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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Destination: East of the Mississippi!
Ted Thompson, the man who understands what lies within the true heart of Bret Farve, due to an unforgettable and unforgivable destruction by his own hand (winning a Super Bowl is hard, but money is much nicer), is now thumbing his nose at the Minnesota Vikings, with his telling smirk, by taunting us all once again.  Unfortunately for Ted, he should of remained silent as his ego has exposed his true objective.  Mr. Poker-face, and his body language, has given himself away.  For two seasons, we have watched the Vikings immerse themselves ever deeper within the Farve Saga, and we still find ourselves hopeless to remove Bret to the annals of history (November 1st comment).  What no one seems to want to confront is that this nightmare all goes away forever, and tips the balance within our favor, with a simple pencil whip on an agreement with a man on his journey toward his destiny.     

Ted Thompson's plan of misdirection was a brilliant move, that is except for his taunting body language, which is telling.  Ted knows definitively that the Farve Saga of manipulation has pushed the Vikings to into a state of blindness ... beyond the possibility of signing the true meaningful objective, which is Michael Vick.  Talk about being played.  Now Teddy-boy has moved himself into his final and most desperate of his infamous roles by stating that the Green Bay Packers are still considering Michael Vick using the common unmistaken ploy of reverse psychology.  Michael's pending postmark-delay is driving the cheesers out of their minds, where they're blurting out answers like impetuous children.  What unnerved and unhinged the Packer brain trust was the TJack injury that forced their hand, needing to play the role of "offer #2", to kick it all off center.  The simple truth is that they are immersed in a plan that will not waiver, and it doesn't involve Michael Vick, but it does involve deception.  Never forget there is universal hatred for the league-wide patsy, which is shoving us, kicking and screaming toward our destiny.  

The now exposed Brad Childress, the man previously labeled with a very successful team, "that couldn't run the ball", now fails to see the lessons taught in the art of war.  He's played a mean game of chess, the art of attrition, sacrificing his greatest weapon (Peterson), by childishly playing power vs. power ... as if it has any chance of true success.  He did the same thing with Chester in his first year under horn.  Watching Brad bang his head against the wall is true comical fodder for the likes of brainiacs like Joe Buckhead and his ilk ... but we suffer.  What Brad should most certainly be studying is the "Tet Offensive" as Brad's true objectives lies within winning the battles of space, not weighing his resources down into the battles of attrition.  Here is the most rudimentary question that is screaming at you, "Exactly how are we supposed to deal with so many weapons?"  By the way, repeating the same unsuccessful event over and over again is the definition of insanity.  The good news is that you are but a step away from genius.  

You need to look no further than the insertion of "Westbrook-#2" Chester Taylor early and often, to gage the unmistakable success, in the hope of understanding the differences of achieving the objectives of space.  Where do we deploy our counteracting resources as that ball could go anywhere at any time?  Let us never forget, Adrian Peterson's first touchdown was on a desperation pass into the right flat as it now seems like that option is lost to the ages.  Is that versatility or ego?  Today, nothing less than ego drives the Kleinsasser-Tahi pound-the-ball-attrition of AD's tank-emptying early runs.  Look no further than to see AD on the sideline in the fourth quarter, a unmistakable sign of stick-a-fork-in-us because we are done.  No, AD's power-ball running must be earned, like a reward, as if you are about to snatch the late lead.  This can only be done by conquering the concept of space.    

Some may think that Abraham, having to sacrifice his own son, may be the most telling biblical story, in his understanding, whereas the story of the devil's torment of Job is actually most descriptive of today's events.  In the simple effort to make him curse his name, Job lost his family, his wealth, his food ... everything.  To a man, we refuse to accept that the devil himself was allowed to blow within Job's ear, just as he is allowed to do with all of us ...  and there we stare at ourselves with our holier than thou attitude.  Michael Vick is not alone when it comes to making the mistake of following the voices of evil.  The question no one seems to ponder is the story that wasn't told.  What occurred after these events ... his greatest accomplishment ... as Job never wavered?  

Never in the history of this league has there been the opportunity of assembling the weapons of Peterson, Berrian, Vick (Job), Harvin, Taylor, Rice, Shank, et al.  With these weapons ... every possible flank is exposed regardless of the foe.  Once any counteracting forces are moved and committed, the true objective will be weakened irrevocably.  Napoleon's concept of divide and conquer.  Close your eyes and imagine Peterson slashing left into Hutch-Mount-McKinley zone with a non-fragile-Vick rolling out right.  There are some forces of nature that just cannot be contained.  There are players giving up just at the thought of such a compelling ordeal.  Almost like the widening eyes facing the once powerful Green Bay sweep.  As Joe Montana once said, I know, I know, you were open (why didn't you throw me the ball to me?) ... but so was everyone else.  

Now all we see is Ted Thompson's final ploy ... an effort to thumb his nose at our greatest key toward destiny ...  what could be Ted's greatest accomplishment ... the crushing blow of the Farve-Vick Saga.  In a minds eye, it is clear to see the flag waiving of genitalia.  

Your focus should be far from ticket sales ... in fact to hell with ticket sales ... your goals lie within inspiration.  These fans are Berserk with rage ... seeing that we are made to tote the load of never ending greed, to spew language in his favor, to immerse ourselves within a political arena of scum and deceit, as if we were pawn's in a grand scheme.  We watch as our owner also fights a losing battle of attrition, butting heads with the political elite (the scum of the earth - although, not all).  Pushing ... where he should be pulling.  Never understanding that his true battles lie within something that always defeats the ilk of politics ... a moral objective and true inspiration.  Allowing, not only his bleeding fan base, but the world of viewers, to get behind a special string of events.  There is no greater a champion than the enslaved dog that rises up to champion the world.  

Before going off half-kilter on the mere thought of these events, please consider that our trinity-of-power was about to turn over the reigns to an individual (Farve) that would gain points of immortality, when we lost, especially when you consider it could of happened on the world's greatest stage once again.   

So the key question becomes how can anyone equate the entity of Michael Vick with the concept of Moral Objective.  Also consider that recently a list was released where Michael Vick is now the #1 most despised athlete in America.  It is because this is all just a villainous illusion.  Did Oswald kill Kennedy or was it black-ops?  Our first thought might be that evil has no further purpose or objective for Michael but consider the following for a moment.  Job may have built the structure that eventually crushed his own family, whereas Mike was most definitely the cause of his own destruction.  In fact, it is not exactly clear how many of Job's plights were caused by his own hand (crop failure).  The truth of the matter is when we crucify Vick, we crucify ourselves.    

Here's the rub.  We fans have seen our fill of athletes pointing to the sky showboating before the almighty as if to say that what they have done and how they have done it is somehow real.  Nobody bought into it then and no one will buy it in the future.  The difference here lies within the heart of Job.   

The greatest fear, to a man, is judgment day, where we are told, judge not, least ye be judged.  With this firmly in mind let it be known that my door will always be open to Job, for as a man, I'd be the last to cast any stone.

Something very special was created for a specific purpose and a simple man like myself will never stand in its way.     

It is truly laughable: "A Destination East of the Mississippi!   Where in fact it is the source of ... which lies within his destiny.           

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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