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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

6 Athletes
Never in the history of the NFL has there been the assembly of six (6) such athletes: Joe Webb, Sidney Rice, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Visanthe Shiancoe & Percy Harvin ... all backed up by powder kegs ... Gerhart, Kleinsasser & Dugan.  No defense can stop this.  It's time to get off the pity potty, as a bunch of winning little bitches & start to act like men.  We only have one more loss as compared to Chicago & Green Bay & with the right combination ... it won't matter where we play.  The NFC Championship in New Orleans taught us that ... October 24th in Green Bay taught us that ... we were the boss card ... a 21 point swing.  The cheatin' Boston Beaners don't scare me even a little bit.  It wasn't so long ago that the 6th seed Super Bowl Champion Steelers, playing every playoff contest away, came to visit Minnesota where if they lost that game ... their season was over ... that event, that involved my beloved Vikings happened for a reason.  

In my life time, I've met with numerous exceptionally brilliant men & woman.  Brad Childress is clearly one of those brilliant men.  I truly believe this with all my heart.  Each of us are apportioned with two (2) key things in life: intelligence & common sense.  Some more than others.  What each of these brilliant super intelligent creatures lacked, or were found wanting, was in having a bit more of what is known as simple common sense.  When asked, "Would you rather be smart or would your rather be lucky?" One brilliant man responded, "I'd rather be lucky!"  In Brad's case, its not so much that he lacks common sense ... it's rather that he has too heavily invested & has been blinded by his kick ass offense as an established complex system to be able to take that leap of faith.  Too many brilliant plans of WWI were foiled by it's complexities alone rather than to utilize what is right in front of you & run with it.  The system has it's established counter blows ... on the other hand, 6 unstoppable athletes have absolutely no answer.  You need to look no further than the 2010 undisputed national champion Oregon Ducks.  What Brad maybe has never understood was that it wasn't his system that worked so well last year ... it was Brett Favre that worked so well.  Now the view is that Joe Webb won't fit into his system where the reality is that Joe Webb, like Brett Farve will find that streaking receiver.  There is no embarrassment & shame here as we always have to keep in mind that it is ultimately God that heals us ... our wounds, our souls ... where it is the doctor that collects the fee.  Sometimes we just have to get out of its way.  

History has taught us that when facing overwhelming odds, your only choice then becomes to face it with an unstoppable force.  I like to think of it as a moment of clarity.  Sometimes you just have to unleash it.  Look what happened when you unleashed just one of these athletes ... Harvin as a runner ... now imagine doing that very same thing with Joe Webb as the quarterback, as the receiver & as the runner.  By god man ... use your imagination ... allow yourself that luxury ... free yourself from the burden ... breath free.        

The dirty little secret in Minnesota is that our #2 quarterback isn't in our future ... Joe Webb is.  It wasn't T-Jack that brought us to the playoffs ... it was the Joe Kapp-like Gus Ferrotte that did it.  Was it the system that got us there or was it the heart of players like Kapp & Ferrotte.  What Brad maybe has never understood was that it wasn't his system that worked so well last year ... it was the individual Brett Favre that worked so well with an overwhelming collection of athletes.  Now the view is most likely that Joe Webb won't fit into his system where the reality is that Joe Webb, like Brett Farve will find that streaking receiver ... he will find that hole within the defense ... its not necessarily the system that does it ... it's the individual that does it.  The coach can only be that guide through the wilderness.  

There is much to discern from history.  For example, for the 1987 season, every scrub Redskin was presented with a Super Bowl ring because they were rostered for at least three regular season games.  When the psychic predicted that Brett Favre would win a Super Bowl at the age of 41 that doesn't necessarily mean that he gets a dream-like Elway-like finish.  In other words, you weren't told how he would get there.  However I do recall a Johnny Unitas interview given after Super Bowl III, "Do you think you could of beaten the Jets if you had started the game? ... I wouldn't of needed that long!"  Only time will tell what lies in store for us as its witness.       

With the damage to Favre's leg, it's now time to list him as the inactive emergency quarterback.  Anything else would cheapen his 291-game streak of consecutive starts.  Please do not go there.  Never give anyone the opportunity of allowing them to ever utter any words that stand to the distinction & testament of this record.  This record, like his numerous other records, may or may not register with Brett as being all that important however Brett now carries the banner for a man that he may not even know that well that gave this particular record its true distinction.  This record shall shine like no other number in baseball ... 714.    In other words, it has never been about my personal battles ... it has always been about the battles for others that has truly mattered deep within my soul.  In my mind, to me, what this incredible record represents is the injustice to the man who held that distinction prior to Farve.   His Hall of Fame name was Jim Marshall, where this incredible record, like the tainted & besmirched record of Roger Eugene Maris, has never been officially recorded for the history books.  What lies within the crumpling vaults of NFL films?   We shall never know.  What Brett doesn't know is that this particular record will never fall within his life time.  It is now time to rest & heal in consideration toward the stretch run.

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 26, 2010

It is with a heavy heart ... making to be its witness.  The warning shots across the bow were ignored not once but again & again & again.  The next false step may not be so kind.  The result could of been far worse where it is now time to lick our wounds & press on.  Do not test the will of the gods to a future point to a future instant.  What lies in its path are the gifts bestowed upon these aching hearts & will be as simple as taking your next breath.     

There is one overlooked Brady rule that must be pressed to its limit.  It has to do with tackling a quarterback below the knees while working to avoid within the pocket.

Michael Rand of the Star Tribune, you overlooked & forgotten one very important key point.  Daunte Culpepper was drafted 11th in 1999 & was foolishly regulated to running our scout team, just like Joe Webb this year.  I say foolishly because of his immediate impact in 2000.  What might have happened if Culpepper was given the reins in 1999 rather than to endure the bubbling antics of the idiot Jeff George?  Now that should make your skin crawl.      

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