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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Brady Taint
A play on words ... it's always interesting to see what they mean ... thus brings the statement, "Brady Taint".  Here is the question that seems to defy logic because no one cares to ask it.  Is Tom Brady innocent or is he guilty?  Well if was a drug in his veins, you know, like the Williams Wall Star Caps case, then your guilty until proven innocent.       

Over and over again, it's become pretty clear that some teams count and other teams don't.  In Tom Brady's playbook, on page one is the word "Cheat" and on page 2 ... deny everything.    

The modus operandi is also apparent as it goes back decades.  Get a guy on work release and have him drive his tractor with snow removal brush wheel onto the field to clear a path for a field goal attempt and portend like it didn't matter.  Some of us can fondly remember Don Shula on the sidelines all watching his nuclear explosion, being apart of the competitions committee, knowing that the field was no longer the same for both teams.  The attempt in New England was good and they hung the loss on Shula.  Now we hear the Patriots demanding that the personal that was suspended that they be reinstated immediately.  Next week we'll hear that the guy on work release needs for the league to send him cases of beer for his efforts.

The fact of the matter was under-inflated balls were confiscated on the field and someone benefited from it.  So is Tom Brady innocent?  Hardly!  The only thing that matters is what you can prove and what you cannot prove.  Did Brady obstruct justice, well that's an interesting concept.  If Brady was called in front of a grand jury, he could plead the 5th, but he couldn't answer any question.  In front of the commissioner, he answered some things and then obstructed the investigation from anything that could incriminate himself.  Thus the commissioners 4-game suspension.  The question that then arises is, "Does this entwine Brady with the word "TAINT".  Oh yes it does.   

So the league wants to see Brady play as it would be too great a penalty to have him sit for 4-games.  Oddly enough, Adrian Peterson was made to sit for 15-games.  Get your balance scales out ... does the balance now seem off kilter.  One side you have a guy that is almost certainly lying with a zero game suspension.  On the other side you have a guy that didn't lie about anything with 15-games taken from his career.  If you think that balances ... you're crazy.  

So now we are made to watch the cheaters play on national TV and there is something seriously wrong.  There is both a smell and taste within the air.  It is obvious except to the ravenous Patriot faithful.  Then we hear the commentators espousing the Patriot position of how it's all of no matter ... how Brady was innocent ... how one man judicated from the bench to made the decision to release Brady from his suspension.  As the sickness rises in our stomachs as the commentators spew, what we smell and taste in nothing more than the sum of the commentators sucking-on "Brady's Taint".  Whoowa!

Maybe you missed it but the New York Jets were trying to trade for Kirk Cousins just around the time that the Skins made him their starter, regulation RG3 to 3rd string.  Rick Speilman should be on the phone with the New York Jets no so much to trade Heinicke but to twist-the-screws-in ... feeding the fire sort of speak.  Fitzpatrick is not a long term solution and is a quick injury away from another major disaster in New York.  Geno Smith is not the answer in New York where the Jets have a solid team ready to compete and are desperate to field a winner.  They have the pieces in place.  Speilman should be on the phone with the following words.  "I got this developmental guy on our squad that we believe has got the stuff to compete at a very high level at quarterback in this league.  He can take a hit and he's as tough as Favre.  He's smart and he has a tremendous upside. The problem is, that we are here and you guy are not willing to part with what would be seen as his future worth.  I think we can help each other but you're not there yet.  Give me a call when you're ready."  Rick knows that things have changed in Minnesota where he can part with a player that means draft order for the Vikings for his expediency-introduction into this league. 

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 14, 2015