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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

All season long the Vikings organization had been sternly warned ... again & again.  The wrath of the gods was at hand & its fury had taken many forms.  10 minutes prior to kickoff of last nights game the call was made ... the hand of its punishment was over.  Perseus was finally allowed his opportunity to fulfill his destiny.  Prior to that, everything flew in the face of the gods.  What was forgone, in spewed anger, was his opportunity of being the next Rookie of the Year ... 3 in the last 4 years.  

How amazing was last nights performance by this 3rd string quarterback.  Put it this way.  Daunte Culpepper never beat the Eagles ... ever.   Joe Webb did it in his first start & he did it versus an idol.  Chilly searched far & wide throughout this league, trading & turning over stones.  All the time what he was looking for was standing right in front of him.  He couldn't see the forest through the trees.

To put this all in perspective, TJack was with us for 5 years.  On several occasions he was handed the reigns & only once did he ever perform to this lofty level.  It was against the Cardinals in Arizona where he played an outstanding game.  He accomplished this feat because he had absolutely no pressure upon him ... his tormentor neutralized.  Within a few short weeks later, he was planted into the Metrodome turf by these very same Eagles.  Again, on his first start, it was as if he'd been playing in this league for 18 years.   

Now imagine for just one moment to have this level of play from a quarterback in Minnesota for the next 18 years.  Impossible ... unthinkable ... Right???  

Look back & you'll see.  It would show up immediately on his very first day on the job & it did ... just as promised.  The difference between last year & this year was the quarterbacks play.  In one night, it all changed.  What was forewarned, to prove the punishment was over,  was that when our season ended, that the Vikings would be undoubtedly be the best team in the league ... without question ... leaving unfinished business.  For the last several weeks, this sounded insane ... now look at your future.    

Next Sunday the Lions wish to demonstrate that they are the next up & coming team for the 2011 season.  It is there wish to impart this dominance upon the Vikings on what has now become our home turf.  This cannot be allowed to happen.      

There are rats amongst you that are soon to be jettisoned along with Chilly's folly.  It's no longer about money ... it's about the availability of roster spots.  

What is now at stake in this final contest lies deeply within the bonds of this organization.  Dominant play ... the dominant future, will enable a player like Chad Greenway to look beyond the casting of lots for his cloak in his quest, the pending battle toward his true destiny.  Do I travel upon the road of taint & risk castration by its hand or do I lead this team as a warrior, within the troubled souls that stand by my side ... to a place they all have never been.  Troy Aikman, sitting upon his lofty perch of league-wide power, has come to cast your name into the fires of hell to be peddle like putrid flesh.  The obstacle of greed & fortune lies within your path to a true warriors glory.  "I was champion & there ain't nothin' that's goin' to change that."  You need to look no further than Moss to see the destruction within his soul ... ready to believe the lie & then cast aside by the Beaner.             

Old one ... before you take the field for that final bow, clearly understand this warning.  You are not to penciled in as the starter for this contest as you will never be allowed to finish this game.  You will be allowed one touchdown pass & be allowed to carry the ball just one time, just as Jim Marshall did in his final contest.  See it as the gift of a child's heart ... one more time.  Tip your hat with a smile & turn the reigns back over to the children at play.  Allow them to say ... I was there to see that!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: December 29, 2010

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