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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Dumbest Rule Ever
The defense lines up.  Anyone on that line that even leans-in toward the snap is now in the neutral zone.  What makes the neutral zone infraction heinous is that you now have any of the 11 offensive players that can detect the defensive players lean-in, or movement, that can then false start to be awarded the neutral zone infraction.  No contact is required.  The Packers used this crime several times against the Vikings in Green Bay.  A 1st & 10 then turns into a 1st & 5 without batting an eyelash.  It's like stealing candy from a baby.

This is the most ridiculous rule change ever.  The defensive lineman, can only cause the player directly next to him or in front of him to false start ... not all 11 offensive players, like a wide receiver, etc.  In days of old, the defensive lineman had the ability to reset before the snap, as long as they didn't make contact.  This rule change is out of control.  Wait until this happens in the playoffs ... the stunt is most certainly in the works as it's become apart of the Green Bay arsenal.  The rule needs to go back to the way it was.  Why is that every rule change benefits the offense only ... and its mishaps.  This rule is too wide open to interpretation and is ripe for abuse.  As it is, manipulation is in the works.  Use every edge to tip the balance to our favor!        
9 seconds left ... I'm not so sure.  It's 4th & 1 at the 2.  The Lions immediately scramble utilizing their no-huddle offense.  The Lions are obviously trying to draw the Vikings off side to secure a 1st & goal with a neutral zone infraction.  The game clock is running.  The play clock is running.  The Vikings defense doesn't fall for it.  Does Detroit call a time out?  No.  They are penalized 5 yards for delay of game.  No problem, we'll kick a chip shot field goal 5 yards further back.  Now comes the good stuff.  Remember that you're playing in Detroit.  It's time for a little mischief.  The play clock is reset.  The game clock never stops running prior to that 4th down field goal.  Wait just a minute.  The Lions were just penalized.  They were just allowed to take more than 25 seconds off the clock prior to the delay of game.  Now your allowing them to eat even more time off the clock.  After a penalty the clock was supposed to stops.  It didn't.

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 15, 2011