the traveling fan base making noise, or was it Pete Carrol having the choice of the best available players, throughout the United States, that brought Seattle it's first Super Bowl Championship.  Well ... if you part of the Viking faithful ... the answer is clear.
  190. WHATYOUTHINK? Februay 18, 2014
    There is a reoccurring statement ... a theme really ... that has been seared into our subconscious.  It now haunts us every time we think of our beloved franchise.  "I'd like to play in Dallas or in Houston (end my career)... so that I can play close to my family".  
  191. Priceless Dumeras! December 20, 2013
    Jerry Jones walks onto an elevator with three NYG fans, where both factions realize who it is they are standing next to and they all start looking uncomfortable ... and that's a commercial.  Well this is a commercial.  I'm on that elevator decked out in my Minnesota Vikings finest with a big old ear to ear smile on my face. 
  192. Due Credit December 2, 2013
    Leslie Frazier:  Well as you know, Christian suffered a concussion in the first half where we now need to go through league protocol to determine his status next week for the Baltimore Ravens.
  193. VIKING DEFINED! November 20, 2013
    It finally hit me this morning.  It's been a long time since the original owners that established this organization have been around.  It could be argued that the bulk of this franchise has no idea of this franchises history.  They may have no idea of what it means to be a Viking.  
  194. A Generational Thing February 5, 2091
    February 5th, 2091 at 10:08 ... he draws his final breath ... 97.  
  195. Prove Me Wrong November 14, 2013
    Well ... here we are ... at the turning point of the season ... just as was predicted by the ghost.  You either lose to the Sea-Crocks, where the R's are always silent, and then lose them all for the remainder of the year or you beat the snot out of Seattle, in front of all of that arrogance that is known as the 12th man. 
  196. Great "Rudderless" Viking Ship: October 31, 2013
    The esteemed Zulgad tried.  He tried to apply logic to this franchises decision making ... and he came up empty.  It was almost like Jack Nicholson, projecting spittle his way ... "You can't handle the truth". 
  197. Notorious October 25, 2013
    Isn't it ironic, that this team, this offense, just a few months ago was on the brink of immortality.  Just 9 yards away ... seconds actually.  Not only did this franchise sport the NFL's league MVP ... they were on the bring of breaking one of the NFL's most prestigious records. 
  198. Respect 1 Play Away October 22, 2013
    It's a funny thing about the NFL ... in that respect is only 1 play away.  Sure you might almost be as bad as the Cleveland Browns ... Oh Yeah, we lost to the Browns and sure we just lost to the 0 win 6 loss Giants, but like I said ... respect is only 1 play away.
  199. We All Grieve October 14, 2013
    In regard to Adrian Peterson and his son, he said it best ... it's a personal matter ... and we should all leave it at that however we should consider the effect this event had upon his team mates. Many of the men that stand in the trenches with Adrian Peterson are husbands and fathers.  
  200. Bradford October 7. 2013
    You might think that the optimal landing spot for Christian Ponder would be in Tampa Bay, after releasing Josh Freeman ... but you'd be wrong.  In fact, there is a mid to lower round draft pick available ... that might be had for Ponder... if we played our cards right.  Most importantly ... it can be had quickly ... if we act now.
  201. Sherman to See - Knucklehead!  October 2, 2013
    November 17th is the pivotal date on this schedule.  Everyone, and I mean everyone has this game securely under control in the victory column for the sick-sea-birdies.  This can become this organizations NFC's statement game ... if a bunch of knuckleheads from up north can pull off the upset ... in a convincing manor. 
  202. What Was That? September 30, 2013-
    Daddy ... wha wha whaa wha was that?  Son, that was a down the field pass.   
    We can do that?  Sure we can ... it's legal and everything.
  203. Revisit 1972 September 27, 2013
    Franco Harris is a rookie.  Terry Bradshaw is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.  
  204. Couldn't Play September 23, 2013
    Ponder couldn't play ... because he had no off season (strike) ... in his rookie year
  205. Fly on Wall September 16, 2013
    LF:  AD... have a seat.  I've asked you here to explain some up coming changes ...
  206. CUTSIE!  CUTSIE!  STUPID September 15, 2013
    Cutsie!  Cutsie!  Stupid!  This loss lies directly at the feat of both Bill Musgrave and Leslie Frazier.  When head coaches stand on the other side of the statement, "Sorry ... we've decided to go in another direction", you have to look no further than the fourth quarter with 3:33 left on the clock.  It's first and goal on the 6 yard line and there you stand with the greatest running back on the planet, with a bull dozer behind him. 
  207. Dictating Defense - Fear Factor September 11, 2013
    To beat the bears, our defense needs to dictate coverage to the bears.  The seven (7) man front needs to include Evans, Williams. Griffen, Allen & Robison. where the later need to float in and out as both linebackers and defensive ends. 
  208. 9+Avg & 350+ September 6, 2013
    September 6th Souhan, "Peterson Needs Help" is exactly wrong ... like the blind leading the blind.  It's clear to see that his heart and his passion is in the right place 
  209. Cage Match - Rookie of the YEAR September 12, 2013
    Sharrif Floyd, Xavier Rhodes and Corderrelle Patterson may not know it but we have a fairly deep history in regard to rookie of the year honors.  The honor has been bestowed upon Chuck Forman, Sammy White, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss. 
  210. Lottery 100 August 28, 2013
    Way back on September 19, 2012 you were warned "Dirt Patch Commeth".  The name of the player that lunged at Kevin Williams is irrelevant, even though he was the instrument of the Dirt Patch.  In all directness ... players don't act that way unless their leader directs them to act that way. 
  211. 53 Man Roster of 2013 August 18, 2013
    There has been allot of heat applied as it relates to Joe Webb and the 53 man roster but there are several things to consider before you throw this baby out with the bath water.
    Who owns Adrian Peterson?  The answer to that question is fairly straightforward.  Nobody owns anybody however they way people talk and have talked about AD ... myself included ... it's as if we claim part ownership in him, just by sharing his franchise experiences
  213. 2,500 July 8, 2013
    If Adrian Peterson says that he's going to smash the singles seasons rushing record by breaking 2,500 yards for the season ... then by God's hand ... that's exactly what he's going to do. 
  214. Harvin February, 28, 2013
    I don't think there is a person throughout the league that doesn't love Percy Harvin.  Unfortunately that also includes the owner, management, his coaches and the players on the team but the objective of this organization is not to pay a player whatever he wants.
  215. Seconds December 29, 2012
    Of Green Bay's 53 man roster, every Packer that walks on that field on Sunday, December 30th will be entrusted to stop Adrian Peterson's record setting performance.  It is believed ... by those very Packers ... that within these yards lies a Viking victory ... as Adrian Peterson will not be denied victory twice.  
  216. "Momentivator!" December 26, 2012
    Aaaah!  A chance to send these pesky little buggers (The 2012 Minnesota Vikings) home for a long winters nap.  Just one simple and clear victory ... and the Viking's season is done.  Then we get the week off ... to bask in the glory of 2012 Northern NFC Division Championship before taking on that nasty upcoming playoff schedule for a Green Bay Contest as the NFC's #2 seed. 
  217. Frazier-Gleam December 24, 2012
    There is a reason why there's a big smile on Leslie Frazier's face ... Ponder finally got it ... but he is still clearly not an elite NFL quarterback.  The efficiency of Ponder's first downs resulted in ... field goal, punt, fumble, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, field goal, punt, fumble .
  218. Losing:  Lowered Expectation December 22, 2012
    What is it that you’ve been waiting for? I used to think that it was a Super Bowl, but it had conditions.
  219. Running Myth December 19, 2012
    It is fairly certain that no NFL team can win a game passing 100% of the time.  Is it a myth that a team cannot win running the ball 100% of the time?  The answer to that question depends on how old you are or how far you can go back in NFL history. 
  220. Weakest Qualifier: Playoff Format December 17,2012
    The NFL does have a playoff format problem.  In short, the weakest playoff team that qualifies, under our present 6 team conference playoff system, based upon wins & losses, is lowering the NFL playoff standard.  For example, it is quite possible for a division winner to qualify for the playoffs with an a 7-9 or 8-8 win loss record under our present system. 
