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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Halleluiah!  #37, playing in our secondary, can actually catch the ball.  No disrespect to the man they call Toine'.  On the other hand, it's a good thing that I'm not your scorched earth secondary coach.  How in the world did it get past both you #37 and Sanford #33 that your tackles aim must find the center of gravity (about 3" below the navel).  Are you afraid that you might get hurt?  Last week #33 hit em' high and got bowled over.  This week, #37 whiffed grasping at nothing but air.  Count yourself lucky that you do not have Bud Grants stoic eyes piercing at your very soul.  

Opportunity #2 in the bag.  Tell me, what did it get you?  Boy, Ponder & Webb are gaining great salt learning each and every week ... aren't they? 

I caught a McNabb interview this week where he stated that he was here to win games.  I have an answer for you.  No ... you are not here to win games.  You are a $5 million dollar insurance policy.  Oh!  By the way, you don't use your insurance policy unless you absolutely have to.  It is nothing personal.

I love watching Shank on replay.  For all of his talent, maturity & fortune in life, he carries outward upon his sleeve something that is unmistakable.  It is called a BULL CRAP INDICATOR.  It is part of his aura.  We all have a bull crap indicator but the bulk of us generally ignore the alarm or are oblivious and cannot properly interpret it's signal.  Shank's aura indicator, on the other hand, knows exactly what he is smelling and his indicator of aura goes off like a fire detector in a smoke filled kitchen.  We all can see it.  Look at the tape.  As for maturity, Shank generally doesn't say too much as he's trying to earn a living, so cut him some slack.  It's like an involuntary reflex action.  What, for the life of me that I cannot fathom, is why this 53 man crew and its coaches cannot see that they are being played for a bunch of saps.

The good news is that nothing was hurt today other than some egos.  As I wrote only a few days ago ... Choreography!  Now the next step or opportunity, if you will, well that is another matter.

Since I was a young child, I watched the Vikings as if it were life and death.  I lived it.  I breathed it.  I dreamed of a day that came almost every Sunday.  Today's meltdown, I can honestly say, didn't affect me in the least.  There was no pain ... no grief ... no nothing.  I was there just to be it's witness.

When Moses met with pharaoh, he didn't interface with the Viceroy (Frazier).  I'd like to think that Frazier is innocent in this matter.  I see it in his heart.  His heart is being used to blind his crew.  No, Moses went directly to the top to get his point across.  Allow me now to do the same.  Zig, this next step will be yours.  Either you immediately command the start of Webb, and stop the foolishness of your folly, or its folly, or it will be upon your hand.  This week, it will be as if each of your players and coaches, and right to the top, will be directed to draw the straw.  The question is, for who will the finger point upon.  Genuine fear will be the order of the day.  My hope is that it will find its fool!

You ... I'm talking to you!  You have to know which battles to fight.  You have to know what to ask for and when to ask for it.  Leadership is within us all.  Each week you lay it all out there on the line and it is taken from you like a thief in the night and you are left pondering why?  It is time to open your eyes.  It is time to stand like men.  This isn't about whether McNabb is a good man or not, only God can judge his actions, or whether he has played well enough or not.  This is not the issue as slight of hand can be misleading.  This is about the leadership that is within your soul to stand up against it all, arm touching arm, man next to man, screaming for the right to find your destiny ... to no longer be taken as fools.

It has taken my entire life time to realize this one important fact.  Never understanding why destines fruit never found this franchise.  It is not the owner that makes this call to the top.  It is not the coaches that will make this call to the top.  They are all fallible or are lost.  It is within each of you to make this call to the top.  Either Webb will inspire the Nation or he will sacrificed upon it's hand.  He has no choice in this matter.  He cannot let you down.  I think this is what this message might mean.  The question is, do you each have within you the leadership that is necessary to fulfill your destiny.  Tell me, exactly what do you believe?

McNabb tells us that he is here to win games.  That's nice.  Now ask Joe Webb what is he here for ... knowing now that he has been placed upon the field, a field with no retreat ... ask him what is he here for?  Now which one do you want upon that battlefield?  OPEN YOUR HEARTS ... OPEN YOUR EYES!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 19, 2011

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