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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

The Light!
Before you dispense yourself into a world of despair, gain a firm grip upon that panic attack of yours that rages within your soul.  Yesterday was an overwhelming disappointment however, before that contest even began, on paper we were facing overwhelming odds ... and we still weathered the storm to fight another day.  Our players need to get to work.  Our plan needs tweaking.  To be direct ... Sean Payton's plan was a no brainer.   Getting embarrassed on nation TV can be a good thing.  Sometimes we all can use a swift kick in the ...   

To see the end result, you need to look no further than yesterdays inactive list.  
Sidney Rice: I include Sid on the inactive list even though he's on the reserve PUP list.  The Saints 8-man coverage umbrella was enough to bottle up Berrian, Shiancoe & Harvin, but add Rice to that mix, and it doesn't matter who we play or where we play them.  What we are missing is one more explosive element to our passing attack.  Who might that be?  It is my sincere hope that Sidney returns to us in week 7 on October 24th at Green Bay.   Say your prayers people.  Get well soon Sid.       
Cedric Griffin: This is a seasoned veteran with allot of salt (experience) within his bag of tricks.  They don't run to his side because he mirror's Winfield smell-it-out hard hitting performances.  He certainly doesn't give it up over the top, which is the trademark of our bend but don't break defense.    
Chris Cook: Between Winfield, Griffin & Cook, it brings a whole new meaning to the nickel package.  My guess is that in time Cook will hold down a solid corner leaving the Vikings to move the very dangerous Winfield into the slot.  Experimenting with Winfield as a safety also comes to mind ... a weak one at that.      
Toby Gerhart: As much as the coaches are enamored with Albert Young, Toby brings a whole new dimension to both the pass and run game.  Not a lick of Toby's offensive prowess will matter an Iota if this kid can't lay wood on blitzing linebackers and free releasing lineman to protect Farve.  Toby, if there are two free releasing defenders ... pick one & take it out.  Live by these words and make them your motto.  Leave the other defender to the Fox.  This is Albert's only trump card over you.    
Jimmy Kennedy: Last night they had a field day with Pat Williams being absolutely blown out of the hole time after time by the Saints guard.  My hope is that this was a issue of stamina, due to the pre-season versus Pat's age (to keep him fresh) however I can't help wonder if Kennedy would of spelled Pat enough to help fill those holes.  In any case ... they got Pat's attention & in time, he'll take care of it.  That's what big Pat does.     
Joe Webb:  Was Joe last nights missing element?  Let me help you out with that ... the gods are not amused!  Tell me exactly why you couldn't activate Joe Webb as part of our 45 man active roster as the #2 quarterback & line him up as a viable wide receiver threat?  Position T-Jack into the role that he truly holds ... the emergency quarterback.  There is no disgrace here ... he knows he's not going to beat out Farve.  T-Jack is not going to see the field this year anyway unless something happens to BF.  They put a quarterback on the edge all the time in the Wildcat except Roethlisberger is not a viable threat ... Big Joe is ... every time that he walks on the field.  I'm not talking about the wild cat.  What I'm talking about is revolutionary concept that has never been achieved in the NFL.  I'm talking about putting Webb on the edge of a 3-wide receiver set on 3rd downs.  It will certainly open up the alleys.  Even if the only thing he can do is limited, if he free releases to the end zone, they will have to follow Joe.  He is just too dangerous a threat to avoid.  He is first and foremost an athlete (that gets paid just like everyone else).  There is no way any defense in the league can allow this kid to get established.  Maybe there is a reason why God blessed this kid with huge hands ... to catch the ball.  Can't Joe stand to get a bit of wind in his lungs on game day?  I understand that this kid can run.  With all due respect, Greg Lewis is not scaring anyone.  As for Joe realizing his potential at quarterback, run your practices any way that you want.  He's young ... make him do double duty.  Youngsters can do that.  A young business man works all day long then sleeps.  Expect more & you get more.  Squash it & what do you get?

Thank your lucky stars that I'm not your boss because if I was, raging fires would be lighting under gluteus maximus-es every day ... all day long.  I'd be chewing on butts so hard and for so long that you wouldn't have one to sit on.   He's not ready ... then get him ready!   I love you guys to death but in my opinion ... you are not properly motivated.  There are millions & millions & millions at stake here.       

A very wise collegiate female catcher once said, "The biggest problem in this game is the ego in the dugout sitting on that bucket ... and by the way, don't wear those short, as no one wants to see that junk anyway."  Are our coaches brazen enough to think that they are above the things that you simply just cannot teach.          

If I were Brett Farve, my argument would go something like this:  If I'm going to risk having my teeth handed to me, week after week, then you are going to have to find a way to get this kid, this game breaker (Joe Webb) onto the field.  We are now a 1/2 game behind the Packers and if we don't want this season to get away from us, we are going to have to explore all of our options.  It's just that simple.  

In short, we have to find a way to win games.  Before your told to sit down and shut-up-your-face you better get your arguments in line.  Unequivocally, the missing element from being left in the dust and being a league champion in February of 2011 lies no further than the man they call Joe Webb.  Either the team believes this, or they don't ... but it's your choice to falter & step aside ... or stand with Brett in solidarity.  He needs the tools to be successful.  With all you veteran idiots out there ... tell me ... exactly what do you stand to lose as the door is closing in on all of you.   Can't you see that.  In 1999 it was Kurt Warner, in 1973 is was Larry Czonca, Riggo, Moss, and the story goes on & on.

Did our defense perform well last night?  Hardly ... but they did perform better than expected.  The score could of easily of been 27-9.  The way I saw it, over the top was for Brees at will and the final three Saints first downs were quite telling.  

Was Brett Farve off last night ... let's put it this way, after last years pounding he looked shell shocked.  Even if the rush wasn't there ... too often it was relived within Brett's mind.  That will resolve itself in short order.  There were some dropped balls.  In my opinion, Sass had that catch.  Too often Sullivan found himself on the ground.  McKinnie out ... Oh my gosh ... stick a fork in us cause we're done.  After that, it was cut your loses.      

So what did I learn about last night.  To be direct ... the Saints don't scare me ... not even a little bit.  Someone needs to take that smirk off of Sean Payton's face.  

Even when your in your deepest darkest point of despair ... there is a light!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 10, 2010

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