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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

So it begins.  After 4 games this franchise had a struggling offense and now they are lining up our Offensive Coordinator for the next head coaching opening in the NFL.  With all due respect, any time one of Zimmer's cats gets the deal ... well ... that's like a feather in this franchises cap ... but ... on the other hand ... why is it always our brain trust to be pilfered.  Does our franchise threaten you?  In other words, whenever this franchise actually begins to do something right, the other 31 franchises feel compelled to gut-open this franchise, to spill our guts.  Now think back to the time when Coach Zimmer blocked Shurmur from taking Stefanski from us as his new Giants offensive coordinator.  Zimmer mentioning one bold word ... Loyalty ... followed by Zulgad losing his crap over something so brazen & bold.  Now it is clear that Coach Zimmer's defensive posture ... even though delayed for another ... actually was the correct move.  Let's also consider that Coach Stefanski gained the experience of mentoring with another offensive mind that had just recently won a Super Bowl.  .      

On our week hand, one can point to Coach Stefanski's limited experience as an actual offensive coordinator, only taking over mid-season in 2018, but how does that stack up versus his brilliant potential.  On the other strong hand, is the state of the union ... the state of this franchise.  For once we have the chance at continuity, having the right owners, having the right facilities, having the right leaders in the all the right positions ... and to be direct ... this Viking Nation would like nothing better than to keep it that way.  Continuity.  The trend isn't to jump ship but rather to make it work.  Said directly, the Viking Nation would like nothing better than to provide Coach Kevin Stefanski the time, the resources and the environment to enable his continued growth to build upon that which has been assembled.  

Just because you are commanded to Jump ... doesn't mean that you walk to the end of the peer ... and then you actually jump off.  In other words, just because the media mill of the other 31 franchises tell you to jump, to just any head coaching gig ... well ... you don't do that until you are ready & it's on your terms.  You'll be told that when someone makes you that offer that you have to take it ... but is that actually true.

"Why did you take this interview?  It's because I have a great deal of respect for every NFL franchise where I'm flattered to even be considered.  It's intuitive to search for the right move at the right time.  You have to understand that this might not be the right move for a numerous reasons.  To achieve success, everything has to fire on every cylinder where sometimes the answer needs to be no."  If you're not prepared to say No, then your not prepared ... as this league is littered with good "blind-sided" coaches.       

To be direct, just looking at the NFL's head coaching sausage grinder, personally ... I'd just rather ask for a raise.  Why?  It's because players are signed to long term contracts where it will always be easier to get rid of a head coach, & members of his staff, than it is to replace players.  Now add-in the little tidbit that many owners ... you know, the franchises at the bottom of the stack ... change regimes on a yearly basis ... where you'll end up with a hodgepodge of players from numerous changing regimes.  You know, players that fit together like your trying to assemble a puzzle of "multi-scale pieces", that will take years to sort out.  In other words, unless you've firmly established yourself, within a solid history, it will always be easier to label Coach Stefanski as the scapegoat.  In other words, Belichick has a substantial history with Parcels, before he bounced around to Cleveland, the Jets, then to Boston.   John Gruden's history enabled him a ten year contract to sort out what was clearly a franchise out of control.       

Sure, it's great to get a substantial raise, as well as the promotion moniker of "Head Coach", but unless you're firmly established & the right organization makes a play for you ... well simply stated ... the grass is always greener ...    

On this side of the fence, you have the established Rick Speilman, that may have pulled off the greatest Viking draft in our history.  In itself, this may not sounds like much but you'll never know your new relationship until you're immersed deeply in it ... hopefully you won't be dominated by someone that's established that seems to know better.  Getting the right players, into the right environment is pivotal to your growth.  I'd mention Coach Zimmer but I'll leave that to your assessment but I will say that we achieve our best when everyone in the pantry is fighting over the same opportunities of resources.

So is my plea directed in self interest ... You're Darn Right!  If your partner was clearly brilliant & your perfect compliment, wouldn't you lay down the fight.  On the other hand, don't you think Dallas would relish seeing the Vike's torn apart & disemboweled by viscous dogs.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 13 2019