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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

Double Standard
Welcome mindless members of the press corp.  As you know access within this organization is dependent upon your professionalism and by professionalism we of course mean your complete & absolute mindless obedience.  We are not interested in your point of view.  We are not interested in the truth here.  We are not interested in your feel for the game.  What we are interested in however is toting the company line.  Now, by pledging your obedience, allegiance and allowing this organizations absolute control over the truth... we can get along famously ... and now and then, we promise you that we'll toss you a bone.  Now here's your pat on the head and promise that you'll be good little boys and girls.   
This past week we've heard from both Ziggy & Fran Tarkenton.  A wide smiling Fran states, with his anointing oils, "You got a winner (in Ponder)".  Ziggy, after Ponder's 300+ yard debacle, announces that finally, in our up coming draft, we can draft to fill our needs.  We no longer have to worry about a quarterback.  Oh Yes!  I agree Ziggy ... but I refuse to carry your company line.  Joe Webb is our franchise quarterback.  Now let's take a closer look at our 13 offensive possessions and your newly anointed franchise quarterback:

  1. Strip sack, fumble into the end zone, touchdown.  Trifecta! {Detroit 7 ... Min 0}

  2. Two outstanding Harvin plays.  1st down.  Pick!  Ball returned to midfield.  3 Plays TD Young.  I wonder if there was a guy that could stop that deep out pattern.  Sanford's heart cannot cover that deep out.  {Detroit 14 ... Min 0}

  3. 3& out with sack.  Punt.  Special teams melt down ... Detroit 1st & 10 at Min 34.  Great!  TD Petigrew 5:54 left in 1st quarter.  {Detroit 21 ... Min 0}

  4. Gerhart smashes 2nd level.  1st &10 at 36.  Ponder overthrows Rudolph which is almost picked off.  Booker, a walking claymore mine, fumbles the ball again.  Did he ever have control of that ball or better said should the fumble be charged to Ponder???  Booker is a hell of a talent but he's also a liability  ... like playing Russian Roulette.  We used to exile these guy but today we keep feeding him the ball.  "DO" playing Hackinsac recovers at 41.  Under throws Harvin.  Shanks incredible off balance catch.  1st & 10 at 23.  Incomplete Shank.  Harvin to 16, 3rd & 4.  Harvin 1st & goal @ 7.  Shank TD screen.  Awesome. Oh No!  Special teams.  We'll at least they didn't return is 60 yards. {Detroit 21 ... Min 7}.

  5. 2nd & 9.  Pick 6. {Detroit 28 ... Min 7}

  6. 2nd Quarter - 12:33 mark.  Gerhart 8, Harvin 2. 1st &10.  Gerhart 3, Incredible Harvin for 16.  1st & 10 Detroit 31.  Ponder rides the scooter like a butt dirty poodle for 14. 1st & 10 @Detroit 17.  "DO" to the 10.   Gerhart NG. "DO" picks up 4.  Harvin 6 yd TD.  {Detroit 28 ... Min 14}.

  7. Detroit 3 & out.  1st & 10 @ midfield at 5:56 mark.  Gerhart for 6 2nd & 4 overthrow "DO". 3rd & 4 overthrows streaking wide open "DO".  

  8. Booker fumbles again.  His fumble ratio is like flipping a two headed coin.  Heads you lose.  Hanson FG {Detroit 31 ... Min 14}.      

  9. 1st & 10 Min 20 @ 1:05 mark.  Gerhart for 14, T.O. Min.  Gerhart pass for 8 T.O Min at 49 second mark.  Harvin OB for 15 yards @ Detroit 43.  Ponder strip sack fumbles recovered by Gerhart.  End of first half.  It gets worse.

  10. 1st & 10 @min 20.  Almost another pick 6.  Later Ponder was picked throwing across his body.  Personal foul.  From the mouths of babes, "Combining the worst of both McNabb & Favre".  

  11. The rest is historic, except is was performed by a black man ... a man of genuine heart & character ... not a man like Joe Montana or better said, Brett Favre. 

So Ponder, in these first 10 possessions. represents your future?  This, is your franchise quarterback?  Keeping in mind that the Panthers missed a chip shot field goal to win the game where Ponder should s actually be at 0 wins & 7 losses.  Peterson's 21 point first quarter states that McNabb was not much better (0-6).  Ponder certainly doesn't sound like a winner to me.  I know ... I know ... he needs more time to learn how to lose.  Let me say this directly.  If Ziggy had a shot at Andrew Luck ... Ponder would be nothing but a grease spot.  

Gentlemen!  A franchise QB shows up immediately on film.  Did you notice some kid, that's been labeled as someone that is too stupid to run this offense by our brain trust, standing on the 1 yard line with 9 seconds left on the clock, being an illegal face mask away from hanging one of the most embracing losses upon one of our most hated rivals ... The Detroit Lions.  There, ladies & gentlemen, is your franchise quarterback.  It will shows up on film  yesterday, today & tomorrow.  Joe Webb is a winner.  He is on the lips of every breathing soul that finds themselves immersed within the NFL. 

Did you notice it?  They call it a rift.  You could see it on the faces of those demoralized Detroit Lions?  There was no way to stop Joe Webb, and that was without a guy named Adrian Peterson.  What you may have missed is that Joe Webb most certainly caused a rift throughout the league.  Of course, this Vikings franchise, standing directly in front of a 100' Sequoia, cannot see anything but it's racist double standard that says, "I'm the king and you shall bend to my will.  It's mine to Destroy if I want to!"  No!  Not me!  No company line here!   
How is it said, that when a bucket of crabs see another crab trying to escape by climbing out of the bucket, that the other crabs grasp at the escaping crab to prevent him from escaping.  I guess Joe Webb might be trying to escape something, like a bench that is exile.  
Interview with coach ... Ponder is our Guy.  What!  Exactly what were you smokin'.  Sounds like a bucket crab to me.  

We lost that championship game in New Orleans.  Then we traveled to New Orleans on opening day to have our noses rubbed in it.  Ask Shank or Peterson if those Super Bowl rings on those fingers across the way ... if that might be important to them.  Yeah, Shank's got an axe hanging over his head since calling out Favre ... Poor kid! ... but read Shank's face.  Hey!  You can't beat Brees.  He's going to carve this defense up like a pig.   If Ponder leads this crew then the outcome is certain.  A cluster of early American FOK!  Joe Webb, standing on that 1 yard line has no intentions of losing anything ever again.  Yeah, you can cheat his team out of its glory, but you can't beat his team ... that is ... playing within the rules.  TALI-ME-BANANA!

So you think Shank is worth keeping around this facility.  So you think its time to stop the hemorrhaging of all of our veteran leadership within this organization.  Then maybe it's time to do your job.  Isn't it time that you threw caution to the wind ... by stamping your feet & finally telling the truth.  When are you going to stop your obedience to insanity ... to stand up like men.  Before you continue in allowing the company line to control your pen you better look long & hard into the eyes of the long suffering alum that found itself aligned with this organization.  I have no time for losers. What it comes down to is breaking through the double standard.  Why should this simple black man be held to an unrealistic racist standard that in no way applies to this first round draft pick.  The thought of it alone makes me ill.     
You put Ponder back on that field again, and I genuinely fear for his health.  This New Orleans franchise historically has been a long suffering patsy of this Vikings franchise.  They have no interest in relinquishing their newly acquired dominance ... especially to a 2-11 team, with no real leadership.  As for the Ghost Writer ... I sit hear quietly grinding my Viking Axe into a finely tuned instrument of death.  
The Viking Ghost Writer
December 13, 2011