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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Two Steps Away
In case you hadn't noticed, the Vikings franchise is now two steps away from the franchise quarterback Andrew Luck, which is about two steps too far.  The first tie breaker in the 2012 NFL draft being overall wins and losses.  The second tie breaker being strength of schedule where the earlier draft pick is awarded to the franchise with the lower strength of schedule (which lost to weaker teams), based upon the 2011 NFL results.  See:
The current draft order can be found at current 2012 NFL draft order where:
Franchise Wins Losses SOS
Indianapolis Colts 0 11 0.508
St. Louis Rams 2 9 0.529
Minnesota Viking 2 9 0.570

With five (5) games to go, it is almost 100% certain that the Colts have a lock on the Andrew Luck bid.  The Colts would have to win 3-games for either the Rams or Vikings to overcome the Colts Strength of Schedule (SOS).  Looking at their final five games, I see two possible victories at most, one of which would be an unexpected upset of a team that is in desperate need of being knocked off that lofty perch.  

Allow me to be direct.  There is absolutely no reason to believe that Peyton Manning will play another down in the NFL.  There are no guarantees in the NFL or with a neck injuries.  It is my hope that Peyton will return to the NFL but there is a major difference between hope and reality.  Personally, I don't believe he will play another down.  If there is a downside to selecting Andrew Luck, I haven't seen it.     

For a trade of players and/or draft picks to happen between the Vikings & Colts franchises for Andrew Luck's services, the Colts would need to be 99.9% certain that Peyton Manning would be returning next year.  Is there anyone out there willing to back that 99.9% certainty?  I don't think so.

As for the Ram's, they might pass on Andrew Luck, because they've already drafted a franchise quarterback, however any team could reach for any player that they covet.
The bottom line ... don't count on even a whiff of Andrew Luck unless the Viking franchise is willing to make some sort of deal for him.  Based upon our recent draft acquisitions, trades, and overall personnel decisions, does anyone have any faith whatsoever in our front office pulling off anything that would actually benefit this franchise.  Trying to survive another Hershel Walker trade just isn't in the cards.  Our best bet lies in securing blue chip draft picks which should be the focus of our resources.  Championships are built within the draft.  
Now here is a common thought circulating within the Nation.  We can play Ponder all the while knowing that we have our franchise quarterback Joe Webb simmering on the back burner?  That's right ... Joe Webb is our franchise quarterback.  Maybe its time that you say it too.  Tell me, would you allow Adrian Peterson to simmer on that back burner?  How about Percy Harvin, or Jared Allen?  When is Joe Webb going to get his due?  He is without doubt ... a winner!

We've played 0-5 Ponder.  We've seen what he can do ... lose!  Does he need more time to learn how to lose some more in this league?  Brain trust says ... Yes!  What if we were to determine in our last five games, all playoff bound teams, that Joe Webb was actually our future?  Prove me wrong.  What do you have to lose?  Maybe by doing so we draft a left tackle or that LSU corner phenomenon, thereby shoring up our weaknesses instead of chasing our next franchise quarterback bust that will replace Ponder.  When is this franchise going to wake up?
At this point, what Ponder represents is hope, not reality.  Even a blind squire can find a nut or two.  Guys like Shula, Walsh & Ryan knew how to look beyond hope.  We all know the excuse, that if the Vikings had a secondary that Ponder would have won those games.  Here's the thing.  It has never shown up on the field when it counted.  This is the reality.  It can also be said that we don't have a secondary today because of both Ponder, and to a greater extend McNabb.  What they did was to destroy that defense as its easy to kick a dog with a slobbering tired tongue hanging from its mouth.  He's an easy target.  To put it all in perspective, our defenders can't afford to jump routes like the Packers.  Yeah, we have a field general ... a man standing there ... but he's incapable of orchestrating the art.   There is little doubt that Ponder is super-super-smart however there are many men that are overwhelmed by the very thing that makes them unique.  Think of a deer staring into oncoming high beams.  In short, I'd rather have a blithering idiot that can make plays within the cauldron rather than a "buffering-processor" with wheels that is about to get buried into the grid iron.
So you don't see my point yet ... maybe it is time for the gods to take control of this too.  
As for Everson Griffen, I've seen him used as a linebacker, a defensive end, a tackle and a gunner.  That's right a gunner, just like Joey Browner back in the day.  Maybe it's time to use him in his true calling ... as a strong safety.  We lost another two in the secondary this past weekend as their backs got to our second level consistently.  Maybe its time to go back old school where this Griffen kid might get an opportunity or two label a couple guys.  His scanner looks like its working good.  The question is, can he cover a tight end?  Does it matter as from what I've seen this year, no one was able to cover the tight end.  What I'd like to see Griffen do it label that tight end, running back, or better yet, a quarterback or two.  Wouldn't that be special.  This guy strikes me a someone carrying a bit of field rage.  I like that.  "Tattoo you!"  Isn't this kid from SC, the same school that brought us Joey Browner, Jeff Fisher, Ronnie Lott, and a guy name Dennis Smith.  What a backfield.  Maybe this safety thing is in his SC blood line.  Maybe its time to turn over that rock.  You haven't found that deep combination yet have you?  Again, the solution just might be standing right in front of you.  What I'd always believed is that it is always better to give than it is to receive.  Everson Griffen strikes me as a giver.  "Tattoo you!"  Chris Doleman was drafted as a linebacker and turned into a soon to be hall of fame defensive end.  Maybe its time we turn a defensive end into a hall of fame strong safety.  "Tattoo you!"

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 29, 2011