  221. No! Peyton Not MVP December 13, 2012-
    Peyton Manning was clearly the MVP of 2011 but he's not the MVP of 2012.  Sure quarterbacks touch the ball every time the ball is snapped however they don't get hit just about every time they touch the ball.  Most importantly of all ... running backs don't get to wear red jerseys, nor do they talk about them being put into dresses.
  222. HALF OFFENSE  December 12, 2012
    You may have missed it.  Just recently Mark & Sir Zygmunt Wilf just assured the nation that Leslie Frazier will be back as the Minnesota Vikings head coach in 2013.  This maybe true ... if the Vikings win the Super Bowl XLVII, but at present, with Christian Ponder at the helm, THE VIKINGS ARE ONLY HALF AN OFFENSE and are perilously close to self imploding.
  223. Storm Signals December 7, 2012
    If you're a sailor, you're well aware of the coast guard and navy warnings.  One & two triangular red flags are small craft & gale winds warnings, respectively.  One & two red flags with black squares in the center are storm & hurricane warnings, respectively.  Tell me, which warning flag was just sent up when the Vikings placed Percy Harvin on injured reserve.
  224. Inside Out - Conjecture December 6, 2012-
    For argument purposes, let's say that Sir Zygmunt Wilf provided Leslie Frazier with the verbal assurance that he would not be fired, no matter what, if Christian Ponder continued the entire season, to evaluate him, to determine if he is in fact an elite NFL quarterback. 
  225. Spoiled Rotten December 4, 2012-
    "We preach accountability here".  Accountability applies to everyone ... except Christian Ponder.
  226. Instinct; More Than Talent November 28, 2012
    Golly!  I open up Fran Tarkenton's recent article, Talent beats experience in football and as I'm reading it, I'm thinking to myself that he's finally understanding it all in regard to the real change that's occurring in the NFL in regard to quarterback play.  
  227. Laughing November 26, 2012-
    We haven't been this embarrassed as a team since Jan 13, 1974.  Those Chicago Bears, the ones trampled under foot just a week earlier, were openly laughing at this franchise.  They executed "The Plan" to perfection, except Adrian Peterson didn't leave Chicago with a concussion.  Maybe they'll send a Bear to Minnesota to nail Harvin since he wasn't able to make the trip.  Why was this so embarrassing ... it's because Chicago may not win another game this year and will miss the playoffs.
  228. Vacuum Rein In November 20, 2012
    Still, Spielman reiterated Wednesday that, under his philosophy, all young quarterbacks are entitled to be evaluated under a "three-year rule," giving coaches and the front office a big enough sample size to evaluate hot streaks, disconcerting slumps and long-term viability.
  229. CRUSHED November 20, 2012-
    The Chicago Bears didn't get beat last night ... they got crushed by Kaepernick & the 49ers.  Now they are facing an almost identical team in the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday where they once again face being crushed under our heal and then will have to come back to the Mall of America Field two (2) later to get crushed for a 3rd time in four weeks ...
  230. Report Card - Detroit November 14, 2012
    Last week, we first introduced a comprehensive quarterback rating system, which would reveals a great deal about both our team and how well our quarterback (see weighted quarterback rating) Christian Ponder stacks up against the competition. 
  231. Super Charging AD's to Next Level November 12, 2012
    "300+ yards" ... "I can still get stronger," Adrian Peterson said. "I'm still not there, man."  Many think that what AD was referring to is of course his recovery from his December 24th, 2011 injury in Washington.  Let me tell you that it is not.  
  232. Surrogates November 10. 2012
    First, I would like to offer my apologies to Mark Wilf, which as it turned out performed a masterful job of deception.  He completely fooled me.
  233. Weighted Quarterback Rating November 6, 2012
    "It hasn't been one thing,"  After Nineteen (19) starts, how is it that our franchise is unable to face what is apparently an undeniable fact.  Could it be that Christian Ponder is incapable of executing at an elite NFL level. 
  234. Game Plan October 29, 2012-
    Week after week, we hear of the highly touted game plans that are prepared by each team.  For the other 31 other franchises, to beat the Minnesota Vikings there is only one primary directive.  Do not injure Christian Ponder under any circumstances whatsoever.
  235. Stirring Souls October 26,2012
    Of all the things that could be asked, here is the one key question that this franchise may not have even considered. If Christian Ponder was traded away to another organization, one that would accept him based upon having a fresh start, knowing that he had no 1st year training camp, and all the related excuses that were made for Ponder that crippled him, would you fear the fact that Ponder would win a Super Bowl Championship with some other franchise. 
  236. The Inside Scoop  October 24, 2012
    The surprise team of 2012 is none other than our beloved Minnesota Vikings franchise.  The league is dumbfounded to our success as they've missed the heart of the story.  Since opening day in 2011, thirty-four (34) players have been released from our 53 man active roster. 
  237. Fence Envy October 23, 2012
    I hated the sports beat.  I was a die-hard fan, lost within my passion and here's this guy slamming my team.  I thought to myself, why is he writing about this franchise he's obviously a Cowboy fan, or something just as bad.  First it was one, they another, & another & another.  I hated them.  
  238. Ego's October 19, 2012-
    When I look at this team what I see is a bunch of egos.  Egos don't win championships ... teams win championships.  If you want an answer to last weeks loss you need to look no further than Toby Gerhart 1 carry for 1 yard.  That in itself tells the lions share of the story. 
  239. The Edge  October 17, 2012
    Hines Ward, Super Bowl XL's MVP was still a prime athlete & at the peak of his career ... but his brain no longer functioned at the level necessary to be able to play in the NFL.  On an NFL field there are so many eyes that evaluate your every move and it's not just the coaches.
  240. Restoration October 14, 2012
    I was a dead man.  I had maybe 6 months to 2 years to live.  I was the frog sitting in the pot as the temperature was slowly increased on its way to a slow boil ... and my certain death. 
  241. Apoplectic October 3, 2012
    While you're all shatz & giggles over your Buck-Something Ponder neophyte, the storm front is raging.  The Vikings win the contest and you're supposed to just look away.  Don't peer into the compelling.  
  242. Consecutive Fumbles September 26, 2012
    Never have I seen consecutive fumbles of that magnitude, but again there is absolutely no concern. For Toby’s coaches, it comes down to interpretation of the event …, as a sure test of their fortitude.
  243. High Water Mark September 22, 2012  
    We are the champions of the world.  NFL Champions!  Our proverbial high water mark.  It's January 4, 1970.  We just defeated the Cleveland Browns 27-7.  It lasted all of 7-days.  
  244. Dirt Patch Commeth September 19, 2012
     Wasn't it just yesterday when a young Jim Harbaugh was directing the Chicago Bears at quarterback under Ditka.  The fond memories of a pick six followed by a neck vein popping, spittle induced, ragging Ditka that sent "The Dirt Patch" AKA Jim Harbaugh back to where he belonged ... the bench. 
  245. Das Kaput Commish September 12, 2012  
    Our NFL commissioner had his opportunity to be "COMMISSIONER".  Now his status within the league is in absolute ruination.  He has failed the most ultimate test ... where he can no longer say, that his intent is to protect NFL players. 
  246. 5-2 Defense  September 12, 2012
    It's early in the first half.  We confronted with a 3rd & 2, and you put Ponder in the shot-gun.  Really!  Really!  Exactly what team do you think you are ... Rodger Stawbach's Dallas Cowboys.  This is a running team.  
  247. Roster - Post Mortem Dump September 1, 2012
    Of our 53 man roster, I like what I see however there are two (2) positional players that made our roster that indicate something significanct about this 2012 squad.  Last year Marcus Sherels was solid as a kick returner in that he rarely made mistakes however he was no break-away threat per se.
  248. In the Cut  August 30. 2012
    What does it matter?  The eye in the sky measures all.  During practice, a coach can measure every movement ... every action ... every inaction, but what does it matter?   He can chart it all, and then statistically evaluate a result. 
  249. Not Perfect  August 29, 2012
    Paul Allen's call of Brett Favre's end of game toss versus the San Francisco 49er's in 2009 may have been the most perfect moment in Viking history, up to that point.  
  250. AD's Evolution August 23, 2012
    Why is the same picture painted over and over again for Adrian Peterson?  They regale him with the same words, stories and yarns over and over again as it his body has not traversed around the sun, with us all, since he was a mere rookie in this league back in 2007. 
