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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Prove Me Wrong
Well ... here we are ... at the turning point of the season ... just as was predicted by the ghost so long ago.  You either lose to the Sea-Crocks, where the R's are always silent, and then lose them all for the remainder of the year or you find a way to beat the snot out of Seattle, in front of all that arrogance, that is known as it's 12th man.  The problem is, if you win this Sunday ... then you have to win for the remainder of the season.  Time to hear all the whiners complain that there's no way to win them all ... might as well chuck the season.  Well no so fast.   

Just as the ghost predicted so long ago, the mighty Aaron Rodgers found himself injured, for a significant part of the season.  The Packers ... clearly the elite of the NFL North ... are now firmly in the grips of an uncontrolled death spiral.  On the other hand, predicting Cutler would get hurt would be tantamount to shooting fish in a barrel.  Now Chicago is reliant on the often injured Cutler or the unpredictable Josh McCown.  The historic 73.1 rating from Arizona, Detroit, Oakland, Carolina, Hartford and now Chicago in now partly in control of this massive barge known as the Chicago Bears.  It a dam good thing that Vikings aren't as cool and as tough and as sea worthy as pirates.  Makes you wonder if maybe we should of pulled Josh Freeman for Cassel in New York (now scratching your head).  Then there's the locomotive known as the 2-dimensioned Detroit Lions.  The problem there being that Reggie Bush can be a 200 yards per game producer followed by 3 weeks of where the heck is that cat.  In other words durability with Bush has always been an issue and a 1 dimensional Detroit team is beatable anywhere.  2012 proved that out clearly.  

So is this thing possible?  Is it possible to resurrect a 9-7 season?  No ... because you're not only playing an opponent and the brilliance of their coaching staff, you'll also be playing against the zebra's ... where no one knows how they escaped from the zoo.  Then you'll be playing against one other key foe, and that ... my friends ... is the owner of this organization.  Umm!  I'd like to call a couple of time outs for the other team!  What?????  A true to life ... died in the wool version of the movie ... "MAJOR LEAGUE".  That's right ... even you Dorn will be given your outright release.  The only question is ... what are you going to do about it?  My personal fear of course is that this team doesn't have the character to pull this thing off.  I'll remind you all that just because you are a character doesn't mean that you have character.  Not only that ... way too many of you are broiled away within agendas.

Without Rodgers the Fudge-Packers are beatable even on the Frozen Tundra ... that used to be the old Met Stadium.  Get used to it boys as we go outdoors next year. 

Chicago is just a shadow of itself from the last second spoiler and they're coming to our home turf.  Don't kick the ball anywhere near Hester ... in fact, go for it on 4th down just to piss them off.  

If we pray for Philly to win at home ... maybe they'd be willing to lose on the road.

Then there's that other bunch of kitty cats from up north.  Can we beat them on their home turf.  Well if we can find someone that can cover Eiffert then the answer is an unequivocal yes and they too have been spotty all year.  Maybe Musgrave will finally figure out that Carlson and Rudolf ... a pair ... beats and ace (Eiffert), 

Then there is Baltimore ... the team that not only stole the Brown's franchise ... they stole the purple too.  In 1998 there was so much purple in Baltimore it would make your head spin.  Problem was ... it wasn't Baltimore purple.  Make it happen boys ... and the east coast will be there in force ... and that's a promise as the reigning Super Bowl champions just might be fading in time.

That leaves us Detroit at home for the finally.  Here's where it gets quite interesting.  You see the NFL is built upon drama, exhilaration and hype.  After all ,this thing we call the NFL is the best entertainment money can buy.  There is a problem however as the NFL's star power, prolific throughout the league, is fading one by one, week by week, due in part to the meddling hands of the NFL's competition committee.  There's a price to be paid for all these new rules, where everything has swung into the hands of the offense that has run itself ragged trying to keep up with the weekly scoring feast.  Sure, fantasy gets more people interested ... just like the kickoff made both Devon Hester and the game more interesting.  Both concepts ... apparently ... were short sighted.  The only question is how long will it take before the NFL catches up with that fact?  Hey ... NFL ... Not to worry ... we all watched a balding beer gutted neophyte, quarterback our team, back in the days of the scrubs.  We'll watch anything and we're too stupid to notice ... right?  The NFL is now firmly embroiled in its own crisis mode ... but no one seams to be noticing ... right???  Well, when you're considering starting Ponder in your fantasy league ... Nope, there's no problem here!   

Which brings us to the NFL's #1 draw ... Adrian Peterson.  When it comes to playoff time, the NFL is going to want to see it's #1 draw replace all those fallen pieces.  Humm!  Do you think anyone might be watching this weeks game up in Seattle?  Wonder what those TV ratings might say?  14 point underdog?  Wouldn't be surprised if the queens mount and then beat the SeaCrock's outright?   Could it be that AD is getting stronger, each and every week ,,, from all those early season dings?  Might that suspended full back play a role?  Time will tell.  By the way ... SeaCrock's don't like owwwwies!  

So yeah ... apparently this is the pivot point to the 2013 season.  Now what are you going to do about it?

Either Tony Dungee was the man ... or he wasn't.  The same applies to this guy Frazier.  He's an absolute brilliant commodity ...
NOW PROVE ME WRONG!    Candy hiners.  If you save all three time out in the second half you can call three (3) times out for the other team, not just two.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
November 14, 2013