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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Miracle Mode -
Head coach Mike Zimmer must be thinking ... how in the heck did my team just get destroyed ... and why was it so easily done?  Coach has got to be wondering about this hemorrhage and its right there staring him in the face.  

You see, a man will betray himself in his own words every time & we just handed Buffalo the blue print on how to dismantle this team.  

Maybe you didn't notice it, but coach Flip & Kirk Cousins started this game in that Miracle Mode.  It was like they were starting this game by trying to find that winning score against Green Bay.     
Babe Ruth stuck out his tongue just before delivering that curve ball ... not knowing that he was broadcasting his tell.  Kirk did the same, except in a much more subtle manner.  He announced, "I just throw the ball where my reads take me".  So how do you get a gun slinger like Kirk Cousins to swing for the fences on a 3rd & 3.  You massage his ego by messaging his reads ... forgoing Tom Brady's dumps just a few yards within & from the Line of Scrimmage.  If we can just get Cousins to forgo the high percentage in favor of threading the needle going for that low percentage Miracle Mode play ... then we just might get them.  After all, what they preach in Minnesota, for us all to hear is, "We have to have a fast start".  Does that mean we must forgo sanity for insanity?  Well now we all know the answer to that question.          

Does it now seem like a distance memory where head coach Mike Zimmer preached ... "Every offensive drive is going to end in a kick".  Of course he was hoping for a touchdown, where he'd settle for a field goal, or at the very least a punt to flip the field on the opposing offense.

Sometimes we forget that Flip is not only brilliant ... he's new.  He's got a firm mind set that doesn't include an understanding that chunks of yards on the ground must be secured in the 3rd quarter.  Sure, it sounds great ... but how do you achieve that goal.  Every team that understands this axiom ... and doesn't abandon that mind set ... even if your behind at the time ... has essentially guaranteed themselves a victory.  The answer lies in the word "Depletion".  

So ask yourself.  Were the Vikings one dimensional for the entire game?  If you answered yes, then ask yourself how Coach Zimmer might feel about facing a one dimensional offense.  Especially having to face an offense in the Miracle Mode of forgoing positive yards for low percentage needle thin miracles.

So who lost today's game.  Was it Coach Zimmer's stellar defense?  After watching them getting carved up today, you might say yes but the cause goes so much deeper than that simple statement.  The personal foul penalties called on the defense were unforgivable ... that is simply not disciplined ball.  Having receivers running free is most certainly attributable to not having Trae Waynes on the back end but the communication was definitely lacking.  Was it a rookie mistake by Mike Hughes or was it a repeat of last week by Mac Alexander.  Really, much of this can be tightened up but that's really not the cause.

Between Flip & Kirk Cousins, they have to realize that they don't live in a bubble.  This loss lies directly at their feet.  Kirk cousins can't be throwing a 25 yard down the field pass on a 3rd & 1 or 3rd & 3.  They have to commit to the grind no matter the situation.  If you want to take that shot, maybe it might be there on a 2nd & 3 or less but certainly not on 3rd & short when you need to keep your defense off the field.  Methodical movement means we control the sticks & most importantly the field position.  

Depletion can win a championship.  If on the first drive, I have your defense on the field for eight plays before I punt, your defense depletes to 70% on that first drive.  If they have time to recover, when they next take the field that defense might be at 92%.  If I then take another 8 plays on the next drive, flowed by a field goal, that defense might deplete to 45%.  If they get sufficient rest waiting while their offense works, they might take the field for that 3rd drive at 81%.  On the other hand, if their offense does a 3 & out, they might have to take the field at 59%.  What's happening to the defense is they are depleting & they simply can't recover.  The human body is nothing more than water & chemical electrolytes  ... much like a lead acid battery.  Leave your car lights on for a couple hours & see how reliable your car battery becomes --- in time.  This is why ground yards are so much easier to achieve in the 3rd & 4th quarter.  Of course, this analogy falls apart if the offense takes on a 1 dimensional run-only mode which is why the knowledge of a 1-dimensional team should never be gifted to any defense.

Now tell me.  Do you think either Coach Flip or Kirk Cousins have even consider depletion of an opposing defense or are they just in one mind set ... quick strike ... "We have to start fast".  To be direct, that is not what got us here .. is it?

You have Cook, you have Rudolph, you have Murray & you have Roc Thomas.  Taking a page out of Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense that went something like this.  "Around here we pass the ball to set up the run"  Just when you cast your ever widening net to stop this dink & dunk offensive distribution ... only then will everything open up to run the ball down your throat".  Sure, you have to run early but we are ultimately after the chunks.  

It's not about Kirk Cousins pin-point rocket arm.  Let's not recreate Dan Marino's one dimensional holocaust are Kirk has to fit within a scheme of never ending pincers.  Danny boy was his own worst enemy ... just like John Elway ... that is until number 30 came knocking down the door.  

Don't let any defense dictate where they want you to throw the ball.  To win the game ... all we need is a single ... not the breeze of a big bat.  

Sorry Denny!  Every day, someone new will learn of your brilliant ways.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 23, 2018