  251. Moments Over August 22, 2012
    After this humble narrators blasting of Mistral Raymond with both barrels on August 13, he opened our 2nd pre-season game appearing to be absolutely everywhere on the field on what seemed to be every play. 
  252. Harbaugh -The Dirt Patch! August 13, 2012
    So, what did last years debacle in Indy tell us.  In short, without Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts are the worst defense in the league. 
  253. RIGO-Joe Washington July 31, 2012
    The 3rd best offense in NFL history, based upon total points scored, featured a backfield that included John Riggins and Joe Washington.  For both, there really was no back- comparisons to understand how this combination worked.  
  254. Talk July 24, 2012
    Now! There is only one statement left that matters.
  255. Tail Wags Dog (The Rookie Contract) June 21, 2012
    The NFL is fundamentally flawed in that pay has little to do with the performance of its players.  How close is the proximity of Percy Harvin with DeSean Jackson?  Climb aboard folks because Harvin's agent just severed the rope of this Missouri Boat Ride (The Outlaw Josey Wales - 1976).
  256. Welcome May 2, 2012
    Dan Wiederer recently wrote commentary announcing that the Vikings have a 20 month schedule to become a wild card playoff team.  How often have you heard that stick ... a 3 year plan?  Soooo .... Please allow me to retort. 
  257. Gaffed! April 30, 2012
    Cleveland calls and offers their 4th, 5th and 7th round selections for the right to move up one spot to the 3rd pick to select Trent Richardson.  The stains play hard ball, securing the deal about an hour before the draft begins by telling Rick Spielman ... "One time offer ... take it or leave it".  
  258. Draft Control April 26, 2012
    Control of the 2012 draft is firmly in the hands of the Cleveland Browns, not the Minnesota Vikings, unless Indianapolis wakes up and selects RG3, which they already announced that they would not do ... but stranger things have happened in the NFL.
  259. Death Watch April 24, 2012
    Death begins in an unmeasured moment.  It is generally measured at the time of death however in most cases, the process ... also known as the death watch ... begins in a whole different time frame.
  260. Belly Hunger April 23, 2012
    The most common reference to the lexicon "Belly Hunger" is a metaphor in reference to The-state-of-a-player's contract, however there are many many more "Belly Hunger" lexicons to consider.
  261. Need versus Want versus Covet!  and the Dinosaur! April 5, 2012
    People!  People! People!  That big bright thing in the western sky, that's about to do the 2012 dance within Taurus means something big.  Really big!  A new dynasty!  
  262. Griffin/Winfield  January 12, 2012
    Larry Bird played the early part of his career at small forward.  In time, as he aged, he was moved to power forward, where even though he lost a step, he was still faster than his counterpart at power forward.  The point here is that the Vikings find themselves at a cross roads with both Cedric Griffen & Antoine Winfield
  263. Genetic Code: Selection GM Speilman quite telling  January 4,2012
    The hiring of Rick Spielman as this franchise's GM is quite telling, especially with the glaring issues facing this organization.  Tom Power's, of the Pioneer Press, ".., Rick Spielman is the Wrong Man ..." points out numerous organizational & personnel issues, however there is always a great deal that is hidden from view that just might be of greater concern. 
  264. "Hope Ponder" @ 8.3 Rating January 3, 2012
    A passer rating of 8.3. 4 completions on 10 passing attempts for 28 yards.  Once again ... another pick 6.  So what was it that we saw?  We saw Christian Ponder tossed like a rag doll ... injury. 
  265. Elephant Burial Ground  December 31, 2011
    Where do NFL athletes careers go ... to die.  Of course ... Minnesota.  Many years ago, there were a series of hits on CBS.  They included Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, etc.  Then someone said these immortal words ... Country Broadcasting Station (CBS) and almost overnight ... every show was cancelled.
  266. Building A Stadium ,,, A LEGENDARY VISION! December 28, 2011
    Some could argue that people build stadiums but ... no one person ever did so, although I believe that one did build the Coral Castle.  You don't have to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids
  267. Predicted ... Again!  December 27, 2011
    The following was the ghost writers response od December 17, 2011 to a Viking fan.  That fan, like myself was obviously disturbed by the Ghost Writer's commentary of December 14, 2011. "Still Haven't a Clue ... Do You?
  268. It's Witness December 26, 2011
    It screams within my ears ... it leaves me with an empty hollow feeling ... to be its witness ... powerless.  The longest return in the history of the NFL of 104 yards without a touchdown. 
  269. Spot Duty Ponder = Treason = Decapitate Balls! December 20, 2011
    How do you do it?  How is it physically possible to check your testicles at the door before crossing into that political arena?  
  270. Dumbest Rule Ever December 15, 2011
    The defense lines up.  Anyone on that line that even leans-in toward the snap is now in the neutral zone.  What makes the neutral zone infraction heinous is that you now have any of the 11 offensive players that can detect defensive players lean-in, or movement, that can then false start to be awarded the neutral zone infraction. 
  271. Still Haven't a Clue ... Do You?  December 14, 2011
    Comparing Joe Webb as being slightly better than Christian Ponder, comparing quarterback ratings, is like saying Adonis is slightly cuter than Danny DeVito.  So you're comparing quarterback ratings.
  272. Double Standard December 13, 2011
    Welcome mindless members of the press corp.  As you know access within this organization is dependent upon your professionalism and by professionalism we of course mean your complete & absolute obedience.
  273. Un-Timed December 11, 2011
    Take your pick. Face mask, holding, personaly foul for illegal contact to the head of our quarterback ... all are penalties on the defense.  Even if there is no time left on the clock, any penalty called on the defense, with no time on the clock, results in an Un-Timed play. 
  274. Licking Our Wounds - A Commedy!  December 5, 2011
    Isn't it odd that all our focus has been squarely put on the defensive side of the ball.  Apparently, you're not familiar with smoke & mirrors.  Here's how it went down yesterday stated in a a more comical way for those cringing in pain:
  275. There Just Ain't No Forgettin' December 4, 2011
    Do you think that Percy Harvin's recent return of 104 yards, the longest play in the history of the NFL ... not to score a touchdown ... was just something that just happened, or was there a message attached to it?  Do you think that that very same Percy Harvin, the man carrying the Minnesota Vikings first play of the 2011 season turning it into a touchdown was something that just happened, or was there a message attached to it?
  276. Turn Joe Webb Over ... To Defense  December 1, 2011
    Not only would I make Everson "Tattoo" Griffen my starting strong safety, the man from SAFETY "U" ... USC, I'd make the 25 year old Joe Webb my starting free safety.
  277. Home Field Advantage November 29, 2011
    On the very first day this web site was up and running, the HOME REPLAY ADVANTAGE was exposed for what it was.  The field has never been the same for both teams.  Just as the Steelers grounds keeper's iced the field from just outside the hash marks to sidelines before a 70's playoff tilt versus the Raider's, the NFL has never resolved keeping what the this issue.
  278. Two Steps Away November 29, 2011
    In case you hadn't noticed, the Vikings franchise is now two steps away from the franchise quarterback Andrew Luck, which is about two steps too far.  The first tie breaker in the 2012 NFL draft being overall wins and losses.  
  279. Release McNabb November 28, 2011
    Before you get all excited, by my count, the Vikings are 0-5 under Ponder.  They say your record is what it is however you might recall that the Panthers missed a chip shot field goal at the end of the game.  Like I said ... 0 wins - 5 losses.
     It is what it is.  Are you willing to ride that into 2012 without the measure of the man named Webb.   
  280. Stigma November 3, 2011
    #1 draft pick Bryant McKinney ... Gone.  Released ... compensation Zero!  Bernard Berrian ... Gone.  How many millions of dollars were paid per catch or TD?  He was supposed to stretch the field ... the only thing he stretched was his wallet.  Now Chris Cook ... our top draft pick of 2010!  
  281. Inflamed Erupting Pustules October 13, 2011
    Comparing Donovan McNabb's season long putrid performance to any particular play last weekend is like having a doctor say to you that, "You're festering Inflamed Erupting Pustules are nothing to worry about.  That fetid smell emission is completely normal". 
  282. +/- October 12, 2011
    Somehow the owners of this league have to get a handle upon the loop holes with in this league.  If a player decides that he wants out of a franchise all he has to do is enlist bad behavior and he is soon to get his release.
