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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

HOF Randall McDaniel #64
Bouncing my youngest son on my knee, I try my best to express a thought ... a feeling of pure bliss.  Way back in 98', Cunningham over center, first looking left, then sweeping his peripherals to the right.  Stopping, and then affixing his gaze upon none other than our offensive coordinator Brian Billick.  And there it is, the uncontrolled emotions of immersion into the zone.  The smile is broad, but what was laser cut deeply into my brain was the dazzle in Randall's eyes.  At that moment, two minds melded into one, and the emotions flowed like two actors that could not contain the outburst of uncontrolled laughter.  

There, you heard it.  A nobody taunting Cris Carter ... "Ain't you retired yet, old man".  The jawing then commenced.  The result was a never ending slogan ... "You ain't stopped us yet".   How do you explain the intense drama of these events to such a young boy, which are now etched in time ... unless you lived them ... live.    

We may never know if were true, because this utterance was only heard once, but the lore of the tale is unmistakable.  Randall McDaniel opens his school and unleashes one of his patented lessons upon whatever man that found himself with the unenviable task of having to stand in front of Randall at that particular moment in time.  Afterwards, Randall applies a verbal lashing of something to this effect ... "Man, this is your job.  You can't let me show you up like that".  It's not what you think.  To differentiate the thought, where we've all seen our share of put downs, Randall's words expressed a measure of concern.  Did this man, this same man who is about to enter the hall of fame, did he have to temper his game to play with mere mortals?    What was certain, was there was no chance that anyone could emulating his game ... Randall McDaniel was a freak of nature.              

When Randall finds himself standing on that stage, in the presence of the NFL greats and immortals, will he once again find it within himself to clear the way for his many deserving mates.  What is unequivocal is that if he plows into that hole with his immense heart, the rest will most certainly follow ... in time.  

So now my son asks me, "Dad, are we going to Canton this year"?  You see, I've been there before, years ago ... but never for an induction ceremony.  I've missed them all.  This year I'm committed to visiting colleges for my son and to visit with family, so I'll have to miss once again this year.  I've always wanted to go, but it's not to be.  

Will this this year be different?  The way I see it, there will be something very special about the 2009 season ... and it will take all your courage to endure it all.  What I can tell you, is that if you do have the opportunity to attend this event, it will be a special day and well worth your time and effort.

Hopefully, the Viking Nation will be there to support Randall en masse.    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009

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