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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Due Credit  
Leslie Frazier:  Well as you know, Christian suffered a concussion in the first half where we now need to go through league protocol to determine his status next week for the Baltimore Ravens.
Ghost:  So Christian is the starter if he clears the concussion protocol?
Leslie Frazier:  That's correct.
Ghost:  Can we discuss concussion protocol?
Leslie Frazier:  Sure.  As you know the league has established a wide range of test and procedures that a player needs to pass before that player can be cleared to either practice or play.  The procedures are quite involved in that it is designed to catch unusual behavior or characteristics, which is typical for head injuries.  If the effects are unusual, this organization further screens that player where we may bring in outside help to protect the health of our players.
Ghost:  My apologies coach but I wasn't asking about the players.  I was referring to the procedures applied to coaches that are clearly suffering from some sort of head injury ... based upon questionable quarterback evaluations ... maybe from the continual bounce that their brains are subject to from just running onto the field.    

You see ... it shows up on film.  It shows up in you ability to lead your team to victories.  It's crunch time.  We need first downs.  We need to convert one after the next and here's this kid ... Cassel ... does it with poise ... and with fight.  Wasn't that him stretching out for the goal line ... trying to pound the rock?  You see ... there was no reason to share the blame ... as first down conversions turn the pressure up on the opposing team.  Ponder's 3 & outs, when it counts ... well coach ... it's killing us.  Sure the defense is the one that gave it up but that doesn't happen when the offense does its job.

It's like the monkey knife fight on the Simpson's when Moe declares, "He ain't pretty no more". 

Sure ... we had the smartest QB in the league ... maybe we still do.  The problem of course is the Viking's perspective in regard to evaluating a quarterback.  What we can most certainly count on is that it is either short sighted (not long term thinking) or it's just flat out wrong.  You see ... we don't need to apply Viking logic to evaluating a quarterback and his play.  We need to apply the logic of Bill Walsh or Bill Belichick.  Would either of these men have invested in Christian Ponder or better said, would they be happy being saddled with Christian Ponder.  The way I see it, in that statement there was both grave movement and the other fell to his knees asking God, "What did I ever do to you"?  Again ... it's not Viking logic that we need ... we need the logic that brings championships.     

It's hard not to absolutely love Leslie Frazier.  He's an enigma and his team is DDDDDAAAANNNNNEEGGGEERRRROOOOOUUUSSSSSS!!!!!   The back-ups on this team have played huge.  Even Hands of Stone actually caught a couple balls.  Oh!  The humanity!   

Have you ever wondered why the Vikings are one of the worst against the pass ... year after year?  Well, from the perspective on the other team ... success is measured by securing an early lead ... which is best attained through the air ... which pulls Ponder out to toss it around ... ineffectively, when it counts ,,, to pull Musgrave out of his run game.  The earlier you score points ... big points ... the quicker you take Adrian Peterson out of the game.  Fail to put in up in the air early and often ... and you're going to get a heavy dose of ground & pound. 

How do you insure Ponder will be ineffective?  If you stuff the box early and often ... especially on 3rd down ... you'll stop the run (run blitz) ... and if Ponder sets up to pass, there is no way he's going to find any receiver as he cannot react to the blitz.  Three consecutive 3rd down blitzes ... Three consecutive 3 & out's.  

Just before the Packer's game, Adrian Peterson announces, "We haven't given up on this season yet".  Anything can happen.  So I thinks to myself ... what the heck is this guy talking about?  Is he nuts?  Well not so much.

Chicago has its own very real and very out of control quarterback controversy.  Green Bay is in absolute free fall.  Detroit, which is leading this division has 3 heavy contest coming up 1-2-3 and they could lose all three leading to the Vikings rematch with Detroit in this seasons finale ... the last (Vikings) day in the Metrodome.  Could it be Detroit at 7 wins and 8 losses facing the Vikings at 6 wins, 8 losses and 1 tie playing for the Division title.  At 8 losses ... no way.  There is no way this can happen.  Shut the front door ... no way baby.  There is no way the Metrodome becomes the biggest stage in the country on December 29th.  No way!  There is no way the final day becomes LEGEND.  While the league PUKES!    

Holly crap!

It's time to give Jerome Simpson his due credit.  At first I thought ... he's an athlete ... he can run ... but can he catch?  He just dropped too many in the clutch ... especially on the slant.  Man ... he's come up with some balls this year.  I hope he finds the help he needs to turn his life around .... and for good this time.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
December 2, 2013