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Low Lights  
Everywhere you look, you see highlights for each team after every NFL contest.  In most cases, what we get to rehash, over and over again, are the highlights generated for fantasy football.  Well ... to be direct, it is my belief that fantasy football is in fact destroying the parity in today's NFL football, along with many other factors, and I don't care a lick for the additional fans generated by fantasy football. 

Although those splash plays are nice, my greatest interest is in the NFL's "Low Lights".  Now consider for an instant that the greatest play of interest in the 2018 season was in fact a non-pass-interference-call in the NFC championship game.  These are what I affectionately call the "Low-Lights" of the NFL. 

So you're an NFL player, or a coach, or an owner and your thinking to yourself ... hey, we need to sweep these misfortunate things ... these misfortunate judgments ... under the rug.  To which we all could collectively say ... maybe that's why these unfortunate things happen over & over again.  To say it another way, "The 2019 Season" was the first year, dating back to December 28, 1975, that the NFL had in place a correction to what happened on that day. On that day, back to back controversial plays occurred, where today they can now be reviewed & corrected for content.  Unfortunately, under the present system, there is the appearance that they intend to do nothing to correct any calls however that may change in time but there is definitely a cause & effect to consider.  Does sweeping the NFL's "Low Lights" under the rug in fact correct anything & does a self correcting approach ensure proper course of action?     

It is as if the league, year after year, comes up with the concept or idea of having a "Blue Ribbon" commission to investigate itself.  If this sounds like congress, or any government entity for that matter, that gets to police itself ... then you would be correct.  On the other hand, if you think for one moment the league is not trying to correct itself, then you would be absolutely in the wrong, as there are billions more dollars to reap that are at stake.  The owners cannot afford to lose any part of the publics interest.  The problem of course is that we live in a society of self interest where just because you have come up with an idea ... well ... it doesn't mean that it is a good idea.  

In other words, with the probationary changes in place now, the result caused by the rules of bad structure, can in fact be used to destroy any progress whatsoever.  In other words, in the way things are set up now it would be easy for the owners to destroy the notion of this new probationary rule, rather than work to correct their flawed approach.  If you don't think the players, coaches & owners don't see the review of pass interference to be drastically flawed, then you'd be wrong.

So ... what's my point?

Well, first of all, what happens on the field is in the public domain.  Whatever happens ... happened ... and we move on.  You cannot change what is out there ... nor should you attempt to do so.  So, we must ask ourselves how do we in fact make things better?  Do we confront our problems or do we sweep everything bad under the rug?  Well, to be direct, to be able to handle any major or minor problem, it is necessary to know the truth.  What the owners need to come to grips with is that sweeping it all under the rug has an inverse impact upon their wallets, which is to say that their present billion dollar industry should actually be many times greater than it is now.   

Why is this a fact?  Well ... quite simply, the NFL's product could be much greater than it is today however that doesn't happen by telling everyone that what's in the market is remarkable ... great ... and the best that it will ever be.  In other words, putting your head in the sand never results in progress.  It is a shame that each and every owner today will never have to say that each day, we live hand to mouth, because there is a great deal more to learn from this perspective, than it is to listen to someone that has an idea ...  that is most likely a bad idea based upon dealing within someone's kingdom. 

Again, what is the point?

Well, the owners shouldn't be avoiding the obvious.  Your consumer ... the average Joe or feminine Joey ... just doesn't remember the good times, only fleeting parts of them.  On the other hand, what we clearly remember are the times of our greatest struggle because lessons of this type are hard to learn.  This is called the roller coaster of life.  As much as I would like to remember what has transpired over the 2019 season, unless I go back and watch actual highlights, it is quite difficult for me to recount all that has occurred in each & every game.  On the other hand, for one moment do you think that any true member of the Viking Faithful will ever forget what happened on December 28, 1975.  If you said yes ... then you'd be mistaken.  Now go ahead & walk the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA and see if anyone can recount what occurred in the 2018 NFC Championship Game and you'd get an idea of what I'm talking about.  Now ask me if I can recall all that dirty laundry in A. A. Ron's favor on September 15, 2019, up in Lambaeu Field.  Do you think any of that laundry helped A. A. Ron to win yet another contest versus my beloved?  Do you now get an idea of what is really important?    

On the other hand, for one moment, do you think any particular casual pin-head in a rotisserie league cares a lick about the integrity of the history of this league?  If you said yes, then you'd be mistaken.  In my opinion, it is clear that the NFL owners within this league don't need casual's, as they don't generally fill my stadium, nor does it pay the basis within all those fat television contracts. 

Simply stated, the casual fantasy owner has the attention span that can be measured in nano-seconds.  For all purposes, they are just an alien race to me.  I have true contempt in my heart as they are counter to the foundation of this league. 

So, what is the solution?  Well instead of running away from the NFL's Low Lights, you would be better served by directing the focus directly upon them like the focal point of a laser.    Show us the overview of all those holding penalties, that don't occur on just about every play, but show us when they rose to the occasion.  Then show me the Low Light of the offender ... one on one.   Show all those Low Lights in a montage ... one after the other ... as if we held the coaches eye ... as if we were reviewing the game film.  Allow us the opportunity to personally judge the calls for ourselves.  Allow us the opportunity of stirring the pot of controversy versus that awarded to all the leagues dynasties.  Let us determine if a call is questionable versus having to come to grips with the shortcomings of our players ... the players on the team that we support.  In other words, open the doors to something completely different from where we are today, to allow that next individual, the opportunity to absolutely hate the Cowboys (as they say in the City of Brotherly Love).  What I'm talking about is passion rather than the miss of Wham Bam Thank You Mam!  

Is fantasy here to stay?  Yup, but much like them that don't care a lick for this league ... nor do I care for them, nor will I bend to whatever they might think.  Is it any wonder why there are some that are still drafting Joe Montana?  Go fantasy!  

So, if you think that a particular play rises to the level of an NFL Low Light ... put it into that montage and let us all digest it and savor the pain of all that was.  Whatever you do, don't evaluate it ... just let it be ... WHAT IT BE!  We'll hash it out at the water cooler.  Maybe we'll actually start to talk to one another again rather than to blindly follow some high tech visual piece of obsolete garbage.  

Embrace it!  Allow us the ability to embrace our pain.  

Have a great day!  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 7, 2019