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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Full Circle 
We are quickly approaching our 4th game of this 2017 season, with a monumentally important event on Sunday versus the Lions but there is something deeper ... out of view ... of that common Joe.  The moment that game ends, Michael Floyd will be allowed to rejoin this Viking Squad.

From Michael's perspective ... sure he's elated for his new found team mates ... his home town team ... and for his future, but inside he broils with unresolved anticipation.  He is seeing first hand what this offense is achieving ... what it is capable of ... & he desperately wants to not only become apart of it ... he wants to help lead it along ... towards its destiny.

Michael Floyd has a chance to do something that someone else cannot.  Like Michael, Larry Fitzgerald has his roots in Minneapolis but Larry will never have the opportunity that has been given to Michael.  To win this franchises first Super Bowl Title for his hometown & for Larry's too.

Why is it full circle ... well ... it goes beyond Larry Fitzgerald being a ball boy for this Vikings franchise, watching the likes of Jake Reed, Cris Carter & maybe the greatest Viking player in our history Randy Moss as a young man.  It includes another man ... the late Denis Green.  For it was Denis that looked to Larry Fitzgerald on which he made the decision to build that great Cardinals franchise to prominence.  You see, Randy Moss was taken away from Denis Green to which he began anew with Larry Fitzgerald who I believe will be in the Hall with Moss one day.  Now, neither Larry or Denis can push it forward ... to reach that goal ... as today the struggle is too great, but that is not to say that that ball cannot be passed on.  
They say that Michael Floyd has been given another chance ... a second chance ... a third chance ... or a chance that he doesn't deserve.  No, Michael ... you've been handed a destiny.  You have a role to play in this where too many others have sacrificed ... or will sacrifice ... for you.

In very short order, the ball will once again be placed in your hands.  You will be carrying it for Denis Green, & Larry Fitzgerald and many many others.  They are right behind you.  

Reading this ... you may perceive it as a burden ... but in fact, your destiny only contains the memories that you get to carry on forever.  An unburdened soul is one that plays well ... for it is God that wants it that way.  

Happy belated 90th birthday dad.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: September 27, 2017