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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Porker Face
Star Trek spent an entire episode on it.  Spoc applying his logic, failing miserably, where Ron Howard's brother, at the age of maybe 8 gets duped by Captain Kirk's read ... it's not the game of chess (Spoc) ... it's poker.  The point is, we are all sometimes made to do things that we really have no control over where it turns out to be a very good thing after all.

Back in December 92, interviewing for a job, there was no real indication that there was any need for my services.  Most people submit one side a of piece of paper for a resume.  In 7 years of toil, it had grudgingly grown to about 7 pages.  Then those words, "If you wait until January, I think we might be able to find something for you".  I wait, it happens, and I accept whatever is offered.  Only later was it revealed through a private disclosure that this guy wanted this package in the worst possible way.  There was a blank check ... I just didn't see it.  He played it perfectly where I was soon to become the streaking comet.  Never to be upset, understanding that things happen for a reason.   

They say that the best writers write about things they have a passion for.  For me, it's the Minnesota Vikings.  My sources don't come from interviews and they most certainly don't come from any usual source ... it's like I'm compelled to put lead to paper ... and there isn't much choice in the matter.  

On it's surface, it was absolutely insane to predict that Vick would become a Minnesota Viking.  On July 29th, it was also highly unlikely that the Vikings would consider an argument for Vick.  Regardless of whether is was internally (Chili) or externally (Farve) played, the bold statement ... the poker face ... pushed it all into the reality of finality.  It was then, that some kid with Fort Knox in his ass finally had the opportunity to hear that message, now in deafening silence ... the wisdom was carried through the mouth of babes.  To be direct, although his hand was forced, the reality of it was that Brett Farve really wasn't played on this one, because the kid is actually where he wants to be.  The one that was duped, in this case, was Chili.  To be direct, I didn't know it until his response was heard to a simple question, "You want me to play on Friday (,don't you)?"  DEAD SILENCE!  At that that moment in time you could of pushed Chili over with a feather.     

Don't feel bad Brad, because I was duped just as bad, because I was made to take the fall.  I was made to fall on that sword!  Gladly!    

Now let's look at where we find ourselves today:

Brett is where he wanted to be ... getting younger every day.  


His prophetic daughter will have an opportunity to have her wish be granted.


Chili's, and his crew of absolute lunatics, get their shot at immortality, with a new stadium attached.


There are three Pro-Bowler in Philly to provide the disturbance.


McNabb gets his exit Visa and a shot at achieving his own immortality.


Reid solidifies his future with at best a dominant franchise quarterback, and at the very least quality draft picks.


The scum bag Boston Beaner's get what's coming to them.  You're not going to get off that easy, Bub!  All the right moves end up with exactly the wrong results.  Exposed ... wagging that willie in the wind. 


Moss, under sacrificed promises, gets to return to the place of his greatest reward ... on his own quest toward his own immortality.


TJack gets to realize that ultimate mentor ... releasing the chains ... which inserts that final cog.


Unfortunately for Vick ... the penance is still in doubt, as it shall follow his word till his dyeing day!  The good news is that honor is its own reward!      

Wasn't it Shakespeare that said something to this affect, the brave taste the blade only once, where it is the coward that is made to die a thousand deaths.  

Yes, I would gladly fall upon that sword!  For Chili ... there is no need to answer.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 26, 2009

Have you ever got the feeling that you're about to have a Migraine.  Try eating peanut butter before it hits!  

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