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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Does Disappointment Await ... Again?
So I'm talking to my son ... where I'm looking to his outlook in regard to this upcoming season and he says, "Can't wait to see how (The Minnesota Vikings) are going to disappoint us all (self destruct) ... again".  Hey pin head ... it's not a business ... it's entertainment.

So what's our hope, well ... in recent history, we were the number 1 NFL team.  In 2016, at the end of game 5 and also just prior to Blair Walsh's kick.  From week 5 to 7 we went from being able to beat anybody to being beat by just about anybody.  Was that a reflection of Sam Bradford?  We'll see but to be direct, Sam has a new lease on life & one final opportunity to dig his ass out of the dog house of public opinion.  He has the physical talent ... he appears to be capable of challenging anybody & anything ... but is his motivator lazy, in deep delay mode, or does he have a real set that we aren't aware of yet.  He certainly can take a hit.  The key to all of this is that this franchise & its recent power history is in everyone's rear view mirror & nobody thinks we- are-capable.  That's a grave mistake to underestimate this group.  They're dog-like hyena's ... compliments of Zimmer's cloth of cut.       

On paper, Zimmer & Spielman look extremely weak when it comes to their personal decisions but in reality everything that's been thrown down indicates that Mark & Ziggy are world class owners.  Allow me to explain.  The NFL has become the axiom of the path of least resistance.  It has become way too easy to inflict regime change.  That is the very path of least resistance where franchises are in perpetual change ... without any consideration of continuity.  Ownership has been laden with players that appear to be long term continuity on paper (at least their contracts indicate that they're getting paid for continuity) but they might be player-fits for regimes that fit two or three regimes ago.  These decisions have inflicted perpetual chaos within franchises where Mark & Ziggy have taken it upon themselves to allow their management to take chances ... to make mistakes ... and to proceed in a positive direction with capable decision making.  After all ... absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The only way to stem the wicked overuse of power is to trust your people to make sound decisions.   

Mike Zimmer made it clear that he didn't believe that his offensive line had "that (bull-dog) fight ... in them".  His warning shot was a way of him saying, "prove me wrong".  Now put this all in perspective ... Mark & Ziggy could rip the hearts out of Mike Zimmer & Rick Spielman at any point that they choose but instead they kept that power in check & instead allowed this thing to evolve.  The owners question was obvious, "How are you going to fix this?"  With Clements gone ... Boone gone ... amongst others, we got that answer.  Now add in Adrian Peterson & Chris Walsh & you're starting to get a complete picture that is evolving before our eyes.  When the chips are down ... talent can mean absolutely squat, where the only thing that matters is that management can trust any and all key elements to fire like pistons in an internal combustion engine.

Now let's take a look at the most recent contract extensions.  These guys are born & bread Vikings ... not hired hands ... and to a man are going to fight you for every scrap & morsel that might find its way on the grid iron.  What is clear is that the relationship between Mark/Ziggy & Rick/Mike are sound financial organizational wizardry.  The only thing that's missing at this point is the media frenzy to perpetuate the unsoundness of their approach ... because the media isn't smart enough to understand the soundness of the dynamic ... but they do posses unchecked jealousy & hatred for this regime.  But, after all ... the frenzy is coming ... you can bet on that.  Many of these players that have been jettisoned have been scooped up by other teams ... because they have experienced playing time ... but to be direct, I wouldn't want to be in some X-USC coaches shoes when Blair Walsh's kick comes down to brass tacks.  Boone was on that left side last year & so was Kalil ... where the tape doesn't lie.  Good luck with Clements when your offense is in the red zone.  

Mike Zimmer's team is not known for super stars in any way, manner or scheme ... he's learned to reach out to blue collar lunch pail characters that have that perpetual growl deep within their eyes ... even though they have that pleasant smile plastered all over their
pudendum's.  Yeah ... they're a pleasant bunch until seen on the grid.  

So let me put this thing in perspective again for you & we'll look back on our own Viking history.  In 2010, we're expecting gang busters after making it to NFC championship game ... outplaying the eventual Super Bowl Champions.  What do we get ... flop.  Same thing in 1999 & 2000.  Now look at 1996, when Favre & the Packer win it all.  Then in 1997, Favre makes it to the finals once again only to fall to Elway's fallacy (what would he be without that running game).  We were clearly outclassed in our own division.  We weren't supposed to do anything versus that Fudge Packer dynasty.  Then what happens on a Monday night game up in Cheese-Land with a guy named Moss back in 98.  We weren't expecting it but it happened.  You could say the same for a guy named Bridgewater that wasn't even supposed to start as a rookie.
The moral of the story is when expectations are high ... flop.  When they are not ...

For my beloved Vikings!!!  

Who would best know how to stop Adrian Peterson ... seeing every scheme possible being thrown at him?  Who would know his complete injury history & profile?  Go ahead punk ... make my day.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 9, 2017