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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

A Man & His Destiny
It was so innocent.  A simple phone call.  He picks up the phone and at the other end of the line he hears, "God wants you to play in Green Bay".  I didn't know this man ... few did ... but he was a minister for crying out loud.  Could this call have been a simple toss of the dice ... could it have been just a joke to break the ice.  It's all irrelevant now, because there was a tortured soul searching for an anguished answer, and his only hope was in his belief in the almighty.   Reggie White's destiny was clearly tied with the Green Bay Packers on his journey to immortality.  

It is these tortured souls that speak to me now.  

It is now quite evident that the league MVP in 1998 was the greatest wide receiver to ever lace them up.  The proof now lies in two NFL records that can no longer be denied or quibbled with ... most points scored in a single season.  There is no way either season becomes a reality without the presence of Randy Moss.  His destiny, although he may not know it yet lies back within the bowels and confines of the Viking Nation, because there is no amount of money that can satisfy his tortured soul.  It is soon to be apparent that what he was searching for was an allusion ... an insatiable desire that cannot be sated with a bunch of cheatin' beaners.   Think back to when this man soared with the gods and was the envy of every organization in the league ... that is his destiny.

By the way ... a little evidence burning ... and a look away by Arlen Spector's crew ... isn't going to turn my head around genius, and golden boy, if you are given the answer to my scheme ... the result is assured ... something that can never hide behind that smirk.    

Any Viking fan, who experienced it, now anguishes under these words because we all know who the award was presented to ... Randall Cunningham, not to Randy Moss.  Now let us embellish the facts as to why.  It is without doubt that Randall had absolutely no chance whatsoever at the award without the presence of Randy Moss however, Randall certainly put up the stats in 1998.  What was so compelling lies within the word destiny.  Few may remember that here was a guy, completely out of the NFL, working at a marble distributorship in Las Vegas, Nevada, that ends up being the 1998 NFL league MVP.  Some might call that serendipity, however history now indicates the word destiny.   Who will be that next Randall Cunningham?      

Just a few short days ago, there was a hard lesson taught once again.  The first half of that message was in regard to team personal and the NFL attrition rate.  Teams that have won the Super Bowl have has several things in common.  For example, if you could keep your starters together for an entire season then you could assure yourself a great shot at the ultimate prize.  This fact might be wrong, but is there a NFL Super Bowl winner that did not experience some sort of attrition rate during that season?  So, in these words, what history has taught us is that the only certainty in life in the NFL lies in team depth.  Would the Redskins, being behind 10-0, win the ultimate prize without the backup named Doug Williams or a running back that didn't even know he was going to start that game.   

In short, what you think you have is never what you actually have.  Isn't it ironic that E.J. Henderson was missing from the 2008 top ten list of missing NFL players.  When a Cowboy scratches his finger its news whereas an amputation (sarcastic) in Minnesota doesn't even merit an utterance.  It's because we don't matter and never will matter ... they just offer up something to make us think we are something more than fodder.  Does this stir your Beserker Rage or Beserker Fury?  Now we can all just ponder a simple thought ... do you think that list might need to be updated.  Only time will tell.    

The second lesson, is a hard lesson, that no one can appreciate unless he's gone though it himself ... it called standing in another man's shoes.  When a man is placed behind bars that man is changed forever.  Unless he's insane, or mentally deranged, there is no more humbling an experience as when your freedom is taken away.  Unfortunately, there is no experience that can be drawn upon when we consider ... losing it all.  To a man, we can all imagine the concept of the lowest level attainable, but we shudder at the thought.  

Now the question must be asked.  What untapped life-force powers lie hidden within this realm ... if it were truly touched by the gods?       

A second question then appears upon the horizon.  How arrogant is it that there is now only one team that has laid out terms with Michael Vick?  Those dastardly beaners.  "We teach versatility first here" ... individualism be damned.  It's now time for option #2 to emerge as chutzpa lies hand in hand within destiny.  

For the uninitiated, the definition of the word chutzpa mean something beyond placing myself in front of Steve Hutchinson, with my feet planted firmly in a solidified block of cement, where I call Steve baby the same word Bobby Wade used in his recent interview and then spit directly into his face.  As Shakespeare once said, you only taste the blade of death but once.  

It all begins with a few simple words and a larger set of brassy marbles.  "We brought you here to be apart of something.  We are on a quest toward  the pinnacle of success however, it may not be what you might think it is.  There is no promise here.  Only a chance to achieve your destiny." 

When they ask you why, you tell them, "BECAUSE IT TAKES COURAGE UNDER FIRE"!  In this case, it will be truly a world set upon fire!

Wasn't it Tony Dungy who diffused the Randy Moss mooning incident, enflamed by Joe Buck-head.  Now let me see ... isn't Tony a Viking at heart.  If you said no, you'd be fooling yourself ... he spent an eternity within these confines.  

You are powerless to fight destiny!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: Friday, July 31, 2009

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