  283. Open Enough October 11, 2011
    There is a certain statistic that leaps off the page when evaluating  Donovan McNabb … it’s his red flag waiving lifetime interception percentage.  As I understand it, his lifetime interception rating is the best for any modern day quarterback ever.  Sometimes a great stat doesn’t tell the whole story.
  284. Back into the Bottle! October 10, 2011
    News Flash ... there is no way to stop Joe Webb & company!  Adding that one piece changes absolutely everything.  You need to look no further than yesterdays result.  Every touchdown that was scored yesterday was scored on the ground.
  285. SOS October 5, 2011
    Strength of Schedule ... Presently there are four teams with  0-4 records.  According to the rules governing the NFL draft & if the season ended today, the Vikings would be drafting 3rd with a SOS of 0.516, whereas the Colts & Dolphins would be flipping a coin at 0.520 for the rights to next franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.
  286. Choice October 4, 2011
    Frazier, be it by choice, or being so directed, chooses to back & start McNabb this Sunday.  Why?  Because there is still a glimmer of hope remaining for this season ... even with four (4) opening losses.  We hear your words ... this is our interpretation of those words.  We need to crush any notion of winning.  We need to squash any attempt to salvage this season and McNabb gives us the best chance to do that very thing.
  287. Not A Sport - "American Football"  October 3, 2011
    As it stands today, "American Football" is not considered a mans sport & never will be ... at least not worldwide.  The studs of world soccer are its scorers.  The world loves its scorers ... floppers as they might be ... the world identifies with its studs.  What the world sees in American Football is so absolutely foreign to them that it makes them physically ill to watch our team scorers and the insane coaching decisions that squash any semblance of risk.
     "American Football" is not a manly sport ... now deal with that!
  288. Victory Keys September 30, 2011
    The keys to victory this Sunday (October 2) versus the Chiefs is to start McNabb & play him the entire game. 
  289. Rank #2 September 26, 2011
    Me thinks that the Zig Master has finally figured out how to get his new stadium built.  The Viking Nation is now so upset they are clearly ready to burn the Dome to the ground ... pitch forks & torches.
  290. Broken Glass September 26, 2011
    Here's the question ... the only question.  Are you (Joe Webb) willing to crawl through broken glass for me?  From time to time you will see some of the "Greats" that wore Viking Purple.  They'll have that answer for you.
  291. 3 & Out McNabb September 25, 2011
    Quicksand!  Did you ever get the feeling that you're in absolute free fall.  That is because for all your awesome efforts, you've been solid out.  You're all a bunch of saps.  This team should be 3 wins ... 0 losses.  So you say that it's not McNabb's fault ... hey grandma, this guy over here said you screwed up again.  How could they possibly try to put McNabb on the field again ... but believe me ... they will try to do it again ... that is, unless we can stop them.
  292.  Randle Factor September 22, 2011
    It is not how you begin a season that matters ... only how you end it. 
  293. Foreign Matter September 20, 2011
    Defense is not a concern.  It can be corrected.
  294. Halleluiah! September 19, 2011
    Halleluiah!  #37, playing in our secondary, can actually catch the ball.  No disrespect to the man they call Toine'.  On the other hand, it's a good thing that I'm not your scorched earth secondary coach.
  295. Avoidance September 13, 2011
    Yeah!  You can look at the money but not me.  When Adrian Peterson signed that 2nd contract he made a fateful decision.  Let there be no mistake ... this decision was made by a man ... not a child. 
  296. McNabbed! September 12, 2011
    Here’s the thing!@ Are you here to make the safe play or are you here to win the championship?  Yesterday, if you had started either Webb or Ponder and ended up with yesterday’s result in San Diego, the Vike-Nation would have been just fine. Why? Because these young raw talented QB’s would have notched a start and the nation would be paying our dues … at least in the early part of the season. Experience in this league is everything and neither one of these cats is going to get better unless they do it on the field.
  297. Hello LA August 30,2011
    Pontius Pilot, Gov. Mark Dayton, is about to absolve himself by tossing your Minnesota Vikings into the abyss.  The referendum is the power hand.  If the Vikings stadium issue is resolved by referendum, you can kiss this franchise and all of its community benefits goodbye.  Why?  Because most people don't know that the powers of state congressional leaders are trumped by the direct voice of the people (a referendum).  Why?  Because state congressional leaders can only represent the voices that put them into power whereas the results of a referendum are the direct voice of the people. 
  298. McNabb August 21, 2011
    Many years ago, my brother-in-law said this kid from Syracuse was going to be a great one.  Of course I scoffed at that remark and asked what was his name.  He said, Donovan McNabb!  Maybe I should look into this kid but at the time, of course, I didn't.   This kid would be an afterthought.  Then I remember a bunch of boos during the draft when this new head coach Andy Reid selected this kid as his number 1.
  299. Owner Franchise Tag July , 2011
    Language!  It all comes down to those that get carte blanche regarding both verbal etiquette and the written language.  In this country, we believe in freedom of speech however there is some language that must be confronted at all costs so that there can never be any confusion as an attempt to sullen the leagues image.  On the surface, it appears to be innocent but the reality is devastating.  
  300. Own It! June 27, 2011
    Do you know exactly what it feels like when your team finally wins a championship?  You know what I'm talking about ... Don't you?  Well I don't!  I own it!  In my book, there is only one team. 
  301. De-Emphasize Kicking Game May 4, 2011
    Would it surprise anybody when it is said that the players don't believe that the league is doing everything that it can to protect players from injury.  On the surface, increasing the number of season games from 16 to 18 games would mean more revenue for both the owners & the players, which is beneficial for all parties involved.  So we can expect that issue to get resolved by splitting a piggy-pie.  The reality is that the real issues related to players safety must focus on real changes within the league ... not just in providing simple carrots.  These changes are going to come from outside the NFL ... not from within it.  
  302. It's Obvious April 28, 2011
    It's obvious ... expect the Vikings to be picking at slot #12 tonight.  For a suitor team to want this spot in the draft they have to be supremely confident in a player that they covet that they don't expect to be available when they pick and they have to have enough  compensatory picks available to make the deal sweet for the Vikings to move out of this slot for a later #1 draft pick. 
  303. The Dog February 12, 2011
    No matter how you look at it, when you finally decide to go out a find that new family dog (puppy), on average, within 14 or so years, that dog will be dead.  What I'm saying here is that there is no way to stop the earth from revolving around the sun.
  304. Prove or Dump January 30, 2011
    The NFL's proving ground ... frost bitten Metropolitan Stadium.  Benches aligned side by side.  Fire breathing dragons ... schooners fighting an incessant battle of no contest.  Players picking off their scabs watching the steam rise in front of the away bench just before kickoff.
  305. Webb December 29, 2010
    All season long the Vikings organization had been sternly warned ... again & again.  The wrath of the gods was at hand & its fury had taken many forms.  10 minutes prior to kickoff of last nights game the call was made ... the hand of its punishment was over.
  306. Not an After Thought December 12, 2010
    Do you think the Vikings absolute & complete dominance over the Bills, in every phase of the game, for the first time it has happened all year long, was just a coincidence?
  307. Harbored Emotion November 8, 2010
    Well the team finally found the nerve to ask for purple pants.  It was apart of your destiny.  The teams focus however should be on asking for the activation of Joe Webb.  Allow me to explain.  Yesterday, I was not its witness.
  308. 6 Athletes October 26, 2010
    Never in the history of the NFL world has there been the assembly of six (6) such athletes: Joe Webb, Sidney Rice, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Visanthe Shiancoe & Percy Harvin ... all backed up by powder kegs ... Gerhart, Kleinsasser & Dugan.
  309. Trade Mark October 6, 2010
    Me thinks he doest protest too much.  There is one prime reason for the NFL's worldwide popularity.  It is because is closely approximates the struggle of life ... in its truth.
  310. The Beast October 3, 2010
    The Vikings next stop will be at the New Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ versus the Jets.  Now, no disrespect to the Giants defense, but facing Buddy Ryan's "Mini-Me" next week in comparison to facing either the Giants or Bears last night, is really no comparison.  The Jets are simply on another level. 
  311. Retort October 1, 2010
    In regard to Jason La Canfora's article of September 29th well ... allow me to retort.  According to Jason, the heady days of a Farve-led pass attack of spraying the ball around from a year ago are gone.  Me thinks he doest protest to much. 
