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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

I was a dead man.  I had maybe 6 months to 2 years to live.  I was the frog sitting in the pot as the temperature was slowly increased on its way to a slow boil ... and my certain death.  I had known it was 100% certain but on my own ... I was powerless to stop it.  All I had in my favor was an open mind.  These almost certain events all changed 5 days ago.  The pathogens and the parasites that created havoc within my body have been killed.  My body was given what it desperately needed.  My heart & arteries, as we speak, are being stripped of plaque ... lodged deeply within my Viking heart ... the prime factor that would ultimately lead to my death.  Natures garbage can ... my liver ... was blocked from securing my health.  The final step being a liver purge from my system restoring me to health.

In comparison ... the product of the American Medical Association (AMA) ... offered me an anal itch cream to try to eradicate a reoccurring symptom ... never actually solving the problem.  All that was done was to watch my symptoms  ... one by one ... slowly increase to the point to most certain death.

There is a myth perpetrated throughout the league.  The myth is that the brain ... once damaged ... cannot be restored.  I'm here to tell you unequivocally that a post traumatic brain injury can be restored.  Herein lies the problem.  At present, the AMA has no way to measure the effects of a post traumatic brain injury, and as such, there is no way for our present medical system to correct it.  However, there is a way to restore the brain ... just as it is possible to damage it again with a future concussion.

 How is it done?  It's the same way the pyramids were built ... it is well beyond my understanding.  Although I'm an intelegent man I will never have an IQ approaching 200.

Why is the myth in place?  The myth is in place because the NFL can only recognize treatment that is offered by the AMA.  Any other recommendation from the league and they open themselves up to exposure (liability).  So in other words ... you are crap out of luck.  In other words, the NFL has resources to treat its players but not a red dime of it will be used to help restore a brain to normal function due to the effects of our litigious society.

If an athlete, or a race car driver for that matter, were to suffer a traumatic brain injury (concussion), unless the brain is restored, that individual has to carry the effects for the rest of his life.  That is a fact.  In time, due to the prior injury, he exposes himself to further injury, not to mention future injury.

Of particular note is that restoration to the brain can occur, where a future traumatic injury can also occur, where if treated again, the brain can once again be restored again.

So what brought on this discussion.  It has to do with the future of Erin Henderson.  Due to the effects of his post traumatic brain injury suffered in the New Orleans Saints bounty bowl in the 2009 NFC championship game, his future in the NFL is most certainly uncertain, especially after he suffered his recent relapse.

So what does this mean?  Based upon his athletic skills & abilities alone, Erin Henderson might be in line for a long term deal ... maybe John Carlson money ... which means guaranteed money however when you factor in his brain injury history, Erin will most certainly be replaced by someone that presents lesser risk to the NFL.

So here's the bottom line.  Erin stands to gain 90% of absolutely nothing, or at best, another 1 year deal where Erin once again takes all the risk.  Like this humble narrator, Erin Henderson is now in his own pot of very hot water.  Erin has a choice to treat himself, at his own expense, by seeking out his restoration of his brain function or he is to face a very bleak future.

So how bad is Erin Henderson?  Well he's had two major brain injury events of which both, it is believed, can be restored?  At present Erin is much sicker than this sad puppy was and here is the most chilling part of it all.  Due to the extent of his injuries, Erin may not be able to understand or even make the decision to treat himself.  Erin may require an intervention.  Remember ... I'm only the messenger.  So I ask you ... what do you think that you need to do?  For NFL players this is way more important than any pink ribbon, shoes or whatever.  It's time to wake up to that fact.

As for me, here's the most commical part of this entire discussion.  I think each and every player within the league either knows or senses that what I'm talking about exist ... they are just afraid of the unknown or they feel powerless... just like this humble narrator. 

As for the NFL, it has to regain control of it's own resources as those resources are not automatically guaranteed to the members of the AMA.  The NFL is not in business to guarantee anyone's profits.  The interests of the NFL lies within two key factors:  Players safety & well being and the integrity of the game ,,, the later of which is at risk.  

Isn't it odd that it just might be our own Viking kicker that may change the kicking rules within the NFL that will ultimately de-emphasize the kicking game forever.  In other words, the very same advantage enjoyed by the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV, that the Vikings enjoy today, will need to be squashed in the future.

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 14, 2012