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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

1808 Yards - Impossible, Can't be done!
It's impossible for Adrian Peterson to break the NFL rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards set by Eric Dickerson.  It can't be done.  The rookie rushing record is safe.  Put a finger to the nose.  It's set.      

Adrian Peterson missed two games due to injury.  There are only four games left.  At 1,197 yards from scrimmage, Adrian's 611 yards away from tying the record.  Adrian would have to average over 153 yards per game.  It simply can't be done. 

Let me be the first to apologize to Mr. Adrian Peterson.  This record will fall this year.  Your offensive blockers (all 10 of them at a time) knows it.  Every Minnesota Viking fan knows it.  Eric Dickerson knows it.  Every NFL player in the league knows it.  Every sports writer knows it but is afraid to write boo about it, because they don't write about the future, they announce what they know, the news (recent history).

My apology is because these words may have inflamed the very humble Adrian Peterson, but these words aren't meant for you.  Yes, chicks dig your humble and unassuming ways.  The one key word that appears in this document is directed solely at what appears to be the new reigning genius in the NFL ... Brad Childress.  We certainly can't apply that label to that cheatin' scum bag in New England any more ... can we.    

The key word to the above statement is the word "can't".  I'm directly challenging Brad Childress on this one.  I'm calling you out.   Now Brad, as an intelligent individual of character you would normally ignore this comment and proceed on your present course, but I'm hear to tell you that you need to stick to your original plan.  That plan includes starting Chester Taylor and pounding the rock.  That also includes turning All Day loose in the 3rd and 4th quarters of our remaining four games.  

You alter the plan, and only the negative will result.  Versus the Lions you were prudent.  Your not going to be able to contain it from here on out.  

When questioned about the faked field goal, you stated that you wanted to give the league something additional on tape to have to deal with.  By the way, it's illegal to allow Syd to bring a ladder on the field.  

Brad, there is a time when you have to show your cards.  The 1999 Ram's exposed those card as being unstoppable force.  That year they could rip the soul out of any foe.  Fear ... is a companion.  It's now time to unleash unstoppable force in the form of Adrian Peterson.  

Fear ... is an unusual thing.  It's a companion.  It makes for some sleepless nights.  It causes us to see things that aren't truly there.  Unleash it!  I've been waiting for this time for well over 40 years!

Be patient with All Day.  It's your responsibility to soften up that defense first.  Don't forget your most valuable commodity ... Chester Taylor and the impenetrable wall of blockers.  Berserker Rage!   Berserker Fury!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: 12.04.07


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