  312. Pivot Precipice September 23, 2010
    This is it.  This is the Pivot Point of the season.  Let me tell you that I'm saying my prayers ... the extent of which is focused upon a petition to take mercy upon our players.  The heavens are rumbling & Zeus is cocked & ready ... preparing his lightning' bolts to awaken the nation. 
  313. Flashback to the Future September 21, 2010
    In a dreamlike state, you find yourself immersed within the future.  You've been waiting patiently for this day like a petulant child.  Rumor has it that Sidney Rice is certain to play in his first game of the 2010 season.  Harvin & Berrian are already back deeply wrapped-up within the continuity of the groove, churning through defenses. 
  314. 0-3! Urgent Warning September 19, 2010
    Prepare yourself.  The Vikings are just one short step away from going 0 wins - 3 losses & its nothing more than self inflicted punishment based upon a bit of aloof arrogance.  The answer to their dilemma is screaming at them just inches from their faces.  Our staff has done everything to prevent the inevitable by stamping their feet & acting like children.  
  315. The Light! September 10, 2010
    Before you dispense yourself into a world of despair, gain a firm grip upon that panic attack that rages within your soul.  Yesterday was an overwhelming disappointment however ...
  316. A New Year September 9, 2010
    On paper, the Vikings don't stand a chance in tonight's game versus the Saints.  In the paper, the Vikings don't stand a chance either.  Almost all of the commentators are right in step ... falling in line.  It's a wonder why they play the game at all.  
  317. Distant & Happy September 7, 2010
    I do have a message for Drew Brees ... wear your dark pants.
  318. Emergency QB ... to Genius! September 4, 2010
    With the trading of Sage Rosenfels to the G'ants it opens up the door to an opportunity that is truly unique.  If taken advantage of, it borders upon into he realm of genius.  On game day, each team is allowed to activate & dress 45 players plus 1.  The 46th player can dress as the 3rd emergency quarterback however that player cannot play in the game unless the #1 and #2 quarterback leave the contest.  In other words, when the emergency quarterback enters the contest, neither the #1 or #2 can return to the contest.  
  319. Time Warp September 1, 2010
    Is it just me, or does each week that passes seem like a decade in time.  Look back just to the beginning of training camp & it seems like it's taken forever just to get to this day.  Are we caught amidst a time warp?
  320. The Wall August 30, 2010
    In regard to our roster ... the key question that needs to be asked is, "Is it through the wall, or around it?"  In other words, there are two approaches: The war of attrition or the art of war.  Regardless of whether there was an actual rift between Farve & Childress, which would actually be a good thing, Chilly has demonstrated a comfort level behind his tanks rather than to achieve the objectives of space.
  321. Rookie of the Year - The Sequel! August 24, 2010
    With Sydney Rice looking more & more like he's headed for surgery and the reserve PUP list, the Vikings are searching far & league-wide for a suitable replacement at receiver.  Note to Chilly ... what you're looking for is not in that pool.  Your resolve is being tested to its breaking point.  Sometimes you have to look no further than the end of your nose as what you're looking for might be standing right in front of you.
  322. Why? August 19, 2010
    The question that needs to be answered in everyone's mind is, "Why did he come back?"  In time, if we listen closely, we just may learn the real answer to that question but I can tell you unequivocally that it was not about the money.  As my mench-like father-in-law, which was more like my brother used to say, money is nice to have but ... (there is much more to life than money).
  323. Roster Spots August 18, 2010
    In the past several years, Ryan Longwell has been splitting time with a second kicker during the pre-season.  This gave that kicker vital exposure as part of their resume for future opportunities.  What concerns me, and what churns within my stomach, is in regard to Rhys Lloyd along with what had transpired in the NFC Championship game versus the Saints.  
  324. Helen of Troy August 5, 2010
    The entirety that is the Viking organization finds itself asking many questions in regard to our future.  One might look to the past to understand where we find ourselves today.  You need to look no further than the epic tale that surrounds Helen of Troy.
  325. Obstacles July 19, 2010
    Today's education system measures less than 10 parameters that can lead an individual to success in ones life.  The problem is that our established systems doesn't recognize that there actually well over 100 actual measurable parameters.
  326. Standing at the Door July 17, 2010
    Since 1965, this has never ever happened to me before.  It's less than an hour before kick-off, watching the pre-game show alone, and I'm crying.  This isn't your typical ... the tear comes to the eye ... it's an uncontrolled slobber knocker ... and its not due to any pre-game video, any commentary prose or any other worldly stimuli.  
  327. Destiny of Fate January 22, 2010
    The lot has been cast.  The play ... to unfold.  The results ... already in stone.  Time; being only an illusion.  The death of the OxY-ear.  Will the field tilt once more ... the enigma within the gods.  What of the faithful ... does Beserker Rage and its Fury lie within this invasion.  The days are upon us where the assault thrusts us upon the field of death ... there is now no escape.  
  328. Bulletin Board Material January 16, 2010
    We'll need to open up a vein here, to write this, to save the faithful a little coin and maybe even some heartache.  Before you lay it all out there you might want to consider a Michael Strahan direct quote, "Our entire team wore black (during our playoff run) because we weren't going to a party, we were going to a funeral. 
  329. Rodgers vs. Stalin! January 12,2010
    Surprise, I'm a Viking fan. So one might say that I'm not overly disappointed that the cheese-heads were eliminated from the playoffs.  My problem, and what is so disturbing to me is this haunting image, which is now the final play of a historic overtime playoff contest.  
  330. Thumper January 6, 2010
    Act 4 has gracefully come to its conclusion and what a drama it truly was.  We pay for entertainment and that's exactly what we got.  Now its back to the business of the NFL. 
  331. Peaking! December 5, 2009
    To peak, or not to peak ... that is the question.  The words of Shakespeare, sort to speak.  It is without question that New Orleans, and Drew Bree's are now the scariest team in the NFL.  That Monday nighter made sure of that ... or is nasty cheatin' Brother Bill, of those nasty Boston Beaners playing with us once again.  
  332. 3 Teams November 24, 2009
    Bill Walsh once said we are competing with 12 teams.  At that time there were only 28 teams in the league (42.8%).  What he understood was that his team needed to be designed to compete with and then "dictate-terms-to" the elite of the NFL. 
  333. Concussions & Making Millions November 23, 2009
    I present these arguments today as the safety and the future of today's NFL players far in away are more important than holding onto an idea that can potentially make millions of dollars.  It's time to get serious about helmet design.  The design of tomorrow cannot happen unless you know the problem and can clearly define your requirements. 
  334. 5th Element! November 2, 2009
    It is comical to see commentators complain about anointing players to a #1 role (Roy Williams), where it must be earned, and almost within the same breath to anoint this years Super Bowl participants, which apparently are Today's two (2) last remaining unbeaten teams ... with both containing one fatal common denominator. 
  335. Tale of Two Cities October 27, 2009
    Since his arrival, Drew Brees has been tearing it up in Nawlin's.  It is quite clear that the team success is directly dependent upon Brees.  At the conclusion of week 7 the Vikings lost and the Aint's won.  There are many upset over this fact but take heart as the conclusion was based upon the day.
  336. 8118! October 22, 2009
    1881!  Brett Favre's opening drive under Chili's V-V was a masterpiece.  They knew that we were going to run the ball ... they just didn't know when.  Watching Brett hit 81-Shank and 18-Syd over and over again was a just jaw dropping event.  
  337. Too Undefeated October 16, 2009
    The very best part of not being directly apart of any NFL organization is that we are afforded the luxury of being able view and conjecture the future without the risk of losing our livelihood. 
  338. 1-Ball October 14, 2009
    AD is not alone when it comes to stats.  To a man, less-1, every one of these raving lunatics has the same exact issue.  The Vikings #1 problem, to be direct, is that there is only 1-ball and that 1-ball needs to spread out amongst the most dynamic set of grunting horns that I've ever seen in its history. 
  339. 1969 October 9, 2009
    It's biblical ... a man will betray himself in his own words every time (King Solomon).  He introduces himself ... "Hi, I'm Brett Favre and I'm from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and I'm the only person on this team that was born in the 1960's".
  340. Challenge This! October 8, 2009
    During an NFL contest, each team has a total of two replay challenges, and possibly a third, if one of the calls on the field are reviewed and is then reversed.  So the prime question is, when should we toss that challenge flag. 
