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Additional Minnesota Viking Commentary

AD is not alone when it comes to stats.  To a man, less-1, every one of these raving lunatics has the same exact issue.  The Vikings #1 problem, to be direct, is that there is only 1-ball and that 1-ball needs to spread out amongst the most dynamic set of grunting horns that I've ever seen in its history.  So we welcome this statistical controversy with open arms.  BRING IT ON!  To a man, less-1, there is going to be an insatiable hunger for pigskin that's not going to end until February 7, 2010.  Hunger is a good thing ... it keeps you alert to the opportunity.

You see ... you have to be careful what you ask for ... because you just might get it.  In our case, what was asked for is the "less-1", and apparently he's being allowed to have a bunch of fun with a bunch of kids out there.  No disrespect to anyone, but the reason why new retirees volunteers at the VA is that they get to be called sonny by the 90+ year old vets.  At my age, its like getting carded for buying a brewskie.  It's a big deal.  In fact, there is a major grocery store chain (The big W) where they card everyone just to make us all feel like teenagers once again (legal drinking age in NY in 1979 was 18).  True marketing genius ... to have 40 and 50 year olds standing on line just to get carded.

You see, the "less-1" gets to touch the ball on every offensive play and its hard not to be envious of that honor but I think we can cope.

What really concerns me is when we start playing the elite teams and its not for the reasons that you might think.  These teams are going to be able to establish a lead on the Vikings and that's when all hell is going to break loose.  The reason is that these teams are going to want to protect that lead, which will result in a decision on their part.  Unfortunately, players and coaches like to get comfortable based upon past experiences.  Regardless of what these teams will decide, the Vikings will automatically switch into to the game of leverage, and that's when it will get ugly ... very ugly.

Some might say that Brett Favre was brought here to establish a lead so that we can then switch to the run game to seal the victory.  Some might say that Brett was brought in to sling us out of adversity.  Believe me ... these are all nice thoughts, but they are missing the mark.  It is in fact just the very opposite as the sole purpose of the term ALL DAY has a very different meaning indeed.  For four years, this team has been designed to do something very special and very unique.

Most teams, when they fall behind, switch to a pass happy offense that plays directly into the opponents hands.  Neither Brett Favre, nor the Minnesota Vikings need to do this.  To be direct, this has rarely been successful for any team, including the Vikings, as its almost like giving up.  Don't believe me, just look at some of the Vikings recent historical losses and you'll see AD on the sidelines.  Maybe this is what Brett was trying to put his finger on for us all ... without disclosing too much.

A lesson learned from the past glories of the Dallas Cowboys was in their reverence to their run game and when they were brash enough to unleash it.  They never ever gave up on the run game ... no matter what ... but it has always appeared that they did ... just before they gutted us like pigs.  They've always understood that they could score just as quickly from an unexpected burst as they could from playing into the hands of the defense.  Then again, they always had some of the greatest runners of all time (Dorset, Emmitt, Thomas).  In most instances, these particular scores were devastating.  I wish we had a guy like this!

It's like wearing purple pants.  The fans want to be comfortable too.  They want those white pants and purple jerseys just like they'll want that high risk gun-slinger to be able to risk it, when its not necessary.  Purple pants with white jerseys at home ... never.  It's like putting EJ on the offensive side of the ball.  Nothing's changed here.

So let's all sit back and get comfortable.

"The devastation of a team that imposes its will upon another when it is left for dead is immeasurable ...  regardless of the outcome."   The Ghost

There is really only one question, "Are we acting or are we reacting"?  The answer will come when you start to lose your cool.  Take a deep breath, and choose wisely!

As for stats, how about Zero for Forty-Eight.  Now there's a stat ... really the only one that matters.  Just tear open my heart!

The Viking Ghost Writer
Date: October 14, 2009

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