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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Short Term Memory Loss
Yawl got to stop with this "must win" crap.  Especially the players.  If you can fart ... then you can certainly release this pressure of pure idiocy.  We all know what is at stake but all this stupid bit of verbiage does is add unwanted and unwarranted pressure.  When I was young man, there was an old saying that went something like this, "Yawl need a slap upside the head".  We are going to need allot of this type of wisdom in our locker room this week.  Gentlemen ... as Winston Churchill once said, "The only thing you need to fear, is fear itself"    

From a pure point of perspective, its not your problems that you should be focusing in on.  Your focus should be on the pending problematic complexities that your foe will be made to face.  Having it all served up to them in a ravenous Beserker rage-like atmosphere of the confines of our fast track.  It's the Packers that are on the threshold of elimination from playoff contention ... facing their proverbial turning point head-on.  The bad Ju Ju of the Farve debacle is about to come home to roost.  The Packers know it ... they see it ... and there is absolutely nothing they can do to prevent it from happening.  Soon they will feel it.  

"There is one thing that I can guarantee you and that is when I walk on that field ... you will feel me".  

The pressure on the Packers side of the aisle is many times greater than is allowed to escape out to the public.  Mike McCarthy is the master of concealment.    Unfortunately, for the Packers, their eyes will not be able to conceal their fate as we now have in place a numerous multi faceted pincer-like strike force ... and the Packers will be powerless to stop it.  Who knows ... you might even get a whiff of cheese-laced soiled drawers out there.  Just try to conceal that ... Mike!   

The horned Beserker nation would be better served to remember the words of the late Herb Brooks, "Play your game, boys ... PLAY YOUR GAME!".  Relax ... get your sleep ... and when you get on that field ... focus on whatever it is that keeps you laid back and even keeled.  For me ... I carry a piece of music, deeply entrenched within my mind, that gets directly into my face and enables my focus ... onto my heightened senses (Alan Parsons - Valid Path - Return to Tunguska - at max volume and Phat on bass).  Life is an Odyssey!

In this upcoming game ... bad things will happen ... and the horned warriors will all collectively be suffering from what is known as short term memory loss where the Packers will be made to deal with the unwavering hammer ... like a prize fighter that just will not get out of my face. 

The Chester Factor - Game Plan 'Dis!       
AD's 36 yards in first half is a clear indication that Chester is a much more versatile option to incorporate more heavily into first half as a pass catcher, a blocking back, a screen threat, and most importantly of all, a slash and dasher to expose defenders to bad angles. 

Although it might be true that Gus's mobility hinders the stretch play from consideration, there are still ways to attack the flanks.  It is most certainly true that Tahi will consume one key block, but it is also obvious to that follow Tahi, Dugan and Kleinsasser early, is to set up a 7 or 8 man phone booth, playing directly into the hands of the defense, for AD to get shredded in.  This scenario has replayed itself all season long.  A more tenable option, is to consider the dual threat of Chester set left and AD set right in a pro-set with AD consuming 6 or 7 to the power side left, with a countering Chester for an opposite-side run, short toss or screen into the exposed right ... shredding any hope of stopping anything.  What could Chester enable on the left wing ... other than night sweats and an ulcer.  Don't be afraid to break that seal!  Having to make a choice is always more powerful than any particular block.  Either way, the flanks will be exposed ... without stressing Gus's mobility ... giving both Chester and AD the day light that they desperately crave.  There will also be lots of receiving options available ... a far sight better than pounding our heads into a brick wall.  You want to rip one early ... attack the flanks.   After the half ... unveil the power running set as Champions never abandon the run!  Ever!     

Through the Door
Berrian kicks threw the proverbial door ... and all indications are that he plans to get well beyond it.  The question ... really ... will be to see if his Viking Cohorts will find it within themselves to do the same.  The early AD play action fake into the line proves devastating for Houston ... sending a clear message in regard to establishing an AD phone booth.  Correct me if I wrong ... but I appear to be witnessing some old fashion youthful fun and play out there.    

Berserker Hammer!
e thinks it's time to get the hammer out.  Am I off base here or what and correct me if I'm wrong here but hasn't Aundrea Allison collected a careers worth of offensive pass interference calls ... and in my opinion ... all but one call against him was a bit more than iffy.   Andre Johnson of the Texans gets to shove-off Cedric Griffin into the turf securing a touchdown grab.  Aundrea Allison stretches his arm outward, creating nothing more than a dancing frame between himself and the defender, doing nothing more than to prevent the defender from closing into his frame and out comes the hanky.  Maybe its a reflection on the leagues hatred for the purple Minnesota Viking number 84 ... because this pettiness is hindering this kids career ... preventing his break out ... all whilst we know that receivers throughout the league get to commit larceny (like two weeks ago in Chicago) without even a mention.  This just isn't right!  

