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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Opportunity Knocks  
There is a sports analogy that goes something like this.  The blood is in the water where the sharks are now circling.  The natural reaction to such pressure is to react rather than to continue to act (stay on plan).  What you are going to here is:
1. A blocked punt resulting in a Packer touch down plus three (3) missed field goals ... our special teams coach Mike Priefer should be fired.
2. Three missed field goals.  Time to cut Daniel Carlson & search for a replacement kicker.

Of course, the only thing Head Coach Mike Zimmer should do is to never react but rather to act according to the plan.  Our coach should also note that an incredible opportunity has opened a door.  You might have missed it.

Always keep in mind, that coaches do not lose their job for losing ... they lose their job for flinching when that jab flies a fraction of an inch away from their face.  Buy into second guessing yourself & you'll have one foot out the door.  Maintain your plan of action, and the foundation is set ... even through the storms of destruction.    
There's a new Sheriff in town and its a two headed monster.  When you face the monster, along comes the 2nd head clamping down upon your flanks.  That two head monster ... that new sheriff is taking the form of John DeFilippo & Kirk Cousins.  So what's that opportunity ... what was that door or that answer or message for which we have all been waiting?  

Well ... as for Mike Priefer ... now would be a good time for Mike Zimmer to redress his statement in regard to loyalty.  It is without question that Mike Zimmer has established a firm faith in Mike Priefer being able to fix just about anything ... so that exactly all that needs to be said.  Sure ... you'll lash out today ... but tomorrow you're not going to throw this baby out with the bath water.

So what was that opportunity ... that we all seemed to have missed?  Well, firstly you have to accept the thought that things happened for a reason.  Sometime there is an undeniable message & it is up to us to understand that message.  Up to this pivotal point in today's game, this Viking team had a fork in them ... and they were done.  They were behind by eight points with less than 2 minutes to play, where Treadwell coughed up the ball serving up a tasty interception for the Fudgers.  The only way these Minnesota Vikings could have a chance was to stop A A Ron & then come to grips with an understanding.  To tie this game they'd have to come up with those eight points which meant a touch down and a 2-point conversion.  For all purposes ... there was no more relying upon special teams.  Switch Thrown!  That change in mindset set the stage.  Now they were completely reliant upon the 2-headed monster, where there could be no kick to save them from this pending doom.  How is it so hard to understand that this franchise is now going to rely upon its strength & abandon its weakness.  
Sure, you can discount this pivotal moment ... this door of opportunity ... but let me remind you that last year, Stephon Diggs did not go out of bounds as our fate was sealed.  What was concealed deep within Stephon's mind was a short field goal attempt by Blair Walsh that put Seattle in round 2 ... and left our appointment with the Arizona Cardinals on permanent hold.  Going out of bounds at the 30 or 35 yard line in the final seconds of the game wasn't going to help our mindset.  Only a new mindset & a new set of circumstances would change the outcome.  Of course, we learned nothing from last years contest versus the Saints from the hurt locker.  

Once again, the door of opportunity lied deeply within our change in mind set.  We rely upon the special teams ... and our fate is doomed, whereas our opportunities must be garnished upon the two headed monster.  Hello!  Play to your strengths ... not your weakness ... Bill Belichick 101.  

So, the game is tied, and the end now soon approaches.  We immediately change our mindset back to relying upon a field goal attempt.  Disaster!    

There is a very definite message being sent to our head coach Mike Zimmer & the Minnesota Viking franchise.  Do it like everyone else does it and you will lose.  Break down & break through those barriers & a very different result is achievable.  Nobody want to see you trace a copy of a masterpiece ... they want to see you create a masterpiece or they want to see you cut off your ear.  Either way it's entertainment and when it's time to take your final breath there should be only one thought that should be pursing through your head.  It shouldn't be that I learned how everyone else did it ... I did it my way ... AND THAT TRAIL OF FLAMES WAS BEAUTIFUL ... wasn't it?    
You might think that Laquon Treadwell is the baby to be thrown out with the bath water ... and you'd be right ... because today it wasn't his physical skill that failed him.  It was his mindset.  For the answer to this dilemma you need to look no further than #12 Percy Harvin.  In Minnesota, he played with reckless abandon & at a remarkable level that few will quickly forget.  Then, he moves onto Seattle to play with the Hawks.  For Percy, there would be an insurmountable obstacle specifically for him because the #12 was given to the game day crowd in Seattle.  It is on their game day flag.  Percy was made to select another number where he selected the #11, and the rest is now history.  The #11 must be avoided like the plague.  Your best bet is to change to #18 as today ... for all purposes ... your career ended.

Don't think there's much about the number 11.  It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month in a certain rail car in France that brought us 6 million Jews to their death, plus millions of dead soldiers in a world war & under Joseph Stalin over 40 million soviets to their fateful end.  Joe Kapp wore #11 where he began the chain of four (4) Super Bowl losses and although he was one hell of a competitor, and one of the most beloved, to this day I don't think this particular NFL starter ever threw a spiral ... ever ... well at least not during an NFL game.  Do you still think the #11 is insignificant?  Still think it's innocent ... how's your career coming along?  

So what's wrong with Daniel Carlson?  Glad you asked.  Absolutely nothing.  To understand what's going on you have to view this like your selling a car in some way word dealership.  So you want this model, with all those options, but you only want to pay this for the car?  How about we "take-away this" and "take away that".  Now, is this what you want or are you willing to move on that price.  It's up to you.  In Daniel's mind, he's expecting those opportunities to score points.  After all that is what he's being paid for right?  Not so fast ... we're going for that two point conversion and we're going to go for that kill shot instead.   In good time ... Daniel will find his maturation.  Why is it that we can put Adrian Peterson or Dalvin Cook on a pitch count but no way can we do it for our kicker?  Hello!  

You wanted DeFilippo like you had blue balls on your 4th day of your honey moon ... well now you're going to have to turn over those reigns & appeal to his insanity.  Ripping the rug from beneath the feet of an established mind set allows you your best opportunity of utilizing all that collateral gained within your defensive equity.  These are a bunch of kids where before they get kicked in the nuts, you need to metaphorically do that very same thing to their mindset.  Sorry folks but Tom Brady ain't here for us all to rely on.  Niether is A A Ron.  It's just me along with a bunch of knuckleheads trying to win a championship.  Too many of you have been sleep walking around here where it is time to shake things up a bit.  Your days of cruising are over.  

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 16, 2018