  341. Opportunities October 2, 2009
    Yeah, it's Packer week.  Many think this whole thing revolves around Brett Farve.  It does, in a way, but not for the reasons that you might think.  The Packers are playing a team whereas the Vikings have an opportunity that is much bigger than playing any team.  
  342. Rookie of the Year September 30, 2009
    It is certainly an interesting development, where Percy Harvin has not been recognized in a Rookie of the Year Honor, which apparently is being bestowed upon Mark Sanchez in New York.  In watching that game, there was an O-fer stretch of incomplete passes that tell a clear story.  
  343. Nice RAC September 29, 2009
    BB, we can all see it ... that frustration.  You wear your heart out there on your sleeve wondering how & when things are going to mesh.  They point to missed time, timing, etc., and the words are killing you.  Words!  Stop the noise.
  344. Porker Face September 26, 2009
    Star Trek spent an entire episode on it.  Spoc applying his logic, failing miserably, where Ron Howard's brother, at the age of maybe 8 gets duped by Captain Kirk's read ... it's not the game of chess (Spoc) ... it's poker. 
  345. He's Arrived September 24, 2009
    The admission by Toine' in seeing the long time Packer wearing Viking purple as still being odd is of no great surprise.  To be direct, what you're senses are observing has nothing to do with any uniform.  On the outside you see a worn torn veteran with grey-white hair, where he is very unassuming.
  346. Missing Wildcat! September 23, 2009
    What's missing from the Vikings version of the wildcat?  BB and Syd are vertical threats.  Harvin is central in the shot gun as the main or prime threat.  The unbalanced set of beefcake with Loadholt lining up left of McKinnie with Hutch, Sully, and "H" completing the line left to right is brilliant having the contain defensive ends split. 
  347. Marketing The Viking Image September 22, 2009
    Striking while the iron is hot.  Bonding the generations.  There is only one Viking Image, and it has very little to do with Victor or some bald guy with long hair dressed up in leather garb swinging an axe in a 15 second promo or some other guy painting his face purple. 
  348. Slicing Evil September 21, 2009
    Conformity!  Have you ever wondered what is the significance of the Brett Farve "wake-up-call" slap?  It stings!  It's bizarre!  The league in its entirety is completely unnerved ... unhinged!  Even our own crews are grasping at straws trying to understand what going on. 
  349. OxY-Ear September 20, 2009
    The Vikings were born into the NFL as a Metal Ox.  2009 is the age of the ox.  The Chinese calendar uses a 12 year cycle, much like our year has twelve months.  Each year aligns by a different characteristic.
  350. Overworked - Please! September 18, 2009
    People ... the Minnesota Vikings are under siege!  You've got L.T. calling AD out were he labels him, "Not an every down back".  You've got Patrick Crayton stating that, "We (Cowpokes) are not just a team with just a running back, we're a complete team with numerous threats".  
  351. 40 Years Later - Where Does Freedom Lie? September 16, 2009
    It's 40 years later ... 2049.  Wearing those horns, regardless of the actual span ... it was but a flash in time.  Sweetness in a cup!  What could of been done?  What was I willing to forgo?  What was being asked of me?  What was hidden ... obscured by clouds?  What was left on that table?  Was I willing to forgo playing time to secure my chance at destiny?
  352. The Finger September 15, 2009
    News Flash!  Kleinsasser drops the ball!  It just about killed me.  Jim doesn't require forgiveness ... never did ... not for what he's done ... it won't happen again ... but it was the world ... his chance in the sun.  That would be his one and only chance that day.  What turns on that play? 
  353. A Perfect Defect September 12, 2009
    A major character flaw that has always been apart of my personal make-up, which has a great deal to do with the history of the Minnesota Vikings, is to detest a new entity to its very core whenever we are forced to accept something new.  However it is always tempered with an open accord ... with the acceptance toward change.
  354. Dust Em' Off    September 6, 2009
    For the first time ever, not one of our purple gang will get to look forward to show casing their talents in the NFL's second place individual awards bowl.  That's because this year the NFL will be placing severe restrictions on attending this event. 
  355. NFL's Iron Man   September 5, 2009
    Finding a silver lining to the question, "Who might benefit the most from the Bret Farve experiment", and the answers to than question becomes numerous.  It could be argued that the greatest beneficiary just might be the immortal #70 Jim Marshall, the NFL's Iron Man.  Sorry folk's ... kickers don't count!~  
  356. Piercing the Veil September 2, 2009
    The veil denotes innocence, purity, and something that remains hidden from public view.  The perfect cloaking device for corporations that wish to remain unheard and unseen.  Piercing the Corporate Veil is an invisible boundary layer that is the first identifier under corporate law.  
  357. Zen Master September 1, 2009
    A Zen Master is an individual that teaches Zen Buddhism.  One of the keys to the teachings of Zen is the response to just about every observation ... and that is, "we'll see".
  358. 72 Tilting Field August 29, 2009
    In 1970/71 the Vikings had a record of 12-2 & 11-3 with the most dominant defense in the league with the least points allowed 143 & 139, respectively.  Their quarterback play at the time was much much less than stellar.  In 1972, Fran Tarkenton rejoins the Vikings squad for his second stint where the team promptly posts a 7-7 record missing the playoffs.
  359. Do Not Trade TJack! August 25, 2009
    Do we roster four (4) quarterbacks, or choose between JD Booty, Sage Rosenfels, and Tarvaris Jackson?  The answer to that question will come in time.  What is screaming at us, is the knowledge that some move will need to be done however, our best bet would be to hold onto our cards tightly and be patient. 
  360. Destination: East of the Mississippi! August, 5, 2009
    Ted Thompson, the man who understands what lies within the true heart of Bret Farve, due to an unforgettable and unforgivable destruction by his own hand
  361. HOF Randall McDaniel #64 August 1, 2009
    Bouncing my youngest son on my knee, I try my best to express a thought ... a feeling of pure bliss.  Way back in 98', Cunningham over center, first looking left, then sweeping his peripherals to the right.
  362. A Man & His Destiny July 31, 2009
    It was so innocent.  A simple phone call.  He picks up the phone and at the other end of the line he hears, "God wants you to play in Green Bay".  I didn't know this man ... few did ... but he was a minister for crying out loud.
  363. Vick Factor July 29, 2009
    Are you kidding me?  Once again, Belichick is painted by the commentators as a genius, instead of the tainted cheatin' scum bag that he is, because he's the only person on the planet that can convince Michael Vick to be a role player on his team instead of a quarterback.
  364. The Dead Zone July 16, 2008
    There are two infamous rivers that flow north, the most famous of which is the Nile.  The other river has been the life blood that pumps through my veins, offering historic panoramic views hidden throughout its depth. 
  365. Stability, Accuracy, Instincts and a clear disturbance in "The Force"! May 28, 2009
    Versus Arizona, T-Jack starts and has numbers that are off the charts.  Why?   He's fresh and most importantly of all ... he's deadly accurate.  There is stability ... because there is no one looking over his back ... ready to yank his chain at the first opportunity.
  366. Words - Less than forthright and pulling weeds! May 16, 2009
    They say the window to a mans soul is through his eyes.  I once asked a close friend, a behemoth of a man, to describe for me what it was like to stand on the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk (aircraft carrier), when he served in the Navy. 
  367. Hallelujah! May 12, 2009
    Hallelujah!  Finally ... A Viking with a set!  Chad Greenway took a leap into the abyss when he spoke out of class by making his heart known to the Viking Nation in regard to Brett Farve and its relation to his team mates. 
  368. Jay Cutler April 2, 2009
    Before anyone calls Jay Cutler sniveling or whiny, they should take the time to get their facts straight.  Jay was the one that had the rug ripped out from under his feet by his new head coach.
  369. Free Agent Runyan - Conjecture February 9 ,2009
    One of the benefits of living in south central Pennsylvania is the incessant exposure to the diatribes of Eagle fans as they whine about Donovan McNabb. 
  370. Conjecture - Trading for Cassel! February, 6 2009
    Applying the Franchise Tag on Matt Cassel does not in any way solidify the Patriots control over the situation, if the franchise claim is put into play.  In the event that Brett Farve retires, the New York Jets will once again be without a quarterback, and that my friends has some stomachs churning up in bean town.
