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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Offensive Success Formula? Pass the ball!
The loss of Chester Taylor and Tony Richardson in our line up has been immeasurable.  Tony maybe the greatest security blanket to have ever played the game.  Where he goes, the defense will follow, and even if the play is following his blocks, he can exude confidence in any runner that follows, regardless of whether its Chester, Adrian or Mewelde.  Jeff Dugan is a devastating blocker but you cannot replace Tony's experience and leadership skills on the field.

Chester Taylor was our invaluable work horse last year and the consummate team player.  Chester's slashing style is integral to the teams success.  He may not be the biggest back to have ever played the game but that massive offensive line, including pancake-like blocks of Jim Kleinsasser, have been assembled to grind down defenses energy reserves.  Instead, the role has been reversed, as the Vikings have been forced into grinding down the energy reserves of Adrian Pederson, between the 30's.      

In our opening pre-season contest, Childress opens with Troy Williamson on slants and curls.  In the next series they turn to Bobby Wade and my man Syd - the kid got some hands.  We Viking fans are hit right between the eyes as  Childress serves notice, "This ain't you're 2006 Vikings!"  What happened to that formula!    

Now were faced with Childress's latest comments in regard to being able to move the ball between the 30's, and not be able to finish drives.  Then it all goes terribly awry as we're moving the ball between the 30's with our primary threat, all while they stack the box.  

When you're between the 30's, the field behind the defense is very large indeed, and there is a great deal more field to defend.  Thus the term, "Bend but don't break!"  All 31 NFL teams have been served notice.  Put the ball in the air and the chances are good that you'll be in the Viking Red Zone in no time at all.  The last two games are clear evidence of this formula and it's notice.  Meanwhile we struggle.  

Bill Walsh understood that to open up the offense, you have to pass to set up the run.  A hall of fame disciple of Bill's, Steve Somebody, aptly reminded us of this fact this past weekend.  If your successful getting the ball up the field to their 30 using the pass, the fresh and explosive legs of Adrian Peterson become ever so much more effective.  

The same true of opening the AD can, in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  It's a well known fact that running backs pad their stats and break runs when defenses have been softened up a bit.  The thought of stopping a freight train after you've been bruised up a bit just doesn't seem so appealing.

Childress, if you're listening, if you want to be awed by AD's talents, do it in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  He'll pay you handsome in high-dividend-yield touch downs.  Every soul that straps on those horns every week is willing to pay the price as they lay it down for their Bro's.  All they ask is a victory.

The Viking Ghost Writer
September 26, 2007

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