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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Game Plan  
Week after week, we hear of the highly touted game plans that are prepared by each team.  For the other 31 franchises, to beat the Minnesota Vikings there is only one primary directive.  Do not injure Christian Ponder under any circumstances whatsoever.  He's our gravy train.  Follow that directive, and limit your mistakes as a team and your just about guaranteed certain victory.

I've seen many thing in my life over the years but I've never seen so many devoted fans of this franchise gleefully hoping for the demise of just one single player ... on their own team.  You can see them openly fantasize on how it might happen, hoping for some heinous injury ... as if they were praying on bended knee to the gods.  Why, you might ask?  It is because there is a difference between political decisions and the truth.  The reason is to take the decision to start this pretender out of the hands of the puppet master.  Why is this so odd?  On  one hand they really like this kid but that shipped sailed some time ago.  They really don't have any animosity for the individual as they just see him as being tragically flawed.  Their animosity is directed at the political puppet master that controls the resources of this organization ... allowing the very spirit of this franchise to be crushed under his hand ... to once again distinguish this apparent Super Bowl run from history ... when it is clearly within our grasp.

It's ok to rattle Ponder.  You can scare him.  You can make him soil his armor.  You can tap him.  You can even sack him but under no circumstances are you to injure him because if you do ... you'll be walking the streets the next day.  Game Plan executed!

It's funny how the body struggles when it is smothered to death.  Life is a funny thing.  No matter what ... it will struggle to survive, but this teams life rest within Ponder's hands.  Oh yes ... you and this season will most certainly die at the futile effort of his hand. 

The Vikings game plan ... well that's entirely different.  We are to impart everything within our being.  We are to sacrifice absolutely everything. I wants your life's blood.  I want your sweat & your tears.  You are to endure brain injuries, broken bones, shattered knees, ruptured arms, back injuries, shredded ankles and painful ribs.  Yes, I want it all.  I want it all until you have absolutely nothing left to give and then the death watch begins.  Not to worry ... now such a small incision for your lobotomy.  Emasculated!  Yes, you will struggle.  You were proud.  You are still very strong.  Your will to survive is overwhelming but nonetheless ... you and your season will die. 

It's ok ... you'll have another life to live.  

It seems odd where your value in the eyes of all that matter is zero.  Superstar Harvin ... it matters not.  Peterson ... nothing but a whim.  The rest ... nothing but pawns.  All that matters is my decision ... make a franchise quarterback out of something that is tragically flawed.  Now step & fetch!  Ponder remains unquestioned & is "ABSOLUTELY UNTOUCHABLE".  A Teflon god where absolutely nothing sticks to him.  Our political society, including every work environment,  is full of these pretenders.  Sure, everyone and I mean absolutely everyone complains about these events but they are after all untouchable, regardless of the evil that is strewn from their being ... or the overall cost.

So, what again was our buy in.  Ponder threw two (2) touchdown passes in the Senior Bowl.  All stars where Ponder might have been blessed with better players.  Let me see, he beat two Florida teams in the same year where both of them could have been lousy.  Maybe it was the less than stellar college stats.  Maybe it was being injured year after year in college.  Didn't see it then ... don't see it now.

YouTube once again revealed to me that 72 season.  The bulk of the prime pieces in place for the historical Super Bowl run only to be wiped from our minds at 7 & 7.  Defeat of the 72 Dolphins imminent.  Three (3) prime years prior to that glorious 75 season ... only they didn't know it.  Politics blinding them from certain destiny ... only they didn't realize it.  Do we find ourselves there once again today.

Leslie Frazier will swear to you ... up & down ... that his hands are not tied to the Teflon god but his employment will be.  The question in itself will reveal the tell.  Every man will betray himself with his own words ... every time.  The decision to start Ponder is equivalent to Curly asking the question, "Are you married or are your happy?, gleefully shaving the ice with an old fashioned single blade razor, leather belt & shaving cream."  Nuck!  Nuck!  Nuck!

After four (4) consecutive abortions ... not to mention many other selected for amnesia ... what are we to do?  It's a good thing that not one of us is smart enough to do anything about the death that lies at our door.  There is no lambs blood to swash upon our lentil.  There shall be no passing over.  Hey it's us and the Chicago Cubs ... with the immortal words ... "Wait till next year".  We are sheep to be shorn.  Baaaaaaaaaaah!

Does Club Soda work on vats full of Purple Blood stains?  The slasher is a foot.  My heart is breaking.  

Why have you forsaken me?

The Phoenix, rising from the pits of hell ... awaits!

The Viking Ghost Writer
October 29, 2012