  371. NFL's Identity Crisis January 2, 2009
    It's Christmas morning 1998, and one by one, my young children take turns carefully stacking my unopened gifts by my side, while I watch them opening theirs.  After they opened all of their gifts, I'd have each one of them take turns opening my gifts, one by one, when to my horror, they pulled a Minnesota Viking 1998 Division Champion shirt from it's wrapping.  
  372. MVP Peterson December 29, 2008
    If you're looking for 3-letters to apply to your name ... How about LOB Peterson?  When asked if AD "looked back" at some "Before-and-After" films of what became a very successful Tiki Barber ... he simply brushed off the notion, as if to say... hey, I'm AD ... I don't need to look at any films.  I don't need to learn nothing.  
  373. No Rest for the Wary! December 24, 2008
    The leagues cross hairs are placed squarely upon the Minnesota Viking franchise ... and we are in for a great deal of punishment upon this mighty hand of justice.  The league is not amused.  The Pat and Kevin Williams debacle is an embarrassment for the league and Vikings organization must be made into an example.  How dare you question The Omnipotent One.
  374. Exploiting our Center! December 18, 2008
    The Chicago Bears provided some very interesting insight in regard to our upcoming Atlanta Falcons opponent.  With Matt Forte in the fold, there was no way that the Bears were going to give up on the run game and even when they were behind at the Metro Dome ... they never gave up on Forte.
  375. Zig Steps In! December 15, 2008
    Way back when Viking fans were booing Childress in the stands and were publicly calling for Childress's head, my only thought was to stress patience to the Viking Nation.  Now Chilly is in the dilemma of his life ... the turning point of his career ... and he's about to open his mouth and just might commit a very dreadful error.
  376. Prime Time-The NFL ain't the BCS! December 10, 2008
    It's a funny thing, but the NFL has never been defined by a won-loss record, for teams that make the playoffs.  Many act as if the NFL is an extension of the BCS system where the won-loss record enables someone to decide by proxy, who should be the best team in the nation. 
  377. The Omnipotent-One! December 2, 2008
    Metaphorically every Viking coach, Viking fan, and every Viking player past and present had been kicked in the proverbial nut sack by the NFL's league ruling this past Tuesday, and I've been waiting for this event all of my life.  To be direct, although driven ... I really didn't know, or see how, this could all come together and the omnipotent-one has handed it all to the Viking Nation on a silver platter.  You see ... there has always been an underlying current of unseen oppressive behaviors, in reference to the Viking Nation, but this has now surfaced ... and it is all now front and center.
  378. Just Enough November 28, 2008
    Have you ever wondered why Gus Frerotte's play, as of late, looks like he owes a bookie?  Well ... you're not alone.  How can you say such a thing?
  379. A Fortuitous Draft Pick November 12, 2008
    The modern era of football is littered with team specialist, that have a defined unique role within a team structure, such as pass rushing defensive end or a return specialist, etc.  Bill Belichick, formally known as a genius, did have a unique approach to this game that serve his purpose well
  380. 2-1-09: Tampa, Fl -The Site of Super Bowl XLIII November 11, 2008
    Playing in Tampa, Florida, the site of Super Bowl XLIII is now a focal point for our beloved Viking Squad ... a fortuitous event.   Way back in ought-seven, with a grandchild resting upon my knee, the G'ants were handed the opportunity of facing, and then preparing for, the then undefeated Boston Patriots ... the foe that eventually led to their destiny.
  381. Short Term Memory Loss November 4, 2008
    Yawl got to stop with this "must win" crap.  Especially the players.  If you can fart ... then you can certainly release this pressure of pure idiocy.  We all know what is at stake but all this stupid bit of verbiage does is add unwanted and unwarranted pressure. 
  382. Baptism of Fire October 30, 2008
    What might be the purpose of immersing yourself within NFL history.  A clear cliché known to all is that those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  When I was a young man ... I loathed that cliché ... because, at the time, it really meant nothing to me.   I knew everything ... but unfortunately for me ... what I learned was that I was born ignorant.  You don't know what you don't know ... and come to find out ... that there is nothing more comical than life.  The driving force of this comedy is that the big guy combines this bit of folly with youth, talent and skill.  As my dad always said ... "If I knew then, what I know now ... (with a great big smile on his face) look out ladies!" 
  383. A Fictional Argument and Equal Protection Under the Law October 29, 2008
    The following is an argument of pure fiction, but it does make you wonder.  When it involves our beloved Vikings ... we have no choice but to fight ... or at the very least ... ponder this highly unusual event.   Regardless of the upcoming leagues decisions in regard to Pat & Kevin Williams, something doesn't smell right. 
  384. The Coin ... and a Name! October 25, 2008
    Exactly what is the purpose of repeating Joe Blow's name ad nauseam ... followed by the value of his contract or how much he makes ... and how much guaranteed money he's entitled to.  
  385. Metamorphosis -The Tell - Five! October 23, 2008
    If you believe in a biblical code, or the code of the bible:  what was ... what is ... and what will be ... and accordingly ... has been defined by this biblical code.  According to the founders of this code ... there are just way too many definitive past events, outlined by this code, for the code to be random .... whether you believe it or not.
  386. Divide and Conquer!  Stand and be heard! 081015
    There is dissention among the ranks, but don't count me amongst them.   I stand firm on this ... and I have something to say.  Minnesota Viking commentary! 
  387. Quin-Fecta 080925
    Toine's hit caused a sack, a fumble, a recovery (trifecta), a touch down (quadfecta), and then the fifth note ... Minnesota Vikings News!
  388. Upside-Down Ball 080911
    It is as clear as the nose on your face.  Regardless of whether AD starts a game or not, it was clear that in the Vikings opener, that our Viking resources were expended in a reversed order, playing right into the Packers hands.  Minnesota Viking Commentary!
  389. Woe is me! 080802
    Woe is me.  Many years ago, as a boy, my father, one of those depression era kids, once labeled me an Alibi-Ike.  Viking Commentary!
  390. The Dierdorf Taunt and The Rag Doll 080825
    "It is no secret that Adrian Peterson gets most of his yards in the second half".  Hall of Fame Dan is not a Viking ... and never will be.  This was his way of taunting Childress, his crew, and the Viking Faithful. Minnesota Viking Commentary! 
  391. FUMBLE-ROO-SKI 080815
    Dennis Green had his share of shortcomings, but he also had his positive attributes.  One of those unbreakable values that was undeniable was his intolerance for fumbling.  Minnesota Viking Commentary!
  392. Indentured!  080714
    "We have a place for him"!  That statement then evolved into being a back-up for Aaron Rodgers ... followed by a protest rally in Green Bay.  Minnesota Viking News!
  393. Get-R-Done! 080712
    There are numerous championships that are attached to the Elway's, Montana's, Aikmen's, etc., but ...  Minnesota Viking Commentary!
  394. Wind and Wuthering 080609
    This, by far ... the most anticipated season in the history of the Minnesota Vikings, lay beckoning at our feet. Minnesota Viking Commentary!
  395. The Warm Up Horse 080119
    Exactly what does this have to do with being a Minnesota Viking Fan.  You see ... the Minnesota Vikings are that warm-up-horse.  Minnesota Viking News!
  396. The Kids Progression (above the curve) and a message for Chilly! 071219
    The purple pants with purple jerseys wasn't even mentioned by a commentator.  I personally had never seen it before.  Minnesota Viking commentary!
  397. 1987 Strike Season - Bad Blood Abounds! 071219
    January 17, 1988.  The 1987 Championship game.  Super Bowl XXII looms in the distance ... Darrin Nelson drops Wade Wilson's pass at the goal line ... Minnesota Viking News!
  398. The Uninvited Guest! 071218
    It's 2007 ... Ten years have now past since that 98 team.  The slogan of the day was, "No modern day quarterback had ever gone out on top".  Of course they were referring to the final days of John Elway.
  399. Homework Assignment - What do the following images represent? 071220
    If you count yourself as one of the truly fortunate to be able to strap on those Minnesota Viking horns these days, before you step onto and take the field in lowly "Poke-land", you would be well served to fully understand the misfortune represented in these images.  
  400. A Spheroid - Fate - and Minnesota Vikings History! 071213
    I was made to remember that the ball is a spheroid.  In just about every other sport the ball is round.  The ball represents fate.  The Minnesota Vikings, it's player, it's fans ... the franchise, is like a super-hyped-up-fraternity.  Any player that straps on those horns shares a common bond with every other member that has ever worn those horns because they all shared almost the same experiences.  What you may not realize is that you also share the same fate.  Fate, however, is not necessarily a bad thing.  
