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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

5th Element!
It is comical to see commentators complain about anointing players to a #1 role (Roy Williams), where it must be earned, and almost within the same breath to anoint this years Super Bowl participants, which apparently are Today's two (2) last remaining unbeaten teams ... with both containing one fatal common denominator.  On the other hand history indicates something very different.  The argument ensues ... to be able to win the game you must confront, and then overwhelm adversity with each and every step ... forging steel. 

The first element are special teams.  Last year we were an atrocious lot and many would point to its failure due to Farwell being on IR.  This year, Heath is only a lovely portion, apart of a well greased machine.  These thumping-collider's are indeed a special group.  Longwell is in a class of his own and Kluwe's maturity has taken his game to a new level.  Harvin has become the tip of the sword.  They've come a long way from being a squad that just gets to hit someone to being a unit with a definite purpose.

The second element is the defense.  Prime is talking about the beast becoming the defensive player of the year, but we are having none of that.  It's just a couple loose screws, a bent cam shaft, a severely slipping transmission with a mullet.  As Pat Williams, the author of, "Don't take the bad money" once said, "I get to play next to this guy (Kevin)" ... I found a home.  That became the key to the foundation on which all thing were built.    

Some are starting to recognize this linebacker core.  At present EJ is hitting on only 3 of 8 cylinders but he's slowly but surely building his way back.  Look out for the recharge between the 3rd bye week.  A backer that almost never gets his named called must be shutting down his phase of the field ... the unsung of the maturity of the blue collar jobber.  The third is an enigma of free action.  It's called Greenway art.  It is never clear exactly how he's going to hurt you.  The fourth is about 5'9" of hell on wheels.   As Asher evolves, so shall the presence be felt of the secondary.

What is apparently missing, by those that tend to focus on the numbers, is a restricting defense that can take you out of an entire phase of your game.  To be only one dimensional or to only be allowed to play in one half.  It's not a shut down corner ... it's a shut down defense.   

The third element lies within the offensive threats.  When the weakness of the offensive line comes down to 2nd year rookie Sully and a bad back ... you're in for a day.  Sid's weekly impression of the human fly is just scary.  Sass and Dugan are walking bulldozers.  This muscle they call Shank is much more than just a scoring machine ... he's on a mission.  The scatter-bug Harvin is a highlight-film-ulcer away from a nightmare!  Why doesn't gravity apply to this guy?  Was that football or a strike in the 9th frame?  Look out when BB gets the confidence of his legs back under him.  This guy Lewis is more than a drink of water.               
The fourth element lies within the run game.  Correct me if I'm wrong but did I just see AD running in the alley with options right and left.  Did Lombardi just pop wood?  I could of sworn I saw a pair of brown stained shorts out there just at the prospect.  AD and the moveable objects.  

To protect the efficiency of the defense, we must unselfishly run the ball.  The principle of a common lead-acid battery is to allow a short burst power drain (engine starting), followed by an immediate recharging by the alternator of a running engine.  Following these simple principles, a lead acid battery can last for 40 years (less vibrations).  If however the power drain is applied for too long, or too much power is allowed to drain, the battery loses its capacity where it can never fully recharge itself.  Over time, with just one more repeated abuse, the battery becomes compromised where failure becomes imminent ... especially when it's cold.  I call this the New York Giants Bill Parcells principle.  People are just a bunch of walking chemistry sets and are nothing more than chemical batteries.

In short, it wasn't the Robison fumble ... it was the ensuing power drain.  Brian learned a valuable lesson in that discretion is always the better part of valor.  Take what they give you and play it smart.     

Finesse and subjugator are apparent.  What is missing is the battering ram!

The fifth element is Brett Farve and the massive weight applied to a tilting field.  His hand is guided by the thought of a simple present ... a wish to be granted to a 10 year old child.  His once cluttered and tortured mind is now as clear as an azure sea.  The tears of love can be more powerful than any weapon ... including the weapons of mass destruction.

The gods are never pleased when boos are chanted within the confines of the home of their coliseum.  The gods are only appeased upon hearing the cheers for their champions.  

The value of the vanquished lies within the poison pill of 3-#1 draft picks as nothing can be gained from indentured servitude.           

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 2, 2009

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