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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Maybe we should all be taking a page from Aaron Rodgers book, like Patton did in Rommel's book ... RELAX!  If you were to tell me that the Vikings were going to lose in Green Bay on October 3, 2014 from when the schedule came out to just before the game started ... I would have accepted that and moved on ... even with Adrian Peterson.  My gosh ... it's only one game and it was a division opponent on their turf.  If you asked if I was disappointed yesterday, I'd say the entire world was disappointed as their is nothing like watching Teddy Bridgewater live.  By comparison, watching replays of the rookie gets muddled with Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino for that matter.  Said another way, most of the world didn't know what they had missed not watching Teddy Live.

So let's look at this thing.  Are the Packer's all that good?  If you said yes, absolutely ... I'd tell you that your reasoning based upon this one game is suspect.  For one, Eddie Lacy, the heart of the Green Bay running attack is an upright straight ahead runner.  He's not going to hold up this season where by November 23rd, he may only be a distant memory.  There is a reason why, up to this game, Green Bay's running attack has been dismal and it's directly attributable to Lacey holding up over the season.
On November 23rd, when we invite this rematch, Aaron Rodger's favorite venue will be gone.  As Aaron stated, he'd love to play in a dome every week ... but now the Metrodome is no more.  Aaron will have to contend with the outdoor elements on that day, just like he does playing in Chicago, where things haven't been so favorable for the little weasel late in the season.  To be direct, Aaron had become quite dependent upon playing in the dome which might upset his sensibilities ... as this ain't title town ... regardless of how many Limburger's buy a ticket.  Might it be that his most precious long ball air attack might be grounded where he might have to actually earn an honest days wages, having to stand in that pocket, without his precious running game.  Keep in mind that by November 23rd both Kyle Rudolph and Chad Greenway, two pivotal starters, may be back playing significant rolls within our Viking scheme.

Although Hodges is a 2nd year player both he and Barr were essentially rookies when considering actual game time experience.  Mike Zimmer lamented that we had a great deal of difficulty getting off blocks which is a polite way of saying that the Green Bay's linemen quickly got to the 2nd level where it was almost like they were holding.  Those home town calls, where the officials looked away from Barr's ripping pads, for some reason, just might not be available to find in favor of crying over spoiled milk on November 23rd.  Can't wait for the time that both spoiled milk and cheese stink as they once did.  What last season tells us is that the stench is inversely proportional to Aaron's dominance.  

The key to the season was not October 2nd, it will be on October 12th versus the Lion's.  Placing a loss on Detroit puts us only 1 game back with a long season ahead.
Who knows ... you might even see Adrian Peterson back in the fold one day soon when action is taken against the league and it's omnipotent and out of control actions.  It's remarkable what a bonafide Franchise Quarterback can do for a franchise.  Before, Adrian Peterson was looking at Dallas as his eventual landing spot, but that was before Jerry Jones and Emmett Smith had a good laugh watching AD's NFL rushing record slip away due to the leagues tampering with franchises.  Every game that Adrian Peterson misses is like adding 500 feet to the summit.

Here's a question that no one wants to answer.  Does it really matter how poorly Christian Ponder played on October 2nd?  Was there any doubt to the outcome?  In other words, even before Ponder played a down behind center, what was going through Ponder's mind?.  He was regulated to the embarrassment of 3rd string, where his practice time dropped to virtually no practice time whatsoever.  The only chatter in regard to his name was in the hope that Rick Speilman could actually get a draft pick for him in a trade.  To be able to keep any hope of maintaining whatever skills that he might have, he had to beat out either Cassel or Teddy and that was never going to happen.  So, when you look at it, his only motivation was to get his outright release from this franchise in the hopes of joining another franchise to potentially resurrect his career some where else.  To add insult to injury, when this franchise finally did call his number, he could consistently miss badly and make it look like it wasn't his fault, thereby placing the knife right in old Zig Meister's back, when it counted, for allowing him to get tossed into purgatory.  There is one thing that we all must give Ponder credit, as he's got that act down pat and that is,  that he's once again got away with, "IT WASN"T MY FAULT"!  So what was his motivation to win last night?  The answer was there was absolutely no motivation to win that Thursday Night contest whatsoever unless the Vikings made it so easy for Ponder or that the team was so awesome that someone's grandmother could execute a victory for this franchise.  The flaw in our brain-trusts reasoning was that they thought they had a 30+ game starter on which they could rely ... something no other team in the NFL had, however they never realized the flaw in the reasoning.  Norv Turner had to trust Christian Ponder ... and now ... that is never going to happen ever again.  Adam Theilen is going to do just about anything to be and remain a Viking.  Teddy, once the right mindset of individuals are around him, is playing for franchise status within this franchise.  Christian Ponder, and his mind, is just some where else ... which is where he belongs.

Ponder's future is at best as a 2nd string quarterback ... but not here in Minnesota.  In reality, his best hope may be as a journeyman, where he might flash again here and there from time to time.  After last night, the one thing that I can tell you unequivocally is that he no longer deserves the stability that this organization once provided for him and if there was some sort of trade value for him ... it would have already been paid.  God help the team that tries to resurrect the career because nothing is truly ever his fault.
 It's time to move on in favor of someone that actually has fire in his belly rather than revenge in his heart.  
Aaron Rodger's ... can't wait to take that smirk off your face.  It's not like the tables have turned and anyone is looking for a little pay back at your expense.

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 3, 2014