  401. Madden (comes to town) to make more Viking fodder! December 12, 2007
    In years past, I absolutely loved listening to John Madden-isms ... that is until I realized that his sole purpose in life was to transform the Vikings into fodder for the league.  Not playing on Sunday night has been a blessing ... but that's about to change.
  402. The Minnesota Vikings - The Cradle of Excellence! December 11, 2007
    Tarvaris Jackson, Adrian Peterson and Sydney Rice either have become or will soon become the focal point in Minnesota ... and then throughout the NFL.  Do you think their success is by accident?
  403. Viking Vindication - Could it be purple Pants? December 10, 2007
    It's Monday, December 10th and "Prime Time" on the NFL Network is starting to spout-off and get loud.  He, and his cohorts, are jockeying for the rematch in Dallas pitting his ex-NFL team (Da Pokes') with the Packers in the NFC's Championship game.  He came right out and said that he'll have no part of any other NFC competitors, like the Seattle Seahawks. 
  404. Leverage Equals Kryptonite!  December 6, 2007
    When you watch the NFL Network or other sports shows, you'll see commentators shaking their heads saying, "No team wants any part of (facing) the Minnesota Vikings".  A hard-core viewer understands that the comment is in direct reference to the upcoming 2007 playoffs, but for most, this statement zooms well over their heads.  They see the fear in the statement, but they don't understand why?  The reason for this disconnect is that the rudimentary keys of the game are only given and are only learned in a piecemeal fashion, in time, or are just assumed to be obvious. 
  405. 1808 Yards - Impossible, Can't be done!  December 4, 2007
    It's impossible for Adrian Peterson to break the NFL rookie rushing record of 1,801 yards set by Eric Dickerson.  It can't be done.  The rookie rushing record is safe.  Put a finger to the nose.  It's set.     
  406. Rookies - No More! December 4, 2007
    During an Aundrae Allison interview, Robert Ferguson doused Aundrea with a sports drink.  Everyone understands that players celebrate in all different forms and mannerism, but where this went off the track for me was in Ferguson's rookie comment that followed.  
  407. "Berserker Fury"/"Berserker Rage" - The keys to Viking Nirvana! December 2, 2007
    Throughout this history of the Minnesota Vikings, I've heard the following catch phrases that were used to describe my beloved Vikings.
      The Purple Gang.  The Purple People Eaters.  The Purple Wave.  etc.
  408. 2007 (Jan 2008) NFC Championship - Hello Lambeau! December 2, 2007
    The Cowboys/Packers tilt is now in the books.  They'll have you believe that the road to the Super Bowl travels through Dallas, TX.  Don't bet on it.
  409. Minnesota Vikings Pivotal Game - the 2 for 1 contest!  December 1, 2007
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 - The Detroit Lions come to visit the Minnesota Vikings in the Metrodome.  Adrian Peterson returns.  A blackout is looming.  The NFC's 6th playoff seed looms off in the distance.  This should be a no-question sellout in Minnesota.  What a disappointment to hear that four (4) corporate sponsors were required to purchase the last 2000 tickets available for this game.  
  410. Chester Taylor ... he is a god! November 29, 2007
    31 attempts for 77 yards.  An average of 2.48 yards per attempt.  They speak of these numbers, if at all, as if it were somehow an embarrassment for the Minnesota Vikings, instead of what it really is.  Tarvaris Jackson latest statement of frustration, "Some people don't really understand what is going on", says it all.  The kid is humble, until you attack his crew, especially for what they do on that field.  Well I certainly understand Tarvaris's statement, and it's my hope that you do too.
  411. How to Solve Minnesota Vikings Defensive Problems: November 12, 2007
    Green Bay 34, Vikings O ...  we need to look no further than yesterdays time of possession 40:40 vs. 19:20.  You could argue that there is a problem with our defense, that is, when they are at full strength, but the real culprit does not lie on the defensive side of the ball ... does it?
  412. MOSS - Could he return?   November 5, 2007
    Not too long ago, while still in Oakland, I heard Randy Moss comment, "I can never go back".  He was talking about returning to Minnesota ... not the Viking faithful.  There was no further explanation or further comment.  Randy has his reasons and no one could fault him. 
  413. CHILDRESS - DECISION TIME!!! November 5, 2007
    Brad Baby!  You took the position, and have the unenviable task of making the decision that now needs to be made.  It's time to give the kids Syd and Aundrae their reps.
  414. Daunte Returns!  October 18, 2007
    Just to set the record straight, we fans didn't want either Randy or Pep to ever leave our fold.  We truly loved you guys and we all thought that you'd be Vikings forever!  As such, we were never given the opportunity to say good bye.  It was like an Italian ting', "It's over"!  He's dead!  It's over!  
    I remember it as if it was yesterday.  That day we were facing the dynasty of what is now known as the San Francisco 49ers dynasty in a first round play off contest.  Gene Markbright was the referee that day, and for three series in a row, he dropped that flag.  Each time the call was intentional grounding, 10 yards and loss of down.  By the time that 3rd series was concluded, the Vikings for all practices and purposes was through.  Two downs to make 20 yards or more, ouch!  Gene knew exactly what fork to stick into us that day.  Every time Intentional Grounding is called, I fondly think of Markbrights day of retirement.
  416. Minnesota Viking Renegade Football!  October 2, 2007
    Yo Brad!  You lose football games and you'll need to find a good job.  Good thing you've covered your bases by giving away C. J. Mosley, Hank Basket, Tyler Thigpen, not to mention draft picks for Hicks and Holcomb, and securing bums like Mike McMahon, and Brooks Bollinger, etc.  I'm certain you'll have a soft cushy landing.
  417. The Sign! October 1, 2007
    As a young boy, it was very hard to understand how my team, The Minnesota Vikings, has lost its first Super Bowl.  It was then I had first seen the sign.  
  418. The "Sell-Out"! October 1, 2007
    I'm holding two conflicting media in my hands.  The first is a book, "A tradition of Purple", written by Jim Burton, and the second is a VCR tape of the Steeler's vs. the Vikings on December 18, 2005.
  419. Rewarding Bad Behavior - The Master Plan  September 28, 2007
    DeAngelo Hall, the latest bad boy of the NFL, now squarely in the sites of NFL media machine has become the norm of today's high priced talent.  We are all left to wonder why, but the root cause, or its foundation, is based on the axiom ... follow the money.
  420. My Hero!  September 27, 2007
    There are Viking fans everywhere.  People just don't realize it but it's time to unite and be heard.  Yes, there is the occasional odd lot here and there that don the horns proudly where ever we go.  When we see them, we stop and grab their attention by making complete spectacles of ourselves, all to let them know that we are fans too.  They do the same for me.  At times we forget, but when they see that we've got our horns on, they are quick to let us know where it's at.  Viking Heaven.
  421. Tarvaris Jackson: Self Help Course 101! September 25, 2007
    King Solomon said, "a man will betray himself in his own words every time".  The man in this case was Bill Walsh.  Arguably one of the greatest offensive minds in the history of the game.
  422. Offensive Success Formula? Pass the ball! September 26, 2007
    The loss of Chester Taylor and Tony Richardson in our line up has been immeasurable.  
  423. Why the memory of the 1975 Vikings will never leave us! September 25, 2007
    Sour grapes!  Viking fans are forced to endure as the refrain throughout the land!  We have been force fed the politically correct statements for years. 
    The 1975 team was a great team.  The infamous Hail Mary pass.  The death of Fran Tarkenton's father.  The Horrify memory!  The memory still haunts us for reasons that no one is allowed to discuss.  
  424. HOME REPLAY ADVANTAGE:  September 25, 2007
    That's right, you need to cross out the word "field" in home field advantage and change that to "Home Replay Advantage".  There's no need to review a home field touchdown!     
    Since facing the Patriots in 2006, the formula for beating the Vikings was to forget the run and to pass on every down.  Last year, we lost our premier defensive End Erasmus James in week 2 (no offense to our other defensive ends), our pass rushing suffered mightily.  It makes sense, have all 31 franchises attack the Vikings the same way, and over time, due to attrition, the Vikings will fold.

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