Odds and Ends
Sharper may not yet have an interception in 2008, but his leap and snatch of an on-side kick left me misty-eyed.  For the type of pounding that is normally seen on this type of specialized kick coverage, this feat took a considerable amount courage combined with a masterful bit of veteran skill and leadership.  Darren's athletic skill was paramount in diffusing a well executed bit of special teams play.   Each game has anywhere from one to several key pivotal plays that work to determine the outcome of a game but it was this particular leap and snatch that worked to let the air out of their balloon.  

Bad stuff happens ... where it's the great players that emphatically state ... no it didn't.  They have no memory of it ... literally.  Their focus becomes fixated only on their upcoming task ... living only for the next play.  Both the Snarling Gus and Berrian could of gone directly into the tank, after their impressive eye opener, followed by a simple bit of mishandling of the spheroid ... but it just didn't happen.  Short term memory loss ... the greatest gift of all ... went a long way to snuff out this little bit of nonsense.  The play that followed was inspired.  Keep slingin' it Gus.

The news flash on Sunday Night Countdown was that the Kapp-like-snarling-Gus isn't a great quarterback, he's just a good (or marginal) quarterback.  So Gus, it appears that it is important that your squad doesn't continually improve ... week after week ... and get beyond their britches, as it were ... as then, these poor commentators will have to start making up excuses for the upcoming Viking success that beacons at our feet.  Not to worry Gus ... there's a whole bunch of other things that they can point to ... it's clear that there is no detector for "HEART". 

Hello ... These guys are gettin' bigger than their britches ... don't you know!   Who knows ... maybe an interview talking point just might become, when asked about our unexplained and unwarranted success ... "I'm sorry, we didn't realize that we got beyond our britches!"     

The elbow is one of the strongest parts of the body.  Baring a head on collision of helmet-to-ball, there is a definitive way to protect the ball.  Early in Tikki's career, he held that ball quite a bit differently than he did at the end of his career.  Apparently,
at some point, Tom Coughlin's crew laid it all out for Tikki.  Go ahead and run with the ball holding on to it anyway you want.  Now run it my way ... which most certainly indicated no change in either velocity or cutting ability.  All that changed was the ball handlers comfort as breaking bad habits takes time and removes us from our comfort zone.  What is clear is that the heal of the ball must remain tucked-in from the pit of the shoulder to its swing downward toward the arm pit, with the elbow always tucked in.  The results are undeniable.  Swipes coming from the outside of the elbow have no effect.  Swipes directly onto the elbow result in pain for the defender.  Swipes inside the elbow can result in a fumble.   It is impossible to dislodge a ball by swiping at it with the elbow tucked in.  Master this technique ... and you'll never have to answer for THE BIG "IT" ever again.     

Post Script - Science and the Law!~
Every human living being on the face of this earth needs to consume sources of energy, otherwise they face a certain death.  There is no choice in this matter.  We humans are nothing more than big walking biological chemistry sets.  My set, for example, looks less like a church to worship in and more like a broken down brothel.  It is a virtual impossibility for anyone to know with 100% certainty what might be in your body.  The reason is that there are literally an infinite number of sources of foodstuffs and it is impossible to pre-screen every food source, prior to consuming it.  Imagine something as simple as a blueberry.  Where did that berry come from and what was used to get that berry to market?  Imagine for a moment, that a farmer wanted an excellent yield where he didn't use cow manure from just his farm but used another farmers manure which used waste activated sludge from a waste treatment plant, which exposes the food source to a countless number of contaminants.  What is dumped into the streets or dumped down a drain or down a toilet always has to end up somewhere.  Much of our fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs comes from outside of the USA.  In India, for example, a human waste treatment system is used for growing much of their cities food source.  In other words, unless the everyone takes the responsibility of pre-testing all supplements and all known nutrients ... which is not feasible ... then their degree of certainty in knowing exactly what's in their body is at risk.  Said another way, having a player be responsible for anything that might be found within that players body is untenable and puts 100% of the league at risk.  So to strictly adhere to the leagues ruling about what's found in your body ... your best bet is to never put anything at all into your body!  Now ... your dead!    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 4, 2008

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