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Kaare Vedvik 
Since Kaare Vedvik arrived we have been told by this coaching staff ... "Not to over think it".  So what bats in the belfry might be causing Kaare Vedvik to miss two field goals ... and who's in control of it & ultimately responsible.  Whatever happened to bringing in a new employee with a gradual lead ... before being thrown into the fire.  No, no coach should get fired over such a foolish move, however you must learn from your mistakes and never do it again.   

Indecisive posturing is never a good thing.  In the art of war, once an order is given, if you don't obey it ... then what results is disaster.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Once the decision of bringing in Vedvik was made, what was clear is that at least one of your kickers, either Wile or Bailey would in time be let go from this franchise.  Did anyone else on the planet see this differently? 

Then we hear Mike Zimmer's comments about Dan Bailey since Vedvik was added to the team.  Apparently, from Coach Zimmer's open observations, Dan Bailey's history apparently has a great deal of weight & value ... at least that's what was implied.  This was due to Dan Bailey's work ethic, demeanor, (& prior statistics) and with that our coach gave the impression that Bailey was in the forefront, however to be fair, there was no forthcoming decision in regard to any of the kickers, leaving it all vague, & as such ... indecisive.  However, from these comments, what could also be implied was that Wile would ultimately be gone as he did not hold a similar pedigree, nor was he mentioned or talked about.  In 2018 his performance was also uneven.  Could it be that Vedvik would have an easier time, in Coach Mike Zimmer's mind, to make this team as it's punter rather than a place kicker?  

Then today, instead of Cutting snapping to Beebe as the holder for Vedvik, like last week, Coach Zimmer allowed a change in that continuity.  Our coach allowed Wile to hold for Vedvik.  Let me be the first to both relish, and then sign up for the opportunity of putting my performance in the hands of the man that I'm most likely destined to replace.   It's like doing brain surgery with a sledge hammer.  In the 2018's season the continuity was for Wile to hold for Bailey ... that is without question.  Apparently, no one was happy with that model so ... let's use that model today for someone that just popped out of that baby canal.  No one knows exactly what was held deeply within Vedik's mindset today, however from my point of view, if my greatest chance to make this team was to replace the punter, not Bailey, then the last person that I would want to be holding the ball for me would be the punter Wile,  Was this Head Coach Mike Zimmer's ultimate in mind-screwing that anyone could possible contemplate for any kicker or ... did he just trust his new special teams coach, not really thinking to much into it?  This type of sledge-hammer-psychology is as about as far from an opposing coach trying to ice the kicker down with a time out as you could possibly get.  Vedvik's thought, "Yo, Coach, I thought you were for my team".  Can you think of a more insane maneuver for our Head Coach Mike Zimmer to make and might he now regret that decision?  Now consider being placed in Vedvik shoes today ... forced to face that decision today ... would poopie pants result ... at least mentally?  The results obtained, as it turns out, is exactly what you deserved and there is no need to wonder what triggered it.  On the other hand, if Vedvik might have performed today, would it have changed anything, as it appears that indecision & the lack of continuity is the only nature to our game.    

Sure, Coach Zimmer might say, hey what if Beebe were to get hurt during the game, where he couldn't hold for Vedvik ... wouldn't he then have to deal with some other holder on his kicking attempts?  My response would be ... knowing Beebe from his play & dedication ... he'd have to be dead with no sign of life whatsoever for that to happen.  Sorry Mike, with all due respect, what we see is Cutting, Beebe & Vedvik.  In time, whatever comes from that ... you will endure.  Why?  Because that mindset is decisive and sink or swim, you've got to fish or cut bait.  If you cut Vedvik, either your head or Spielman's will rolls out that door & no one wants to see that..    

Now let's consider all place kickers, within the fabric of the 2019 season for just one moment.  When they moved the automatic point after touchdown to the 15 yard line, what resulted was a cosmic shift for every kicker in the league.  In their minds, it shouldn't have happened, but it did.  Maybe these kickers decided to come together collectively, to try to punish the league for making such a change.  Maybe these kickers collectively introduced a mind game of their own into the game.  On the other hand, maybe a good deal of these kickers couldn't cope with trying to handle these changes which ultimately exposed their skills.  Regardless, as what is clear is that a change in performance did occur & coaches throughout the league have been slow to react to it.  What is clear is that Bailey & every other kicker prior to the rule change being implemented, have been given a pass.  Their actual performances (percentages) have been folded in to include both before & after the rule change.  The before the rule change statistics are irrelevant.  In other words, theses coaches are hanging onto something that no longer exists by not truly understanding the cosmic shift.  In Golf terms, you are now forced to play from the white tees where you had been playing from the retirement tees, which is whole different world of competition.  Is it any wonder why 5 to 6 strokes have been added to your game as you cannot handle the new challenge?  

What Vedvik brings to us is someone that has never known the old way where all he knows is as it is today, which is a monumental advantage.  There is no lament at having the ball placed at the 15 for a point after attempt where all he knows is that this NFL kicking is nothing as compared to playing World Football (what we call soccer).  Vedvik is far & away the best decision to make for this franchise/  The only thing that should be on Zimmer's mind should be decisive:

Cutting-Beebe-Vedvik, where Vedvik does all the kicking ... sink or swim.  This leaves the special teams coach with only one remaining role and that is to keep the flea's off your kicker, which includes the established kickers in this league.  We are going forward!!!  

One more item ... it is a sin to react ... at a snails pace ... in recognizing unbelievable talent.  

We've all heard it before, "When opportunity knocks, and you shut it out ... it's a sin".  

Indecisive decisions come from the thought that if you react too quickly you'd be making a mistake and by thinking that ... you invite "PARALYZED".  However, when you ask someone to react to your all of words (of explanation) ... where they really dosn't give a damn ... they can usually see the symbols rather that the letters.  In other words, a child can see the four arrows on every FEDEX truck, where an adult cannot see them.  Your words are quite telling.  Why is it that the payees, with vested interests applied well before you were even a thought, can see what you cannot.  You are filled with both indecisiveness and caution ... where you forget ... on the moment your were hired ... you were also fired, as birth begets death.  To playcate is to PARALYZE.   

Today, the Wally Pip of the NFL goes by the name Bledsoe.  It wasn't so much that he was a bad guy, or that he wasn't talented, or whatever ... it was because they all eventually grew weary of the  excuses made to placate him.  What could possibly be the reason for 3 of 13 for 35 yards & does that reflect unencumbered leadership?  If he lacked "The Challenge", then there is no one other than yourself to blame as the resources are under your control.  You must meet the audacity, not with your power ... not with your anger ... not with your fear ... but rather, with your ear.  You cannot hear the question by speaking ... you cannot make the decision by placating ... you cannot get the result by ignoring what stares you in the face when you peer into the mirror.  We have met the enemy ....      

Where you wrong before?  Well, for a kicker it was easy to pad statistics when it really doesn't matter.  It only matters when it counts (Green Bay tie).  

You are more than apart of what is made to bleed ...

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: August 25. 2019