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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

"Berserker Fury"/"Berserker Rage" - The keys to Viking Nirvana!
Throughout this history of the Minnesota Vikings, I've heard the following catch phrases that were used to describe my beloved Vikings.  

The Purple Gang.  The Purple People Eaters.  The Purple Wave.  Purple Reign, etc.

These words, even as a child, never appropriately described my passion for the Minnesota Vikings.  Today, the Purple People Eaters song seems silly, to say the least.  These catch phrases are something that I've pondered for well over 40 years.  So now, I write these words for my fellow brethren of the Viking flesh!

Several years ago, while watching the history channel, they were discussing the history of the Vikings along with its heritage and conquests.  The episode then turned to the most violent and feared sect of Nordics that distinguished themselves from all of Viking history.  They were known as the Berserkers.  This particular group was beyond a ravenous rage.  Here are a few excerpts for you to ponder.       

His men went to battle without armor and acted like mad dogs or wolves. They bit into their shields and were as strong as bears or bulls. They killed men, but neither fire nor iron harmed them. This madness is called "Berserker-Fury".

When the "Berserker Rage" was upon him, a Berserker was thought of as a sort of "were-bear" (or werewolf), part man, part beast, who was neither fully human nor fully animal. Although not specifically so called, Bodvar Bjarki is a Berserker of sorts. He appears at Hrolf's final battle in the form of a huge bear, invulnerable to weapons.  In both his invulnerability and his ability to change shape, Bodvar also displays preternatural abilities resembling those of Odinic champions. 

Definition: Berserk (adjective, adverb): in or into a frenzied, violent rage.  Today's this English word is derived from these people.

Within me, during my days at play, was my controlled rage that could only be properly described as "Berserker-Fury" or "Berserker Rage".  It was with this that I've identified myself with the play of the Minnesota Viking Defense of history.     

Much like the inappropriateness of the stadium introduction using the song "Welcome to the Jungle" (we ain't the Bungles) as being replaced by the more Viking-like Led Zeppelins "Immigrant Song", only true Viking fans can understand or associate with these words.  

"Berserker-Fury" or "Berserker-Rage", unique only to our Viking heritage, connotates simple principles ... leave nothing on the field ...  give all that defines you ... command respect for your presence from all that are within your domain ... and remove the heart from all foes that separate you from your quest.  It is these traits of our imagination that make the Vikings impenetrable and invulnerable to all attack.  

It's now time to get aboard.  

Since the 2007 season, the Minnesota Vikings have entered the National Stage ... in an era.  It is now time to exhibit and broadcast in sign, our message of "Berserker Fury" and/or "Berserker Rage" with the Viking Nation ... The only words that can describe our true historic "Minnesota Viking" passion.  The only words that can truly belong to you! 

I'll be watching!    

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.02.07



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