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3 & Out VS. Injury   
One of Head Coach Mike Zimmer's quotes after our contest versus the Denver Bronco's was that he thought that, "That was Kirk Cousins best performances yet."  Which was odd, in a way, because nothing is ever as bad as you think, with the counter point is that no play is ever is a good as you think.  It is clear to understand Coach Zimmer's perspective as he had always hoped that in the acquisition of our quarterback ... well ... that he would be able to do this on a regular basis to pull our feet from the fire from time to time.  Of course, Captain Comeback's are very rare in this league.  They may only be generational.  So the expectation of both securing & then having a week after week, come from behind quarterback, is not a realistic expectation.  So ... it was nice to see.       

Which brings me to Kirk Cousin's performance over the last several games.  Were those performances as good as people might think ... as  after all, in almost all of them, they resulted in victory?  The problem of course is that victories tend to cover up either major issues or at the very least issues of concern. 

You need to look no further than our latest list of walking wounded where the bulk of those injuries are now on defense.  Then you need to ask yourself, what might be the root cause of these injuries.  The answer may lie within the systematic failures on offense that we clearly don't understand as a team.  As everything is always intertwined.  

It is my firm opinion that every team is allowed a free-bee in that one "3&Out" performed by our offense does not affect the team in any way however, when these "3&Outs" stack up, they generally expose the defense to depletion.  Then you have to ask yourself, is there a direct correlation between depletion & injury?  The answer is unequivocally ... Yes.  Now, think back to the status of our defense at the end of all those last-play-victory games.  Was the defense as fresh as a daisy or were their tongues hanging out like field-run-out-dogs.  Of course it was the later.  That was depletion.    

If we now look at our offenses performance after the last several games it can be noted that we've started slow in all of those contests, due directly in the inability of our offense to secure at least one first down on each drive.  Just consider what the game would look like if your continuously punting from our 36 or 28 yard line versus punting from our 48 or their 48 yard line.  This can only result from disciplined offensive play (no flags) & achieving just one first down on each drive.  The affect of achieving this one (1) first down on each drive shifts just about all the pressure from our defense to the opposing teams offense.  When that happens, Zimmer's Defense can shift from "also-rans" to a dominant defense.  To which the question is asked, "Can you help a brother out?"       

So, who or what is responsible for our failures in doing this?  Well, if it comes to discipline (penalties) ... well ... every one of those penalties falls upon Kirk Cousins regardless of whether he caused them or not. The reason being that the result is due to not being prepared.  When that happens, Kirk Cousins can't smile & when he doesn't get to laugh and cavort then the team will ultimately lose.  Seems odd ... doesn't it?

You don't have to like Kirk Cousins, & if this is secretly true, then you cannot miss your opportunities to manipulate him.  Kirk Cousins, like many others wants to both Frown & Scowl ... like taking a hit of smelling salts to stay on top of his game.  Only then can he feel like he's alert & has given it his all.  On the other hand, when you make him smile, laugh & cavort then you've broken him down to his true essence, where he's playing like a kid or with his kids.  Breaking a man, like a horse is not an easy thing but when you see it ... you'll know that you have won.  Everything is tied in together.  Everything is related.  In many ways it answers ... why am I doing this because is has to be more than money.

It sounds really odd ... but isn't everything?  It's like Head Coach Zimmer ... he's never really happy unless he's absolutely miserable with lumped on stress that could give 100 an ulcer.  If Zim doesn't have problems ... than neither do you ... and that's not a good thing.  I'm not talking about being stupid ... I'm talking about trying to make him solve problems that are just about impossible to solve.  Do you get the picture now?

So, what is the proper perspective on all of this?  Well, if your on offense, and you fail in securing at least one first down on each drive (less one) then your potentially taking your own defenders off the field.  In other words, if every defender is required to win the game ... and you want to win ... you've got to collectively focus on the achievement of that goal in front of you. When you fail in that attempt ... you are responsible.  In other words, "Are you my brother keeper?"   Yes ... yes you are.  For most, that's a tough pill to swallow but for others they will always understand that, "I've got to do my part ... my role ... and only then can I chip-in".

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: November 29, 2019